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I Will Miss My Friend


This is my friend whom I will love and miss forever, thanks to a bigotted white neighbor who called traumatic brain injury an excuse for the poor behavior I exhibited while I lost my temper during the course of looking for my glasses-and he called it an excuse.

I asked him how much he knew about traumatic brain injuries.  Once he called the condition an excuse, I cursed his children with it.


Sarah Good was sentenced to death by Revered Nicolas Noyas for practicing witchcraft-which was bullshit, of course.



And that’s exactly what happened.  He choked on his blood.



This Is What Brain Damage Sounds Like, Motherfucker!


This is what brain damage sounds like! 

Recorded in 2011 at Guitar Center in Irvine, California.

Apathy Therapy



Image result for striatum






Apathy Therapy

Posted by James Rousch on Mar 28, 2019 7:38:49 PM

This is something that I am developing on my own.

We know that those who have learning disabilities are more stressed than those who are not.  It’s because we want to do well and we want to show the world that we’re more intelligent than people give us credit.


The genesis of this idea occured in 1988 when I was in high school.  I came to realize that the more I cared about my grade, the more I suffered.
I then decide to see what happened if I simply showed up, barely paid attention, and just did the assignment.


Had it not been for the two fails in Chemistry and in Geometry, I would have probably made Honor Roll, because I graduated high school with a 2.89.


I literally fell asleep in my other classes and got A’s and B’s.  Myth and Legend and my history classes were the only ones of interest to me, so i just sat there and took three naps during the class day-and no one cared (you can’t fall asleep in P.E.).  They just woke me up when the bell rang.


The first attempts college were disastrous for a number of reasons.  First, there were no online facilities.  I’m Fred Flintstone, okay?  Sue me.  The second reason was that I returned to caring about what I did and that I wanted to make a good impression.


What a total waste of time THAT was.
It was the same frustrating problem which I experienced here, as well, when I first began in 2013.  I currently possess a degree in psychology and I’m working on the next degree.  I currently have a 3.17.


I don’t care.  I don’t worry.  Most of the time, I don’t even know what day I’m in because of the condition of my hippocampus and my striatum.  According to the NCBI, we still have half of a clue of what the stratium’s role in social behavior is with relation to everything else in the brain.


I love it when people tell me to get a calendar, because it does me no good.


Remember the show Quantum Leap?  Some of the older students do.  Dr. Sam Becket was an experimental time traveller and every time he took another leap, he had no idea where he was.  That’s how it is for someone who has problems with their striatum or their hippocampus-or both, if you’re me.


This theory still has a long way to go before I can actually complete a paper on it, but all I can tell you is that it works for me.

George Washington Seemed To Lack Self-Esteem, Too


Can you imagine how terrified George Washington was?  It’s not that he stepped forward-it’s that the others stepped back.

It was John Adams who wrote in his diary:

“I had no hesitation to declare that I had but one gentleman in my mind for that important command and that was a gentleman from Virginia, who was among us and very well known to all of us; a gentleman, whose skill and experience as an officer, whose independent fortune, great talents and excellent universal character would command the approbation of all America, and unite the cordial exertions of all the colonies better than any other person in the Union.”

Washington had proven himself in the Seven Years War (or French and Indian War, depending on what continent you live on), but he just wanted to be left alone at this point.  He went to Boston as a citizen, but he had no idea that this was going to happen.

I know what went through his mind: “I’m gonna get you for this, Adams!  I’m really gonna get you for this!”

It’s like one of those days when you wish you were too sick to go to school.

As a general, he didn’t win many battles, but he fought on the battlefield in each one, as he took it upon himself to bear as much of the burden as he expected his men to carry.  Washington was usually in retreat mode, but after Benjamin Franklin got help from France, he felt more assured and he finally cornered Lord Cornwallis in Yorktown, Virginia on October 18, 1781.

Surrender of Lord Cornwallis.jpg   We can discuss how he became president (another job he didn’t want), but we’ll save that for another time.
The point is that even George Washington seemed to struggle with his self-esteem.

Think about it.

He didn’t want to be the one in control of the entire American Army and the last thing he wanted was to be President of the United States.  In fact, ‘So help me, God’ wasn’t even written in the oath which Washington took in 1789.  George Washington was terrified about the duties which had been entrusted to him-and he knew the Europeans were watching.

“Hey, George!  We’ll put you on the dollar bill if you do it!”

