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Trump Has Bodyguards, But You Don’t. Watch Your Slurs.




Colin Kaepernik Is Protected-And So Is Every Other Player Who Kneels

written by Jim Rousch

TOP photo by Jim Rousch





There are a lot of stupid people in the United States who have absolutely no idea that Colin Kaepernik is protected by the First Amendment.

President of the National Football League, Roger Goodell has no idea that he has isolated himself by opposing the players in this matter, because he worries about losing money.

That is already a given, as there were two huge declines, and few expect this season is going to be much different.

Could it be a growing racial divide that has caused this?

Image result for Police shootings against blacks 2008-2018

The Independent cites moments when President Obama was criticized by whites for fist bumps,  and night he was rudely interrupted by a Republican piece of shit who screamed, “You lie!'” as pertaining to whether or not his healthcare plan would cover “undocumented immigrants”, whatever the hell that means.

That’s why Colin Kaepernik did this in the first place!Image result for colin kaepernick

White people wet their panties over that, but had no trouble with the image of President Obama being hanged!


However, the song I wrote in my heavy metal band over thirty years ago WAS NOT treason because Ronald Reagan traded American arms to Iran for the release of American hostages.  What REAGAN did was TREASON.

Racism will doom this nation, so whites need to knock it off if they love America as much as they claim that they do.  Former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch said, that hate crimes are a stain on America’s soul.

Let me put it to you white sons of bitches this way.  So, you say you love Abraham Lincoln, there’s a little quote made in 1858 in which he expressed his doubts on harmony.  If you revere Abraham Lincoln as much as you claim to, punish pigs who harrass based on race, execute them for their lynchings of the same, and admit that the pigs are always in the wrong whenever they deal with a black man, because American cops support a system that  leaves black men down at the bottom.

Not a God damned thing has changed since the foundation of this country, and anyone who tells me otherwise lies out of his unwiped ass.

Oh, one more thing, you stupid and inbred sons of cousins.  This has happened before.

Jackie Robinson became God.  Colin Kaepernick is next-even if he never plays again.

I Kneel, Too. What’cha gonna Do About It?


There are so many white racists who scream that they will boycott the National Football League if the players continue to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem.

Guess what?  I get it-and I agree with the players.

It’s funny when white people say that they wish professional athletes would make a moral stance, but then they go completely ape shit when they do as asked.

We all know that blacks are being murdered by American police officers everyday.  There’s no disputing that fact.  I can give you as many statistics as I want.  However, even one is too many.  Hence, I don’t want to hear the white base bitching about something that most of them have never experienced, nor would they know what to do if they did.

I know how it feels to be harassed by the police for minding my own business.  It’s usually because of a sticker on my car-like Clinton or KNAC.COM, something like that.

White people need to make up their brainwashed minds.  Should players make a moral stand or not?  After all, they supposedly represent everyone in the community, and blacks have been made to feel invisible under the Trump regime.

It’s going to be funny when an unarmed white kid gets killed by the police.  Wow, those in the gated communities going to say about what a good kid he was-whether he was  or not.

All I know is that any pig who fucks with my niece is going to get his fucking ass kicked by her uncle-who already hates those Nazis as it already is.  You do anything to someone who has cerebral palsy.  You’re toast.

Don’t Be A Hypocrite, You Racist. You’re An Immigrant,Too!








IMG_1321 (2)IMG_1322 (2) 


Isn’t it interesting how most of the 600 arrested in Sunday’s protest march near in the American capital were women?   What’s really interesting is how religious fundamentalists in this country proclaim their hatred for immigrants.

For example, former Republican presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, who is an ordained minister, blasted President Obama in 2016 regarding what the president said on the issue of immigration.

Funny, but  Huckabee doesn’t look Apache or Sioux to me.

The Sandernistas should be very proud of themselves for their Jill Stein votes, because things in this country have gotten out of control-especially when one considers that Hillary Clinton still won the 2016 presidential election.

