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Stupid Old Man

Will someone please explain what the hell is wrong with Senator John McCain?

The Arizona Republican joked that the Russians probably saw the Republican replacement for Obamacare before he had.

Have you ever noticed that stupid old white men like to make jokes about the Russians?   How many of you remember when Ronald Reagan did it; saying that bombing was to start in five minutes?

The stupid bastard could have started World War III with that soundbyte!  At least Reagan’s burning in Hell for all he did to this country by forcing people with a mental health challenges to live in the street, which ultimately put many of them in prison.

Thank God Ronald Reagan got Alzheimer’s as a reward for his cruelty, but back to the Cageboy of Hanoi Hilton.

Who in the hell is this idiot to make jokes about the Russians?  McCain knows that Trump is inept for the job he stole from Hillary Clinton, and said as much earlier today when he said that he would block Trump’s selection to head the Pentagon (CNN).

Is Senator McCain so unstable that he makes a stupid comment about Russia one moment while seemingly and simultaneously making a wise move with regard to the American Fuhrer’s choice to run our military?

Is this the same Senator McCain who said on June 12, 2017 that President Obama was a better world leader than Donald Trump?

Many would assert that if McCain has truly lost it, the proof would be in his assertion that we were safer under Barack Obama.  However, remember that these are the same liars who voted for Senator McCain nine years ago when he ran against Senator Obama.

Everyone has an off day, but for Senator McCain to switch gears that quickly reeks of mockery at our political process, which we know was compromised-whether the conservatives want to own up to it or not.

Senator McCain was being a stupid old man today.  Then again, he did once say that he is a  Reagan Republican.



When Conservatives Lie (When Don’t They?)

Don’t you hate it when conservatives misquote?  They love to lie.

“After all, one who denies another the opportunity to experience a quality life does not deserve his own and should have his slowly extinguished.” Now, one of my critics who thinks that rape victims should be forced into motherhood replied: (Name withheld) Jim 4th paragraph from bottom 2nd sentence Perfect no abortions I agree Like Like (name withheld)  comment Reply 2h Open options for (name withheld’s) comment: “To deny another from experiencing life Bingo brother.”


Conservatives lie because lies are their native language.  They twist sentences to make the statement fit their sick agendas without admitting wrong.

Okay, so this guy (as if he will ever be forced into motherhood after being raped) opposes a 10-year-old’s right to choose what she should do with her own body after she has been brutalized. However, where he truly loses credibility with regard to his religious fanaticism is 1 John 3:17-18:

“1 John 3:17-18New International Version (NIV)

17 If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”


Now, this conservative opposes social programs, yet blames the poor for their condition. He seems to lack pity for the developmentally disabled, at least from impressions he has left, and he loves the military.

This is not a healthy being.

We liberals need to be on the lookout for things like this, because the right-wing hypocrisy machine will go so far as to rewrite our own words, as this righty did.

The worst thing about it is this is not the first time he has done this, which means every one of us liberals must be on the lookout for right-wingers who misquote our own writings; our own statements.   Isn’t that what the Sanhedrin did to Christ?  Whatever happened to the commandment which tells people not to bear false witness?

It’s quite clear that those who want rape victims to be forced into motherhood in the name of God are more concerned with being able to carry out their sick and hypocritical political agenda when it is the credibility of their alleged Saviour which should be the first priority.  Worse yet, they want to cut the social programs.

And who goes to Hell?  Liars.

The Conservatives Started the War!

Mika and Joe on MSNBC discussed the book, I’m Okay, You’re Pure Evil Monday morning, which discusses how political discourse between the two factions in this country has deteriorated.  In fact, Charlie Sykes admitted that we are now in a state of civil war.

That’s funny, because I’ve said that for years.

It is conservatives who are the bigots.
It is conservatives who punish rape victims with ostracization and poverty.
It is conservatives who hate the poor as they defund social programs and refuse to invest in true Americans.

All liberals have ever tried to do is point out at these facts, and we get government shutdowns, guns pointed at us and women’s clinics bombed for our trouble.  Children who could have been saved wind up incarcerated.   The only time liberals do wrong is whenever they answer hatred with love.

