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These Sandernistas are something else.

They are truly willing to destroy the United States of America if they don’t get their way and force the Democratic Party so far to the left that the party becomes unelectable.

Leaders are usually young and virile, but you know there’s something wrong with a fringe group when they take their marching orders from someone who is in his late seventies.

It’s hard to say which is worse; the fact that he is in his late seventies, or the fact that his stage presence makes him looks him look like he’s out of his mind.  After all, you can’t convince a perspective voter from the Midwest with your pointed finger or raised fist.

That just makes one look like an idiot.

The point is to win a race, not make a political statement-especially when you have one of the most evil men in history occupying a once sacred hall of power: the White House.  However, Hippies and stoners just don’t get it.  It’s hard to say what destroyed their minds all those many years ago-especially since you know that many of them voted for Reagan in 1980 and 1984.  Those two presidential elections were really the beginning of the end for the United States of America, because Ronald Reagan cut the budget for education and wasted money on tax cuts for the rich and military spending. When the reader considers the fact that Reagan won by double-digits both times, one cannot deny that many of these “liberals” in these Facebook groups voted for him all those many years ago.

As for those of the younger generation who have a hard-on for this charlatan, it’s possible they view him in a grandfatherly way.  That is only my speculation, of course.  However, I’m probably closer to being correct than I realize, because they are hardcore idealists who have no idea how American democracy works.

Bernie Sanders appeals to them because he is their Santa Claus-and Santa Claus is a myth.

Sandernistas Still Seek To Divide The Democrats So Republicans Can Destroy America


The Facebook left still doesn’t get what’s wrong.

They continue in their attempt to hold the Democratic Party hostage in the name of their false idol, Bernie Sanders.  However, it is rather they who are even more dangerous than Donald Trump.

This is because they continue to arrest Democratic power and make it more difficult for the true left to destroy Donald Trump.

The reason they do this, of course, is because they want the Democratic Party to give in to their demands.  What’s ironic is that Berniecrats are so stupid that they have no idea the Democratic Party supports a living wage, the public option, alternative energy, and rebuilding our national infrastructure.

Why has that been impossible-even after eight years of Barack Obama?

Sixty votes override a filibuster in the United States Senate-which is what most of these Hippies never understood.

Jim Rousch Anyone who STILL worships the ground Bernie Sanders pollutes is no Democrat.…/ed1be26c-2bfe-11e5……/Sanders-Nuclear-Waste…/


Now, get out of my party. You are no Democrat. Anyone who is still with Bernie Sanders is a Trump tool.

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Page Worthington Jim Rousch troll.


Jim Rousch Is that the best you can do?



Jim Rousch Page Worthington Anyone who continues to support Bernie Sanders is a troll.



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It is clear that the Democratic Party needs to squash all independent obstructionists if this nation is to be saved from a repeat of 2008.   You did know Bill Gates predicted a repeat of 2008, right?


Naive Leftists Still Cheer for He Who Broke The Democratic Party in 2016




It’s very frustrating to deal with these Hippies because they still believe that Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein can beat Dictator Trump.  ”

Here’s an exchange I had with one of them on Facebook:

Bernie split our party. He should burn in Hell for that.



 The party split because not every democrat agrees about the party direction of where it is going progressive or just liberal.


 I think it is pretty stupid to say someone should burn in hell for the party split

Bernie split the party. Hillary was the only way. Read what that bastard has said about us through the years.…/we_need_a_political_revolution…/

“These things, along with bank deregulation—one of the sticking points for people like me is that these were all accomplished by a Democratic president.”

“Yes. Why should that be a sticking point? Why are you shocked?”

That’s supposedly the party of working people.

No. I don’t think anyone thinks that. There’s no question that the Republican Party has become a far-right party, significantly controlled by the Koch brothers and a few others. But the Democratic party has moved, you know. It used to be a center-left party — Truman, Roosevelt — it was the party of the American working class. I don’t think there are many people who think that is the case now. It is far better [than the Republican Party], and there are some great people in the Democratic Party who spend an enormous amount of time and energy fighting for working people, and I work with those guys. But I don’t think anybody would say, as a whole, that the Democratic Party is the party of the American working class.”…/bernie-sanders-2016…

There is ONE little problem with that. The American working class is so stupid that they VOTE REPUBLICAN.


You either vote for a REAL Democrat, or you’re NOT a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein split our party two years ago, so, you may as well vote for Trump RIGHT NOW if you still support Sanders.

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