Many of these fools are the same jackasses who tell you that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats-and then they tell you that the Democrats have a history of racism in their own party.

That’s true, but that is when the Democrats were much more conservative, and those Democrats who were racist usually came from the American South.  It was some time in the 20th Century when the Republicans and the Democrats switched philosophies, because Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and there were many black Republicans in the American government by the end of the 1860s.

Things had changed by the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration, however.  It was the Republicans who went after blacks by then.  Furthermore, Democratic president, Harry S. Truman is the one who racially integrated the American military.  The last Republican triumph for desegregation was when President Dwight David Eisenhower (who was offered the top of the Democratic ticket in 1948 election, with Truman being his Vice-President) ordered the National Guard to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas back in 1957, as the governor of Arkansas refused to allow the nine black students enter the grounds.

It’s a simple fact that conservatives are xenophobes, as they are the ones who call for the closing of American borders.  They fear the loss of a white nation when America wasn’t a white nation to begin with.

America was Sioux, Choctaw, Seminole, and so on.  There wasn’t an America to start with.  Christopher Columbus was an idiot who had no idea where the hell he was and Amerigo Vespucci only sailed near the tip of South America in 1501.  According to Live Science, he is credited for stating that North America and South America were two continents instead of one.  There is evidence that the Chinese beat Columbus by nearly a millennium and there is also evidence to suggest that the Vikings landed before Columbus-and it was one of their few disasters, as they headed back for the Atlantic.

So what?  So your grandchildren are going to be a little darker than you are!  Whoa!  Remember that your Savior had brown skin, too, the Bastard (technically, anyway if one reads the Old Testament), as well as Matthew 1:18-19)!

I’ve cited many verses of Scripture in which these Trump-loving Christian hypocrites are commanded to accept immigrants.  One example is Exodus 22:21, whereby foreigners aren’t even to be mistreated!

Deuteronomy 27:19 flatly states that anyone who rigs justice against widows, immigrants, and orphans is to be cursed.  Zechariah 7:9-10 really hammers that cheerleader in the backseat of the Dodge.  So, the issue is religious hypocrisy, once again.  as those who scream that America needs to return to God don’t even live the words of their own supposed faith; their excuse being: Romans 3:23.

Look, just go find another hooker and get a social disease, because we’re not listening to you anymore.

It’s Time For The Lakota To Rise

In defense of their homeland, it is time for the Lakota to rise and take control of what is rightfully theirs.  Company and state regulators closed TransCanada Corporation’s Keystone Pipeline after it hemorrhaged approximately 210,000 gallons of oil in northeastern South Dakota Thursday.

Not only is TransCanada Corporation responsible for this crime against humanity, but the Republican Party shares equally in the guilt, as they supported this slaughter from the outset.

This is what the Lakota knew was going to happen as they protested the company’s construction project from its genesis, but does the white man ever consider the consequences or the condition of the land in which they work?

History will give you the same answer every time-no.

In fact, there should be no pipeline there to begin with, as this is sacred land.

I am usually an advocate for the United States government.  However, not in this case.  The Lakota must rise and take back what is rightfully theirs; the land which we stole from their ancestors and destroy before their children can mature into adulthood.  This is a crime against humanity, and both TransCanada Corporation and American government officials should stand trial at The Hague for this atrocity, although I doubt it will ever happen.

Yes, I call for the Lakota to go to war against the United States government in defense of their homeland.

President Barack Obama rejected the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, prompting House Speaker, Paul Ryan to object.  He further accused President Obama of going against the will of the American people.

The publication’s article from November 6, 2015 quotes Ryan as publicly declaring, “”This decision isn’t surprising, but it is sickening,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

No, it is the children of the Lakota who will be sickened, not Speaker Ryan.  Speaker Ryan should be placed under arrest by the United Nations for supporting this operation, as should every Republican who voted in favor of it-including Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who said that it was only a matter of when it would be constructed, rather than if.

