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Chocolate Bacon?


It’s almost as if there’s someone out there to kill us, because I found something interesting in a gas station on Thursday near Pueblo, Colorado: chocolate covered bacon.

My first thought was that someone was crazy.  However, that quickly changed when I really thought about the American diet:

Fried crap.

So, it actually makes sense.

The American consumer has allowed himself to be programmed by the food companies to eat this garbage-and then he wonders why he has diabetes.

Look, man.  Just take up heroin addiction if you want to play with needles, because it’s the same idea.

I try to stay away from this, as for myself, because having the needletracks of a smack addict doesn’t necessarily appeal to me-as I am terrified of needles, for one.  However, I don’t see the attraction.  I mean, I lived across the street from McDonald’s when I lived in Los Angeles, and I went there, what…three times?

Furthermore, diabetes tends to run in my family, so I have to be more aware than the average idiot.    Lastly, I continue to experience a bit of a struggle to the adaptation of the Colorado lifestyle, because it snows from October to April-and sometimes past April.  Compare that to Los Angeles, where rain is a myth.

I walked seven miles a day when I lived in L.A. without thinking about it, and now I have to go to the gym because it snows too much.  That actually does not bother me because it keeps me aware of how brutal the Grim Reaper can actually be.  I mean, personally, I’d rather go out quickly and painlessly on the freeway, but whatever.

I’ll figure this out, because, I don’t know about you.  However, as for myself, I don’t want to push the needle in.

Thank you, Black Sabbath.


Car Goes Through Second Story Building

I Feel Like Crap





I’m going to say something right now.

I’m sorry if I come across as a negative person. However, when one has been rejected for trivial issues (like money) and one feels no hope, that person will espouse negative energy. The only way to counter negative energy is to feed positive energy to that person.

The hurt person will reject the positive energy at first, because he’s been tricked before. I understand that I’m not particularly liked-and that’s okay with me.

I understand that I come across as cold, callous, and bitter-and I also wish that I had no reason to express these feelings.

Expulsion does not help a negative person. It hardens them even more and makes them hateful-and that’s one thing we have enough of in this world. I am a major skeptic because of my experiences.

I believe NO ONE at first-and it doesn’t matter who is involved.

Everything I state is what I truly feel: like the fact that money buys love. We all know that to be true. Were it not true, we would see more swimsuit models marrying auto mechanics instead of actors.

Walk a mile before judging and choosing to reject. One never knows why another states such views. I want to love just as everyone else does, but I don’t see much of a possibility of that happening because I’m broke-and broken.

Yes, this comes across as a ‘poor me’ post. I get it. However, there are thousands of people in this group who feel the way I do. The difference is that they hide it. They compose their positive replies out of desperate hope that the post MIGHT be true. They have just never experienced it in their own lives.

We can’t all put a false face on everything. Sometimes, we have to tell the brutal truth as it really is. The problem is that we behave like Pollyannas, while all the while, someone is barely holding on.

I guess this is my weird way of asking for help. Take it for whatever you will. Then again, so is doing 95 mph in my 2015  Dodge Dart on the freeway.

It’s best to know someone by looking at their pages. That’s one way one can tell how they really feel about things-and I don’t put aspartame on anything. I tell it like it is, from my experiences and my perspective-however wacked some might believe it to be.

I think we need to let others who feel the same way that I do express their thoughts-even if they’re uncomfortable. Remember how algebraic equations work: negative times negative equals positive. This means that it’s best to express sympathy and offer help before someone ends up doing something final.

Just because I have the degree doesn’t mean that I feel the way I should. I apologize and would appreciate support. I don’t know how else to say it.

Cold Little Bunny

Thinking of the Birthday Girl


I’m thinking of her again.

She’s the birthday girl in a couple of days, and she brought me back to reality when my Chrysler was slammed two weeks ago.

She makes me smile, she makes me laugh, she makes me want to be a better person. She’s also in California right now, not too far from where I used to work.
She fears Trump, but I hate the bastard too much to fear him, so I’ll protect her.

Let’s just say that she was born after I graduated high school-long after I graduated high school, actually.  She was born the year President Clinton ran for re-election.  Me?  I was born the year the Beatles broke up and the year Black Sabbath’s debut album was released.

She has good reason to fear the bastard, racist prick that he is.  However, I’m going to protect this woman because she’s the greatest eternity in my life.  We met at my niece’s birthday party and I learned nearly a year later that she was interested in me.

I was as blown away as an asteroid hit by another asteroid when I found out, and the more we corresponded, the more we grew to like each other.  What I love about her is she’s a girly girl; a reluctant princess.  However, there’s a quiet strength about her, as short as she is.

A man is lucky when he finds a woman who knows all of his imperfections and still wants him.  The irony is that she gives him a reason to behave in public.  The greater irony is that women like men who start out as unmolded clay.  Women claim they want us to be refined, but the truth is that they don’t want us refined and 100% mannerly because that makes us predictable and destroys their nesting instinct.

I can see myself raising a family with her-and I really hope that I do.  She’s going to be a fantastic mother, as she has the perfect heart for it.  Family is very important to her, as it is to me.

I actually miss sitting and eating dinner, believe it or not.

No, this is not a recorded message and it’s not bullcrap.  I’m completely serious.  This woman is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I hope what I think is going to happen actually happens.


The site probably looks like crap right now.   The reason for that is because I’m trying to rebuild it.