Image result for george washington 1 dollar bill

He did it better than anyone thought he would and called it quits after two terms.  Guess who was next?

John Adams.

Remember how you read that George Washington was going to get Adams for making him Supreme Commander of the American Army?   Well, maybe he did.



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Kids Live In Sad Times And Don’t Even Know It


Kids live in sad times and don’t even know it!

Riding our skateboards with no gear….

Candy Cigarettes.


Three months of summer vacation-all at the same time!

Hearing bad words on records-before 1985, anyway.

Playing in the front yard-while mom either got drunk or got a special delivery from the mailman: usually both.

Running from ride to ride at full speed inside Disneyland while your parents were having dinner at Blue Bayou, inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Going to the mall-again, unsupervised!

Videogame arcades.

While I usually bash the 1980s for record deficits due to massive paranoia, there were actually were some good things about the 1980s-especially if you lived in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, California, where General Motors made the Chevrolet Camaro and the the Pontiac Firebird, and where a Budweiser brewery continues to operate on Roscoe Boulevard, across from the San Diego Freeway.

Oh, and the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series twice that decade-1981 and 1988, and hosted the All-Star Game in 1980.  I remember going to the batting practice at Dodgers Stadium the day before.

Ditching curfew and hoping your parents never found you after 10 p.m.  Hey, I did that myself, as our metal band would turn off the amplifiers, and we (being as dumb as we were in those days) went on either our skateboards or Redline or Mongoose bikes (I had a Huffy-sue me), out of Los Angeles and into the City of San Fernando (literally a quarter mile away) to go order from the drive-thru.  We would then go to Chalet Liquor and play videogames before we played hacky sack at 2 a.m. and crashed.

Me?  I would get up around 8 a.m. and practice one of our new tunes outside because everyone else was still asleep.

Girls were actually ladies in those days, and boys were still expected to open the passenger door for them.  Most boys didn’t have their own cars in those days, so we found religion to be quite useful then.

Not every mother worked at the beginning of the Eighties, which meant that you were toast if you weren’t home from school by 3:30.  Worse yet, parents had their own little Internet, as they would call each other and ask if the kids were seen.

This meant that lying served no purpose:

“Detention?  I didn’t get a call from your school, but I did get a call from Mrs. Boyd-and you know what that means.”

Yeah, no Atari for a month is what that meant-and we had to do twice the number of chores assigned to us in order to distract us from the fact that we couldn’t hang out with our friends.

Guess what happened when we got caught (which we always did):


It’s not like that anymore.

People don’t realize that kids need cellphones because there are practically no pay phones anymore.

While the world was dangerous in the Eighties (we were just too naive to realize that), the kids of today have no childhoods because ‘see you after three’ doesn’t mean there’s going to be a fistfight in the park across from school: it’s a death threat-and they’re not kidding.

Kids get into trouble because there is no adult supervision-and spanking isn’t the answer: never was. You have read my previous articles on the subject and the psychological harm it inflicts.  Taking something valuable from them hurts more, but for a shorter period of time.

This ‘new normal’ has been with us now at least since 2001.

School shootings, which have been with us since at least the 1990s as the National Rifle Association continues to derail any new gun legislation-and don’t blame Hollywood for any of this, as Hollywood is in the business of entertainment, not childrearing.
The Founding Fathers entrusted future generations with the Second Amendment because they were responsible men.  Ten-year-old boys were taught to shoot rifles, but problems were solved with a talk between the parents of the two kids or a fistfight at school-not a dual.  That was saved for men.

President Jackson ring the Liberty Bell for ye?  He was a duellist.  How he ever became the seventh president is living proof that God is a bisexual crackwhore on Sepulveda Boulevard at two in the morning, because Jackson was in more than a 100 duels, but only killed one man: Charles Dickinson, on Friday, May 30, 1806: on his second shot.

You see, Jackson totally missed Dickinson on the first shot from 24 feet, according to Think of the location of the three-point line in the NBA.

How did Andrew Jackson become a general and beat the British in New Orleans?

The point is this:

Don’t buy a house if you don’t have time to mow the lawn and don’t have children if you claim that your work schedule gets in the way.  Either telecommute or don’t have children.  I can make that statement because I taught someone who was a low-functioning autistic man how to function in this sick society.

I don’t have children yet, but nearly ten years experience working with someone who had the capability of running into the street on a whim (but didn’t) as well as my degree in psychology pretty much checks the mate on the board.