What is it that conservatives tell us every day; that all lives matter?

Here is the proof that said statement is a lie.  This is a crime against humanity, and the United Nations should intervene to solve this problem; not just because a private company destroyed the lives of the Lakota, but because the United States government voted to destroy those lives.   It is almost as if Adolf Hitler moved from Germany to the United States.

Wait a minute….I think he did.

Cognitive Dissonance



Cognitive dissonance is the phenomena when a conservative sees the truth, but instead of thanking you for educating him, denies the truth and personally attacks you.

One sees this a lot on Facebook’s political pages, and conservatives never disappoint. They want to repeat the lie they heard on Fox about President Obama’s religious faith. And while it shouldn’t matter anymore because the man’s two terms are up, they return to the lie they were fed on Fox regarding the president’s religious faith because they realize what a failure Donald Trump truly is.

The funniest part is when they personally attack you for telling the truth.

This one woman refused to stop using the n-word with regard to President Obama and Mrs. Obama.  However, the interesting part came after I mentioned two things.  First, Mary was pregnant before she and Joseph were married.  Proof of this can be found in Matthew 1:18:

Matthew 1:18 18This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit.

According to the Law of Moses, this officially makes Mary a hoochie mama to be stoned to death, which is why:

Matthew 1:19  New Living Translation. Joseph, her fiance, was a good man and did not want to disgrace her publicly, so he decided to break the engagement quietly.

This columnist also brought up the fact that Adam and Eve were probably black because of the location of the four rivers which watered the Garden of Eden-two of which are now gone.

How did she respond?

Ruth Shannon


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Ruth Shannon


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Here We Go AGAIN!








Here we go again.

Mr. Conservative and Conservative Post used identical headlines and exploited a picture from 2015 which has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter as a way to slander the organization with relation to relief efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, according to Buzzfeed News.

Anyone who tries to sell you on the idea that a conservative is not a racist is a liar.  Period.  End of the podcast.

When you have conservatives who blame blacks for the problems which upper-middle class whites created and when you have Republicans voting in favor of decriminalizing vehicular manslaughter if a black man protests legally on the street, yeah…that’s racism.

That’s the Republican Party.
That’s conservatism.

What do you think would happen to me if I decided to hit some right-wing piece of crap with my Chrysler because he supports rapists by demonstrating against his ten-year-old victim’s right to choose in front of a Planned Parenthood facility?

That’s right.  I would serve a life term for vehicular homicide.

So, don’t tell me that conservatives aren’t racists filled with double standards like a bottle of Jack Daniel’s straight from the distillery.

They are.

Don’t tell me that conservatives aren’t theocratic fascists who would rather see a police state than two people of different melanin levels walking hand-in-hand.

And don’t you ever tell me that conservatives are all about the ‘rule of law’ because they are the ones who legalize the murderous act of hitting people with whom they disagree with Dodges.

What’s so funny is that conservatives throw that Bible in our faces and want to make Christianity (although they haven’t informed us as to which version) the nation’s official religion.  Well, doesn’t one of the Ten Commandments that they want on the grounds of our civic centers tell us all not to bear false witness against our neighbors?

That’s something they do every day.

That’s why those two right-wing (and let’s face it, white supremacist) publications I mentioned earlier exist in the first place.  The columnists there make their living by destroying the reputations of good people.  They make their living by defamation of good character.

Just ask Hillary Clinton and Harold Ford, Jr., who ran for the United States Senate in Tennessee.

Conservatives make their living by killing others through proxy and by indoctrinating racist ideology to their uneducated base.

Hm.  I wonder who did the same thing in Germany not so long ago.

Just remember that this Jesus Whom the conservatives want to force us to worship told Peter to put his sword away after Peter chopped Malchus’ ear off during the course of Christ’s arrest.  You will find that in John 18:10.


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