That’s stupid.

You find a right-wing piece of shit, you give him a taste of his own excrement.

I have been told by many Christians that my belief in Christ won’t save me; that I’ll still go to Hell because I’m a Democrat.  This reiterates the point that no conservative can be reasoned with, but should be merely disposed of.  Anyone who makes fun of disabled person and anyone who tries to convince you that said person did not make fun of a disabled person is not a human being.  Worse yet, anyone who discounts the act thereof, as well as the frequency will also burn like an American flag in the shitters of Hell.

Yeah, I’m talking to you, wigged motherfucker.

While I do believe in Christ, this is why I vomit on Christianity, as His Church is dead.

Anyone who wants someone else to get off of welfare without paying that person enough money to live on is pure evil!

Anyone who opposes Obamacare and wants the insurance companies to resume their power of life and death is pure evil!

Anyone who claims to be a Christian, yet votes for these liars and thieves will burn in the lowest level of Hell.  As for the left, the left needs to grow a spine and stop trying to educate those who revel in their bigotry.

The left needs to stop turning the other cheek.

The left needs to do whatever is necessary to restore freedom to the oppressed, even if it means that they have to go against their own principles.  After all, one who denies another the opportunity to experience a quality life does not deserve his own and should have his slowly extinguished.

The right sets up impossible barriers, but the left holds a candlelight vigil-which doesn’t do anything about that fucking wall.  The fire is a good start, but where’s the fuse, you pussy?

We have a war to win and our freedom to lose.  If the conservatives win, there is no hope for your children, as the conservatives predestine them to a life of shattered dreams.  If we win, every human (and conservatives are not) will be free, as that what it means to be a liberal.  Let’s not forget how this war started in the first place-by conservatives who persecuted those who refused to conform.

How we win is not nearly as important as winning itself.  Only cowards believe they are caught in an ethical dilemma as pertaining to bullies.

A Curse

MSNBC News reported Thursday that the Trump regime will roll back enforcement on civil rights laws.

Vanita Gupta, the former acting head of the DOJ’s civil rights division under President Obama  said, “At best, this administration believes that civil rights enforcement is superfluous and can be easily cut. At worst, it really is part of a systematic agenda to roll back civil rights,” she said in the report.

Remember that Donald Trump makes fun of those who are developmentally disabled-although Nazis will deny that he made fun of the New York Times reporter.  That’s like the bully who hits the toddler and denies doing so-after you saw him hit the child.

Keep in mind that this is what the pro-“life” movement thinks of us.  These hypocrites want to see us born, only so that they can kill us at a more convenient time and then blame us for our own demise.

Do you remember when those assholes from the Tea Party made fun of the man with Parkinson’s, throwing money at him?

“You gotta work for everything you get!” one mocked.

Well, how about hiring the man, you Christian prick?

Jeff Sessions is your typical Southern bigot.  In fact, most Southerners are bigots, as they claim it as part of their heritage.  That’s why they fight for that damn flag of domestic terrorism and racial hatred; the flag of insurrection and TREASON.

It is time for the developmentally disabled and the learning disabled to stop caring about soldiers who acquired disabilities in order to have people feel sorry for them and it is time for us to assert our civil rights as Americans BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

Peace has not worked for us.
Writing to legislators has not worked for us.
America does not care about us.

Which leaves us with only one option if we are going to assume our rightful place alongside others in this nation.

As for myself, I hereby curse the entire Trump family as well as the entire Sessions family, and given what I was back in my teens, I don’t think it’s wise to laugh.

Just read about Reverend Nicolas Noyes after he had Sarah Goode hanged for witchcraft in 1692.

Curses work.

He’s Lying His Ass Off!

Are you watching this?
Are you watching this?
Jeff Sessions is lying his ass off!

You know damn well he pays attention to the news reports with regard to the case, as he just claimed he doesn’t.

Let’s see how much of the conversation with James Comey he shares with Congress.


That’s all we hear from Jeff Sessions.

