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Wile E. Trump




The New York Times reported Saturday that Donald Trump considers himself a ‘very stable genius’.

You know that he’s talking to his base, because no genius has ever filed for bankruptcy six times (source: Politifact).

Do I feel sorry for anyone who voted for this charlatan?  Fuck no!  I hope they all starve to death.  That’s what happens when you follow a false prophet who lies about his profits.   Even Richard Branson said that he highly doubted Trump was a billionaire-and it turned out that he was right.


Do not feel a bit of pity for those who followed this liar.  It is obvious now that he is insane, as Fire and Fury shoots into the public like bullets from an M-16.  I intend to buy it as soon as I am finished writing this article because this could mean the end of the Trump regime.


Trump has completely run like a hamster on a wheel over this book, and his body language and tone of voice means that there must be truth in it.  Furthermore, how many times was the author of that book in the White House dealing with this idiot when Trump claims none of it ever happened, and yet there is proof?


I don’t feel sorry for anyone who voted for this liar-nor should you.  When the shit hits the fan, do not help a Trump voter.  Let the white middle-class vermin who voted for this liar starve in the cold, because the only reason these bozos voted for him was because they feared diversity.  They had had enough with the idea of a black man in the White House, and they weren’t about to put up with the idea of a woman being president-especially if her name was Clinton.


Let them starve.  Do not help.  I won’t.  I mock their pain and cannot wait for them to die off, to decrease the conservative population.  It’s going to happen anyway, as those in the poorest states went into the Trump column in the 2016 election.  I am very thankful that Michael Wolff has brought all of this out.

Wile E. Trump-not a genius.  You who voted for him are  stupid and racist motherfuckers.

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Letter to a Boss

Dear Boss,

No one likes you.

Your wife hates you and the kid is actually the poolboy’s.

Your 19-year-old squeeze swallows you so she doesn’t have to pay the rent on that condo in Malibu or her college education at UCLA-and even she told me that she’d rather have the quarterback fuck her.  She referred to something anatomically.  I wasn’t really paying too much attention because I was staring at her huge tits at the time.

Did you pay for those or is she mountain grown?

Three of us tried to wire your new Mercedes last week, but we obviously suck at it.  We asked for a raise and you won’t let us unionize.

“Tell me something I don’t know.  How’d you get this job you own?  I think that all you need is a; all you need is a; all you need IS A FACE!  Now it’s dark, but I can see.  DON’T YOU FUCKING LOOK AT ME!” (Anthrax-“Now It’s Dark” from State of Euphoria, 1988)

Did you ever think about behaving like Sir Richard Branson instead of acting like the Walton family?   His employees actually respect him!  Just because you wear a suit doesn’t mean you’re worth much of anything.  Actually, the suit makes you a bigger pain in the ass than anything else.


Your disgruntled employees who are underpaid and never appreciated.

PS:  The secretary took out a life insurance policy on your ass yesterday because we know you have no heart, you fat, balding fuck.

Have a nice day, asshole.