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I’m currently at the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado, as I await the opening of Footlocker so that I can kick this fascist police state straight in the pussy by buying Nike merchandise in support of our nation’s newest hero, Colin Kaepernick.

The store will open before I finish the article.

Many Americans don’t know that Dodger, Jackie Robinson, wanted nothing to do with the national anthem, either-and for the same reason.  Look it up!  I was surprised to learn that last night!

To Hell with the national anthem.  I haven’t said the Pledge of Allegiance since Reagan traded arms for hostages, so spare me the John Birch Society crap.

There is nothing that the Fuhurer can do about those who refuse to stand for a song which promotes lies like the home of the free, because America is no longer a free nation.  It has become a fascist police state and candorly racist theocratic oligarchy since Trump took over.

America’s story isn’t over, however, as a brutal leftist retaliation is about to take shape-and I’m not referring to these pussies who call themselves ‘The Resistance ’.  I refer to the counterforces when President Kennedy warned that those who refuse peaceful revolution will face violent revolution.

That day has come, and those on the American left have to come to a decision-which is something that the baby boomer generation in America was never good at.

They want to have an opinion, but these pleasers in America are the largest group of prostitutes gathered in one place in all of human history: 300 million cocksuckers who  begrudgingly do what they are told-only to die at their respective desks from high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

The funny part is that these jackballs who are on the road to the local morgue have truly given themselves away-just like the band, Cheap Trick, warned them not to do as they began to come of age. back in 1978.  They voted for people who damaged unions and stole their retirement savings.

And so, it has come to this: a billionaire has forced Harley-Davidson to close the Kansas City plant.

Harley workers were shocked, according NBC News, one even stated that they did what they were told, according to the story.

Never do what you are told-especially when you live in a fascist nation like the United States of America.  You will always pay a price you can’t afford.


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