Now, he wants to talk about overdose rates and murder rates.

In other words, he’s telling us that there’s nothing to see here.

He’ll do his best to answer Congress’ questions?  That means he’s not saying anything.

Here we go with the Mayflower Hotel.  Sessions claims he doesn’t remember if the Russian ambassador was there; no recollection of a conversation with him.

“I came there as an interested person,” he just said.

He said he felt was required to recuse himself from the investigation.

Sessions called the allegations: “an appalling and detestable lie.”

This should be an interesting hearing.  Let’s see how deep it’s going to get in the next few hours.  All I can say is that I’m glad that my nose is broken-the boy is full of shit.


Hang Together Or Hang Seperatately

I was a delegate for Hillary, so don’t start and I won’t have to finish you.

All of this crap about Democrats telling Hillary Clinton to leave reminded me of the division we faced last year.

When the Colorado State Democratic Caucuses concluded in April of 2016, I left angry.

Bernie Sanders did more damage to the Democratic Party than any Republican ever could by dividing us between the dreamers and those who continue to struggle in reality.

I ran into a Bernie supporter during the caucus, and all he could talk about was the banks-which I could personally give a shit about.

The next thing he wanted to harp on me was the fact that Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater Girl-in 1964, to which I replied that she registered as a Democrat in 1968!

I mentioned this to a fellow contributor, and he addressed the fact that these “progressives” are not really interested in social justice-which is something I had neglected to consider.  These “progressives” care about corporate corruption and have no concern for those who struggle because of society’s prejudice against their condition.

While progressives make the claim that they are the voice of the people, they never say anything about the rights of anyone who has a disability-especially one who has a developmental disability.

One of these “progressives” actually told me that.

Nothing good ever came out of the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders.  In fact, there has been nothing but carnage when it should have been a smooth slide into maintaining the White House for another four-to-eight years.

And now, we have Donald Trump to deal with-thanks to the

pot-smoking Beatlemaniacs of yesterday.

While you might not have a disability yourself, you more than likely either know someone or love someone who does, and the fact that this “socialist” does not address our concerns disqualifies him from the being the Democratic candidate for president-the same political party which he has bashed for decades.

Please give your feedback on how you feel about the possibility of America’s left-wing political party giving that party’s nomination for the President of the United States of America to someone who practically never has voiced our issues nor our needs.

The platform of the Democratic Party is as much about inclusiveness as it is regulating capitalism so that workers don’t get hurt while the corporation makes a profit-as there is a difference between making a profit and making a killing.  Those who want Hillary Clinton to remain quiet should be expelled from the party, as they are nothing more than insurrectionists who attempt to move my party into an unwinnable position.

Give Them A Break, Or We Won’t Give A Damn reported Tuesday that children with IEPs are twice as likely to face suspension than other children who don’t have disabilities.

What is the true purpose of suspending a child who has a learning disability or attention deficit disorder?  All that does is discourage the child and give him or her a good reason to be truant later on.

There are a lot of American school administrators in the American education system who are either too impatient or too stupid to understand that these kids are gifted, and I’ve named some examples of gifted kids with learning disabilities from history.

You wouldn’t have a light bulb if it weren’t for a kid with a learning disability.
You would still be a British subject if weren’t for a kid with a learning disability.
Great Britain would have been destroyed by Nazi Germany had it not been for a dyslexic.

Dare those of us of LD give you the diagnosis that you are fairly fucking stupid now?

This is not only for your bigotry and your unbelief, but mainly for your stubbornness, and the fact that I just acquired my bachelor’s degree on Saturday makes you even more a fucking idiot than you were previously.

While the detractors of this columnist will cite my use of the f-word as an excuse to dismiss me, everyone knows that these are the same intellectual bigots who label children with learning disabilities as either lazy or stupid.

Fuck you.

By the way, did you know that ‘fuck’ was not always an obscenity?  Fuckin’ eh!  Thank recent history for that one!

Children with learning disabilities develop an “attitude” in order to survive at least thirteen brutal years of schooling.  That’s why they talk back.  That’s why they have no respect for authority.

