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It’s A Good Thing I Don’t Work in an Office and It’s a Good Thing That I’m Taken!


Okay, so this is the third installment on this subject, and I think it’s valid.  A lot of well-meaning men could get themselves in serious trouble and not even realize it.

Prior to when I was in a relationship, I used terms on women like ‘sweet thigh’ because white women voted for Donald Trump.  The irony is that I’m going to marry a blue-eyed blonde-which I truly didn’t see coming, because I dated Latinas and Asians.  American women simply sickened me.  However, this woman got me good-even though I deliberately used every demeaning term I possibly could.

As the Norns would have it, I’m now engaged to this woman.

Feminism have handcuffed men up to the point at which they can’t even give a simple complement anymore without having a complaint filed against them.  The funny part comes when women wonder why they can’t get a date at forty.

It’s as simple as this, girls.  You told men ten to twenty years ago that sexual assault includes looking at you as if you were our lunch.  You should have been proud of that, not offended.  Now, it’s too late.

To the young women of today, I suggest that you learn from the mistakes of the past.  When a man smiles at you, flirt with him.  When he approaches, don’t be surprised at the result.

This is called the chase.

I realize that they didn’t teach this to you in Feminism 101, but this is normal behavior.  Sure, you have the right to refuse all you want, but remember that you do have an expiration date, so it’s best to marry at your peak of beauty so that you don’t get harassed by some bastard in an underground parking lot.


Don’t Be Afraid To Live While You Wait!

Were all gonna die
 Death is inevitable, so live while you wait. (c) 2017 by Jim Rousch

photo by Jim Rousch, driven by Jim Rousch car: 2015 Dodge Dart GT

What Did I Do Right Today?

Okay, so with all the views I have received today, it’s obvious that I must have hit on something.

What did you like about what I produced today?

What do you want to see on this site, other than commentary on news events?  I would truly like to know, because it’s obvious that something clicked when nearly 100 clicks-and that means you liked something that you saw.  However, keep in mind that I will continue to mention civil rights for people with disabilities-especially since the conservatives want to repeal the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This is because I don’t want any child to experience the hell that I did for years with regard to a heartless society.

Keep in mind that most of the photos you see are ones that I shot myself.  I record all the guitar bits (as good or as crappy as they may be, as well as the video bits.  Remember that I am not Eddie Van Halen, Tony Iommi,  Ace Frehley, Bruce Kulick, Dimebag, Gary Holt, Kerry King, the late Jeff Hanneman, or Kirk Hammett.  I really do have severe brain damage and play as best as I can.  One of the reasons why I started to post recordings is to diversify the site.  I compose black and thrash metal.  What I really should do is resume the study of classical music so that I can be a much better musician.

No matter how old you are, you can always learn new things, master new abilities, and become a better axeman-and I know that from personal experience.

Please send your correspondence to  I would like people to write to me about any injustice they experience.  I have to use your name so that you can be helped either by myself or by someone who lives closer to you.  After all, we are our brother’s keeper.

Thank you.

Jim Rousch

The One Thing American Liberals May Need To Accept

There are a lot of American liberals on the Internet who refuse to accept the new reality of these dark times, and while I try not to argue with them, I often fall short in this regard because they behave as if one more candlelight vigil just might do the trick.

These are the people who go crazy because they see a report from American media outlets which state the Democrats want Hillary Clinton to step back.  These people then go and threaten to leave the Democratic Party if Hillary does step back.

What these flower children refuse to accept is that it was their failed approach of the last fifty years which led us to the days of the Trump regime.

They let Trumpsters walk all over them because they believe it would be wrong of them to retaliate-and they certainly don’t want to play dirty.

“That would make us no better than the Republicans,” I have heard through the years.


Yesterday’s American liberals may need to accept the fact that there is no way to educate the bigots.

Yesterday’s American liberals may need to accept the fact that helping poor people in red states is a waste of time, because they will continue to vote for Mitch McConnell.  While the poor in blue states understand why they are facing a horrible situation, the poor in red states continue to look up at the sky before they vote Republican.

We should not help them any longer.

Yesterday’s American liberals may need to just accept the fact that the right has no intention on seeking common ground.  That’s why President Barack Obama walked out on Eric Cantor in July of 2011. President Obama had balls, so there’s no excuse for the flower children.

Grow a pair and use ’em.

Yesterday’s American liberals need to accept the fact that their failed approach set the conditions up for the Trump regime, and if they continue to use the failed approaches of the 1960’s, American liberals will have more problems that think they do right now.

This liberal is going to give the lambs some advice that he knows they will not heed, but will give it nonetheless just to cross it off the list.

Instead of questioning someone’s political affiliation when they tell you to kick ass, heed their counsel.  You don’t even have to use a tire iron, you can think outside of the box and simply let the conservatives waste away and blow apart in the wind so that you can take over.

Accept the fact that the same approach will lead to the same result, because conservatives are too stupid to understand logic and too inbred to be tolerant.

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