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Established Order Is No Cure For Tardiness




In relation to yesterday’s article with regard to the stupid fine that a school imposes on tardy students, this writer asked about a particular situation; specifically with regard to bullied kids.

Conservatives don’t believe children when they are abused for two particular reasons.  First, they are primarily the ones who engage in the abuse.  Second their “need” for “established order” forbids them from exercising any compassion and from believing that an authority figure would hurt a child.  They still live the stupid idea that children should be seen and not heard. They also have the “need” for social control over those whom they deem inferior.

The funny part comes they want to punish children when they become violent, because conservatives are so into titles and so into authority by divine right that they are actually completely incapable of any compassion for anyone who suffers from a cruel world.  So, the bullied kid snaps, brings an AR-15 to his school, takes out 20 or 30 of his classmates, and only then will a conservative get involved-by convicting the poor child of murder.

Again, their need for established order.

Notice how it’s the same pattern every time, as the kid with the gun is either being abused by his or her parents or deals with bullies.

This writer always routes for the bull in the arena, and has no regard for the matador.
He cheers for the lions as they maul the trainer to death.

It’s the same in this case.

Remember that old adage about how children live what they learned?

I may not have gunned down 20 or 30 people, but I only feel compassion for the person with the rifle after all the warning signs were ignored.  I could have easily been one of those people, except for the fact that I was helped in time.

What would I do if I saw an event like that go down?  Shoot video and make money off of it, of course!  This is America, the land of capitalism.  Pay attention to the rootword: CAPITAL!

If conservatives can capitalize off of the socially unfortunate, then what’s the harm if you choose to capitalize off of natural consequences?  Isn’t that how the pendulum on a clock works?  Isn’t that how an algebraic equation works?  Isn’t that how gravity works?

The scenario of bullying was the first which I considered when I saw the KMOV story because I remember being bullied in a Christian school.  I was always late to P.E. because I knew that the other kids would take my shorts, run around with them and hide them someplace while other kids jumped me.

This is why I always changed for P.E. after they left, as the actions which they had done to me in other situations made it clear that this would be what I would have to deal with if I were even to attempt to change into my gym clothes with them there.

I had no friends when I attended Christian schools, which is why I oppose any public display of any religious expression today.

By the way, Christ’s birthday was actually during the spring and December 25 was the Roman festival of Saturnalia, but we won’t go there.  My personal guess is that He was murdered on His birthday.  This hypothesis is derived from the fact that He was the Passover Lamb and that a lamb sacrificed at Passover had to be a year old.

I hear Slayer playing in the background!  Oh, wait…that’s my computer, so of course I hear Slayer.

Seriously, however, this is my guess, be it right or wrong.

But, back to this stupid remedy which is supposed to encourage kids to get to class on time.

When the principal in the KMOV report justified this insane idea as a way to encourage kids to get to class on time, it just reinforced the fact that conservatives are not interested in any facts behind a problem.  They only seek swift and severe solutions which they believe put them back in control.

What a liberal does is examine all the facts behind a situation, talk to everyone involved, confer with experts, and go to committee-and then we dispense justice.  After that particular situation has been resolved, liberals then have another meeting to discuss how to make this less likely.

It’s an arduous process, but at least we don’t have to call the coroner nearly as often.

Hollywood is not the reason why America is a sick society.  Hollywood is completely innocent of any wrongdoing with regard to moral corruption, as children learn at home.

Our families are breeding farms for hypocrisy.

Our institutions are even more hypocritical and non-committal than our families, and this link proves it.

What is the number one cause for teen suicide?
God, do liberals have to teach everyone everything?

Now, how likely is a depressed kid going to make it to class on time?  So, we punish him for the way that he feels?

“No one wants to go to class, and adults don’t want to go to work, but that’s what being an adult is!”

Yeah, I heard that in junior high school.  Those who are into “social order” are so into authority and titles that they have little regard for suffering.

This list of reasons for suicide, compiled by Kevin Caruso of, are also reasons why a child might be late to class.

All that’s being preached to kids is the philosophy of self-preservation-a philosophy which conservatives embrace.  May it be suggested that the best way to prevent tardiness and actual juvenile delinquency (whatever the hell that is) is to talk to a child who is late instead of extorting money from him or her?

Suppose a family member died!

It is better to live in a Godless society where people give each other the benefit of the doubt than to live in a society which tries to impose religion on everyone, yet still judges for a perceived indiscretion without knowing the facts.

Gailynn Warr claims, “We just want our kids to be in class.

Think of this, you stupid bitch.  A kid who has low self-esteem along with depression, and has been punished by his parents for being fined over this issue isn’t going to learn a damn thing in class.

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