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I Fought the Law-AND I WON!

The cops in Douglas County, Colorado tried to frame two charges on me, as I found out in court on March 21, 2019.

I was already to plead guilty to the illegal left turn.  After all, I had been informed that I turned left on that red arrow, but everything changed when I was told I was in an accident.  I thought they were telling the truth about the red arrow, but I stood up when I heard about the accident.

The cop lied.

The prosecutor looked at the recording, comes back and informs me that I didn’t even run the red arrow.

He’s going to get it from his sergeant, because I called to protest.

They just keep fucking with me.  Remember that bastard who waited for me to pull out of the parking space-and then HE FOLLOWED ME!

Douglas County, Colorado.

I was willing to get shot, because I knew that I was being harassed, but it’s no surprise he lied-just relief that he got caught.


Just remember that the vast majority of cops are domestic terrorists: ask the women in their lives.

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America is At War With Itself, and It’s Time For The United Nations To Step In






The Facebook left just won’t budge, and it’s hard to say when they are going to be tired of American police crippling and murdering innocent people.

It’s safe to state that the United Nations needs to get in here and take control, because Donald Trump wants a racial holocaust, as he has done nothing to stop the murders of innocent people by American cops.  What’s worse is the fact that the American left on social media just wants to sing John Lennon songs.

What is truly most sickening is that this writer feels all alone here, but this writer would be considered crazy if he retaliated on his own.  Hence, he must sadly wait until other liberals behave more like the French leftists of the 1790’s and the Russian leftists of 1917-1918, because American liberals have demonstrated through their lack of retaliation that they approve of being murdered by police without cause.

This columnist, however, tells the police to fuck off and go find a doughnut shop after he flashes this:

ACLU card_o

It’s then that the cowards always leave me alone.

While American police have been engaged in criminal behavior for decades, it is now during Donald Trump’s reign of terror that police don’t hide their hatred of our Constitution anymore, as what you just saw was assault with a deadly weapon by a police officer  who cannot say he feared for his life.

If the American left refuses to rise, this columnist believes that it is time for the United Nations to step in and take care of the situation.

This columnist believes that it is time for the United Nations to step in and take care of the situation if the American left refuses to rise as any other left-wing organization has risen in the centuries prior.


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