This isn’t free anymore, guys.  I may be a leftist, but even I eat.  That being stated, here are the prices.

Music Recording
0.25 USD


0.10 USD


0.30 USD


Video clip

0.15 USD

The recordings are a quarter because you get what you pay for.  I’m not Dimebag, okay?

The articles are fairly priced when you consider what a periodical, such as a newspaper or a Time magazine goes for.

The video clips are half that price because there are usually no words to go along with them.  The events are pretty much going to for themselves.  Warning:  I might actually get some really bitchin’ shit, and I won’t censor anything.  I don’t care how disgusting or disturbing it might possibly be.  I shoot what I shoot, and that’s it.  So, if your kid sees a human head rolling down the street as blood spurts out of the neck, that’s on you.

They have parental controls on computers and people should be mindful of the fact that Damien might be looking over your shoulder.

This is still going to be the same liberal website.  You’ll still get the story and the facts.  You’ll still be on the receiving end of my dark humor and funny-but-sickening analogies.  I will still tell it like it is.

The memes are a dime because how much fucking effort does it take to produce one of those?  They’re cheap and accessible-you know, like hookers.

This is a business now, but a fair one.  We all have to eat in this world and dead cats aren’t necessarily plentiful on a consistent basis, so I have to do it this way.  Besides, you kind of like my twisted sense of humor and my dark viewpoint.  You also like my solutions, because I write what you think, but don’t dare state in public.

What I write is also what I’ll say on the street.  Pigs don’t scare me and I actually get along with gang members, believe it or not.

Hey, even Frank Zappa had to charge for his music.  Thank God he never had to deal with Napster.  The ACLU and People for the American Way charge for membership, so it’s the same idea.

Liberalism means free access, but not necessarily for free.

Some might state that I’m actually undercharging, which might be true.  However, the information needs to get out there, so I encourage you to tell your friends about this site.

I am still looking for people to tell me their stories, and you can send them to:  Leave your name and all information pertaining to your situation so that either I or someone closer to you geographically can help you win your battle.

I thank you for your loyal readership and I hope to continue producing material that you find interesting.  One thing you could do is inform me of what you want to know about.  Again, you can send that to  I’ll research the issue and kick its ass as soon as I can.

What Did I Do Right Today?

Okay, so with all the views I have received today, it’s obvious that I must have hit on something.

What did you like about what I produced today?

What do you want to see on this site, other than commentary on news events?  I would truly like to know, because it’s obvious that something clicked when nearly 100 clicks-and that means you liked something that you saw.  However, keep in mind that I will continue to mention civil rights for people with disabilities-especially since the conservatives want to repeal the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This is because I don’t want any child to experience the hell that I did for years with regard to a heartless society.

Keep in mind that most of the photos you see are ones that I shot myself.  I record all the guitar bits (as good or as crappy as they may be, as well as the video bits.  Remember that I am not Eddie Van Halen, Tony Iommi,  Ace Frehley, Bruce Kulick, Dimebag, Gary Holt, Kerry King, the late Jeff Hanneman, or Kirk Hammett.  I really do have severe brain damage and play as best as I can.  One of the reasons why I started to post recordings is to diversify the site.  I compose black and thrash metal.  What I really should do is resume the study of classical music so that I can be a much better musician.

No matter how old you are, you can always learn new things, master new abilities, and become a better axeman-and I know that from personal experience.

Please send your correspondence to  I would like people to write to me about any injustice they experience.  I have to use your name so that you can be helped either by myself or by someone who lives closer to you.  After all, we are our brother’s keeper.

Thank you.

Jim Rousch

Might As Well Still Be Six!


Might as well

still be six!

America Is Further to the Left Than You Realize-And You Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way!


what-is-the-worlds-dominant-political-ideology (1)  This is an interesting graphic which I found, and it seems to describe the United States more accurately than Americans realize.

According to this graphic, Americans, for all their whining about federal power, tend to be center-left.

Now, let’s take a close look at that for just one moment.

To be right-wing means that one wants a theocracy.

To be right-wing means that the CEO of McDonald’s can lie to you about what’s in a Big Mac-and you can’t sue him.

To be right-wing means that one wants little-to-no regulation regarding market forces, which would basically set us up for another 1929 or 2008.

To be right-wing means that McDonald’s could put dead horses in the feed and you would have no idea that you consumed horsemeat until the doctor diagnoses you with the fun disease, kuru.  You see, under right-wing philosophy, the federal government has no power over business entities, so the CEO can do whatever he wants to you.

What’s kuru, you ask?  Read this, because life with kuru is interesting-and fun!


Now, we Americans kind of like the silly idea that food should be safe to eat.  We also don’t want to get cancer from the water we drink, or find out that those Tylenol pills were really cyanide.

Finally, Americans like the idea they can go after a car company after their products killed a family member.

I’ll never own a Toyota, I’ll tell you that much.

Hence, we like the idea of government protections-whether we admit it or not.

This makes America, as hypocritical as it is, a center-left nation.

Americans like the idea of being paid time-and-a-half after eight hours.

Americans like their savings being protected so the banksters don’t run to some foreign country and live in cognito for the next twenty years.

Oh, and Americans came to realize that they fucked themselves with the 401K.  Now, they have to work longer than did their parents.

Meanwhile, this columnist just sits back and laugh at the fools.

Hence, just as admit that you didn’t know you were a liberal the entire time.  You love the government-and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

It’s okay.

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