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Junior, 2012-2015

Junior the Pit Bull

A short summary of his shorter life.

Junior was a coffee connoisseur, beer drinker, a singer, and he tried his paws at writing after he watched me do it all the time.  He would put his paws on the keyboard and watch as they slid off.  Junior could never quite figure out why this happened to him and why I was able to continue typing without any problems, but he kept trying.

He guarded against squirrels, birds, and rabbits, chasing and barking at them all the while.

Junior was thrown out of a car in California, and eventually found his way to Colorado, where he was a scared little puppy.

Have you ever heard of a pit bull who was afraid of the dark?

Junior was.

Have you ever heard of a pit bull who needed his toy 'elphant'?

Junior did.

The funny thing was that Junior used to be so terrified that toy elephant that he would cower upon seeing it, but it actually became his little brother.  He would guard that toy elephant with his very life.  And as you just read, he was terrified of the dark.

He cried!

Junior did try to talk, and he would always sing whenever someone else sang or whenever I would play my guitars.

He would greet me at the door, after having dug under the fence.  I don't know whether Junior hated being confined or if he just saw it all as a game to be played.

As for the the white slash across his face, there's a story about that.

Junior chewed on a bottle of liquid paper which he had found, and it exploded.

That's just the kind of dog he was.

He would climb on the table and take the food.

I used to work from 11 at night until eight in the morning, I would return for meal break at three in the morning.  Junior wouldn't only steal my lunch right out of my hand, he would take the container, too.  I tried to figure out a way of how to eat without him stealing it, but the best that I could do was to make two of anything-including the coffee.

Upon his first Christmas, Junior saw the wrapping paper, and he knew that the present was for him.

He opened the present with his teeth and found a red ball, red rope, a red stocking, and some red squeak toys-those of which he completely wrecked out of sheer excitement before he looked at me as if to ask what else I had for him to play with.

Junior knew that was his present!  He knew that it was for him to play with-and he didn't have to share with anyone else!

This is why I laugh at people who insist they are so dangerous.

Does Junior look dangerous to you?


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