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Are They Trolls, or Are They Just Stupid-Or…BOTH?



You all read that little exchange with that guy that I wrote about last night on Facebook.  However, there’s one thing that I can’t quite make a final determination on, and that’s whether I’m dealing with a troll who is working for Moscow or if I’m simply dealing with a stupid redneck who was the result of roughly ten generations of inbreeding.

Refer to last night’s article.  The spelling is atrocious.  How did this guy get out of the third grade if he’s from the United States?   The only thing that might make me think that he is from here is that he kept mentioning all that Benghazi nonsense.

Look, Hillary asked the Republican Congress for more money because she said that we needed more security, but the Republicans refused, and four people were killed.  I mean, that’s not even close to the over 200 Marines who were blown to dust in Beirut, but conservatives who forgive Ronnie Reagan still hate Hillary Clinton.  Hell, conservatives don’t even mention the fact that Ronnie committed treason when he traded arms for hostages with the Iranians.

That’s not rational, but then, conservatives were never known to be rational about anything.

Another thing conservatives do that’s great is that they can’t stay on the point.  They try to switch arguments because they know that they’re losing, and you have to keep pulling them back to the original point-which is the last thing that they want to do, because they know they have already lost.  That’s why they get so angry.

It’s true that Facebook used to be a very fun place, but the right-wing has turned it into a battlefield-with kids in the middle of it, as they like to bash programs which poor children need.

Only terrorists are so cowardly.

This is so sad, because what did the late John McCain ask for?  Civility in political discourse.  While I admit my share of the guilt, I’m not going to let some Mitch McConnell son of a whore discard me or my niece because of our physical limitations.

And so, are we dealing with trolls from another country who simply get their American version of English wrong, or are we dealing with true traitors who are so stupid that they don’t realize they’re supposed to have sex with people from outside of the family?

Facebook started out as a fun place in cyberspace, but put conservatives in the mix, and it was ruined.


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Naive Leftists Still Cheer for He Who Broke The Democratic Party in 2016






It’s very frustrating to deal with these Hippies because they still believe that Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein can beat Dictator Trump.  ”

Here’s an exchange I had with one of them on Facebook:

Bernie split our party. He should burn in Hell for that.



 The party split because not every democrat agrees about the party direction of where it is going progressive or just liberal.


 I think it is pretty stupid to say someone should burn in hell for the party split

Bernie split the party. Hillary was the only way. Read what that bastard has said about us through the years.…/we_need_a_political_revolution…/

“These things, along with bank deregulation—one of the sticking points for people like me is that these were all accomplished by a Democratic president.”

“Yes. Why should that be a sticking point? Why are you shocked?”

That’s supposedly the party of working people.

No. I don’t think anyone thinks that. There’s no question that the Republican Party has become a far-right party, significantly controlled by the Koch brothers and a few others. But the Democratic party has moved, you know. It used to be a center-left party — Truman, Roosevelt — it was the party of the American working class. I don’t think there are many people who think that is the case now. It is far better [than the Republican Party], and there are some great people in the Democratic Party who spend an enormous amount of time and energy fighting for working people, and I work with those guys. But I don’t think anybody would say, as a whole, that the Democratic Party is the party of the American working class.”…/bernie-sanders-2016…

There is ONE little problem with that. The American working class is so stupid that they VOTE REPUBLICAN.


You either vote for a REAL Democrat, or you’re NOT a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein split our party two years ago, so, you may as well vote for Trump RIGHT NOW if you still support Sanders.

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