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I run this freakshow all by myself for several reasons.

First, I don’t have the money to pay others.

Second, I’ve never been known to be a team player, and the reason for that is because I remember that everyone else on my team got the same grade that I got because I was the only who did the assignment.

Third, no one is going to argue with me about philosophy.  If you want to argue about that crap, go work for some other far left-wing publication, because I refuse to deal with Sandernista crap.

Lastly, I know what I want.

There is, however, a certain problem which comes up with me, and I don’t know why that is.  It could be that my brain moves too fast, or it could be that I’m just as “abbynormal” as any other columnist.

I don’t compromise-and I refuse to…especially now.

Donald Trump can come and get me if he thinks he’s a big bad son of a bitch.  However, we know that he isn’t, because he hasn’t even arrested President Hillary Clinton nor has he repealed Obamacare-like he promised that he would, so fuck him and his slutty wife, Melania, too.

On the other hand, I’ll pass.  I’ve already got a fiancee-and, unlike Donny, I’m loyal to my woman.

You see, I didn’t come from privilege like he did.  I came from the damn street.  I lived near an alley.  I heard gunshots every night.  People were found in trashcans.

Welcome to real life, Donald Trump, you bastard!  You and your whore for a wife can come get me, Donny-anytime and anywhere.

Then again, I think Vlad’s already got you.  Maybe that’s why you’re so silent on a lot of things these days.  And with those grimaces you’ve been making lately, it’s pretty safe to guess what’s been going on-just don’t put us in the middle of it.

Anyway, this is exactly why I do things all by myself.

Oh, sure.  Others have asked to join me-and I’ve actually thought about it.  However, like you read earlier, I just don’t have the capital, nor do I care to get into personality conflicts or political squabbles on here.

That’s why I don’t enjoy going on Facebook as much as I once did-which is a real shame.  I can’t stand arguing with my own people.  However, they do it to themselves by acting like cowards and by letting this little twerp scare them.

Donald Trump is a Pussy


Why does the Fake News Network keep airing anti-Hillary crap when Hillary has started she has no intention of running again?

Donald Trump has got to be the biggest pussy on Earth.

He can’t control Putin, he feels threatened by President Obama, and he’s terrified of a woman!

Some would say that’s why he’s a misogynist, but I’m not so sure about that.  It seems to this columnist that Donald Trump fears people who have less to lose than he does.

He doesn’t pay his contractors.
He pays his workers around the world starvation wages.
He talks about about grabbing women by the pussy.

No, dude.  Donald Trump is an 18-year-old leaky pussy after a gangbang on a Van Nuys movie set in North Hills, California.

He dodges Robert Mueller every chance he gets, while Bill Clinton and Barack Obama dared their challengers to find something on them-and the best Starr could do with Bill Clinton was an alleged blowjob.  I mean, we never saw that blue dress.

What’s Hillary got on Trump that terrifies him so much?  Have you seriously ever thought of that possibility?

This columnist is not stating that Hillary Clinton has dirt on Donald Trump, but he suspects that she does, because Trump is still interested in a dead issue with regard to her.


Trump’s a big talker, but he does absolutely nothing.

The Affordable Care Act still exists, but Trump vowed to repeal it on Day 1.
Hillary Clinton is free, but Trump vowed to put her in prison.
Trump vowed to restore greatness which never went away (until he walked into that Oval Office), but Angela Merkel of Germany is now recognized as leader of the free world-which means he gets his ass handed to him by two women!

Wait a minute!  Didn’t Melania get his fat ass on live television, too?

Oh, yeah!  She scolded him a few months ago!  Remember?  She slapped his hand away, too!

What a fucking pussy!

Furthermore, she looks away from him.  You don’t have to believe me.  Just check this out.

Trump doesn’t have the respect of his woman and Trump doesn’t have the respect of his counterparts around the world.

No one wants him in London.

This is really one of the reasons why the Donald tries to act macho with Kim and threaten war.

North Korea is a century ahead of being eighty years behind.  China keeps North Korea afloat-begrudgingly, I’m quite sure.

Lastly, we have the fact that Trump has been known to block people who criticize him on social media.  It’s one thing to be vile on social media, and that’s why we block people on Facebook and Twitter.  However, when Trump blocks someone who calls him on his bullshit, that’s just being a creampied pussy.





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