He did what I told him.  When he was out of line, he knew that ‘taking responsibility for his actions’ meant walking up to the person whom he offended and make an apology-whether he understood what he why he made the apology or not.  What mattered was that other people saw that someone was trying to teach this man a concept which may have been out of his capability of understanding, but also kept him out of a police unit.

Even parents who have kids who don’t have a developmental disability don’t teach responsibility-and that’s worse.  At least the man with whom I worked knew he was in trouble and expressed remorse (again, whether he understood the reason for that remorse is up for debate).

Parents don’t have to be pricks, but they’re not supposed to be pushovers, either.

Kids need parents to tell them they can’t go someplace.

Kids need parents who don’t give in.

Kids need parents who expect them home by a certain time (within reason).

Kids need to have things taken from them when they get out of line (instead of being spanked).

This world is too dangerous for kids to navigate through alone, but parents can’t be so strict that their kids are afraid to come to them if one impregnates the other-or runs away from home during a blizzard.

In the case of what happened in Iowa with regard to Corey Brown, the thirteen-year-old boy from Marshalltown, Iowa, who ran away from home and was found frozen to death yesterday, January 27,  it wasn’t worth it.  13-year-olds are impulsive and do things like runaway from home without a jacket.  Forget about it.  It’s a wonder that I’m alive to tell you the truth.

Kids need to be disciplined, but not to the point at which they’re going to carelessly take their own lives without even realizing it.

Don’t Fuck With Those Frontals, I’m Begging Ya!

There are a lot of people who make bad decisions, and often when there’s less than no time to think about that probable consequences will be.

Hello, prefrontal cortex, you snot-slurped asshole.

Many people who live with traumatic brain injury face this challenge every day in the hope that they don’t get into an argument with an idiot, only to be arrested for manslaughter, because he got tired of dealing with someone’s bullshit and pushed the other guy into an oncoming city bus-which only make things worse.

I mean, nobody really wants to do that, but there are some people who:

a) ask for it

b) don’t believe you’ll do it

The next thing one realises, the one who was pissed can’t believe what he or she just did!  However, the person that once was was warned about the consequences.  What seems to spectators as a deliberate act truly wasn’t, because the person who pushed you was on the receiving end of an equal and opposite reaction-and now, traffic is a nightmare because the coroner has to scrape your remains as best they can off the street.

Study the case of Phineas Gage, a railroad foreman who experienced a blast which sent a tamping iron-43 inches long, 1 1/4 inches in diameter, and weighing 13 1/4 pounds through his left cheek, slashed his brain, and rocketed skyward, landing several feet behind him, according to

He was never the same after this, as his friends said that he was “no longer Gage,” as Dr. John Harlow accounted.

Gage lost his balance between his common sense and his self-control, or as Paul the Apostle wrote in Romans 7:15-20: “I do not understand what I do.  For what I want to do I do I do not do, but what I hate I do.  And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good.  As it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me.  For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature.  For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.  For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil the evil I do not want to do-this I keep on doing.  Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.”

Here’s the funny part: those who kicked me out of the church last year are Republicans who espouse the doctrine of personal responsibility.  However, where was Paul’s sense of personal responsibility?

As George Carlin said: “Someone’s losing fucking ground.”

It might be best for Americans to stop judging people who have the tendency to hit someone in the mouth with a chair.  After all, no one starts life that way and there are people who know the particular person’s weakness and exploit it in the hope that such a person will arrested on a assault charge.

Have you ever heard of entrapment?  As Dirty Harry used to say: “A man has got to know his limitations.”

My advice is for instigators to not start anything to begin with, as someone’s fuse is shorter than another-and all because of traumatic brain injury.  If you’re going to a soldier a free pass, you have to do the same for someone else-even when you’re dealing with someone who wasn’t stupid enough to drive over a roadside bomb during a quagmire in which we had no business involving ourselves.

Don’t fuck with the frontals, I’m begging ya!


99.5%-And You Never Know, So Don’t Be A Religious Hypocrite!



I just received the final score in my second class of the Master’s level of Psychology: 99.5%.


That’s right, 1/2 a point from a perfect score.

Keep in mind that my frontal lobes are fucked beyond all recognition, I’ve been hit in the head by Walmart’s heavy and structurally unsound wooden pallets, I’ve had two seizures, and meningitis during infancy, and have you got? 


 Be careful, because I fling stringy boogersnot at anyone who pisses me off or refuses to give another person who suffers from traumatic brain injury the same courtesy that person would give an American war criminal who raped little girls in Iraq.  It’s nothing personal, or anything.  It’s just that my frontal lobes are now a thing of the past, and the frontal lobes maintain one’s ability from doing something like that.  

You know that verse, Romans 7:15-17, in which Paul admits that he can’t maintain the same self-control that he preaches in Titus 1:8 and 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.  Verse 13 is hilarious because Paul mentions sexual immorality, but he also mentiones in the next chapter, verse 9, that those who cannot maintain self control should be allowed to marry so that they don’t burn with passion or sin against their own bodies.


“Sorry that you have a green, slimey boogersnot in your right eye, but I wasn’t particularly thrilled with your mockery, and I guess this is as a good a time as any to have you be the third person, other than my doctor and myself, to tell you this, but I just came down with H5N-1, and I’m really contagious.  I’m quite sure that bird flu will be quite the adventure for both of us, but I told you never fuck with someone whose frontal lobes are just for looking at.

“I didn’t want to do it, but you shouldn’t have mouthed off like that about people who struggle with disabilities.”

It seems that was the direction Paul was going; as if to say: “I didn’t want to do it, but damaged frontal lobes mean one has either little or no self-control, so I guess you’re fucked because you just had to take a swipe at the developmentally disabled.  Have a nice day.”


In conclusion, just because someone knows that they shouldn’t do something upon learning of learning about their bird flu diagnosis (like spit a stringy boogie in your eye) doesn’t mean their frontal lobes will prevent them from ruining your day if you cross them.

Pissing off the disabled (or an advocate of the same) is like a box of chocolates which really turned out to be Ex-Lax.  Those frontal lobes will get us every time, and it’s even worse when you’re dealing with someone who had meningitis in 1971 or a former railroad foreman who was the victim of a prem in which a premature detonation in which a tampering iron that was 43 inches long, 1 1/4 inches in diameter and weighed 13 1/4 pounds shot through his skull (source:, and that’s going to destroy your ability to keep your middle finger down, as Gage was unable to maintain any kind of employment because he became a profanity-laced alcoholic who flew into rages.

Now, what was all that crap that  Paul wrote about self-control, in addition to the ignorance King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 22:24-25 about keeping an angry man isolated?

“Do not make friends with a hot-tempered person, do not associate with one easily angered, or you may learn their ways and get yourself ensnared.”

Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?   Because you will read in the sixth verse of that very chapter:

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

What did Jesus say?

According to Matthew 7:1-5 (NIV) Christ rebuked the hypocritical and the truly stupid when He said:

“Do not judge others, or you too will be judged.  For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be applied to you.  Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?  How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck in your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?  You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Have a nice day.

It’s an accomplishment when someone gets a final score of 99.5% in Psychology 600, but to do that with severe brain damage qualifies one for God-like status.

Ignore the Religionists and Other Fools, Because It’s Obvious

The Guardian reported on May 27, 2018 that there are still millions of people in the world who believe that this planet is as flat as their heads.

‘ report demonstrated that, despite the fact that Aristotle and Plato figured it out in 350 B.C. and 240 B.C. respectively, so where do these fools come from?

The Guardian quoted two flat-earthers who confirmed that they were looking for “photoshopped” images.

One could argue that we’ve brought some of this on ourselves, because Americans were lied to about the Iraq War’s tie to the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, the Iran-Contra Affair in the 1980’s, Senator Joseph McCarthy’s witch hunt in the mid-20th Century, and so on.  However, when one can obviously see through this video that they’re wrong and still insist that this planet is flat, that is what psychologists call cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance happens when someone is shown the evidence of their error, yet they stubbornly cling to their current belief.

This may be due to saving face or they might truly be stupid people who have no business walking the street freely.

People were once executed for knowing that Earth was round, but now we see a slight reversal, as some truly moronic people with loud mouths affirm that Earth is flat.  Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, better known as BoB, American rapper and music producer, is one of these loudmouths.

What’s scary about someone like him is that he is a public figure, but he at least tells people to research his statements.

This should come as no surprise, as the United States falls further behind in Science among industrialized nations.  However, the question we should ask is when will someone finally put a stop to this.

We can clearly see Earth is round.

However, here is one question you can ask one of these believers:

If Earth is flat, why are the other planets round?

They won’t have an answer for you.

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