You can’t beat respect into a child who needs your help.  You earn respect by helping that child who struggles so that he or she can keep pace with the class and prevent the feeling of hopelessness from setting in-and we all know what happens when people lose hope…which is why no one should be pitied after their Mercedes was carjacked at gunpoint on Tuesday night.

You brought that on yourself when you rejected that person as a child for something he couldn’t help.   And if you are being treated for a gunshot wound, what’s the difference between your beating a child with a learning disability and that child firing a 9 mm at you when put him in that position after you destroyed his self-esteem?

Republicans want to cut special ed programs

If anyone should have programs cut, it’s returning soldiers who questioned the patriotism of others before they ran off to a quagmire in the desert and drove over a bomb.

After all, military service is voluntary, but acquiring a learning disability is not.

You either give the kids with learning disabilities a break, or those of us who still have self-esteem won’t give a shit what happens to you…just like you didn’t care about us.

The One Thing American Liberals May Need To Accept

There are a lot of American liberals on the Internet who refuse to accept the new reality of these dark times, and while I try not to argue with them, I often fall short in this regard because they behave as if one more candlelight vigil just might do the trick.

These are the people who go crazy because they see a report from American media outlets which state the Democrats want Hillary Clinton to step back.  These people then go and threaten to leave the Democratic Party if Hillary does step back.

What these flower children refuse to accept is that it was their failed approach of the last fifty years which led us to the days of the Trump regime.

They let Trumpsters walk all over them because they believe it would be wrong of them to retaliate-and they certainly don’t want to play dirty.

“That would make us no better than the Republicans,” I have heard through the years.


Yesterday’s American liberals may need to accept the fact that there is no way to educate the bigots.

Yesterday’s American liberals may need to accept the fact that helping poor people in red states is a waste of time, because they will continue to vote for Mitch McConnell.  While the poor in blue states understand why they are facing a horrible situation, the poor in red states continue to look up at the sky before they vote Republican.

We should not help them any longer.

Yesterday’s American liberals may need to just accept the fact that the right has no intention on seeking common ground.  That’s why President Barack Obama walked out on Eric Cantor in July of 2011. President Obama had balls, so there’s no excuse for the flower children.

Grow a pair and use ’em.

Yesterday’s American liberals need to accept the fact that their failed approach set the conditions up for the Trump regime, and if they continue to use the failed approaches of the 1960’s, American liberals will have more problems that think they do right now.

This liberal is going to give the lambs some advice that he knows they will not heed, but will give it nonetheless just to cross it off the list.

Instead of questioning someone’s political affiliation when they tell you to kick ass, heed their counsel.  You don’t even have to use a tire iron, you can think outside of the box and simply let the conservatives waste away and blow apart in the wind so that you can take over.

Accept the fact that the same approach will lead to the same result, because conservatives are too stupid to understand logic and too inbred to be tolerant.

Heed The Warning

The Guardian reported  Angela Merkel’s assertion Sunday that Europe cannot completely trust the United States anymore.

The question to be asked is how long baby boomer, peace and love “liberals” going to take before they grow spines and get Trump and Pence out of the White House by any means necessary.

It is the baby boomer “liberals” who are to blame for this mess even more than the Trumpster bigots, the Alt-Right, and the Tea Party because these doves never think of any other solution other than protesting like they did in 1968.

While I have engaged in that action in the past, I did so to cross it off the list-with the full knowledge that it would fail.  I enforced an autistic man’s civil rights under the 14th Amendment and under the Americans with Disabilities Act through verbal brutality and fear.  I got those white bigots to shut up-and very quickly.

Voting no longer works because the American electoral system is dripping with electronic fraud and civil rights laws are no longer enforced.

Forget about getting money out of politics-they’ve been working on that since Athens and Rome. What makes you think you’re so fucking special that you think you can prevent the right-wing from cheating in that sense?

One liberal asked me the incredibly stupid question of what we should do, since neither voting nor protesting no longer work, and the writer of this column just about had an accident because she couldn’t think of what our ancestors did to solve their problems in the 1770s and 1780s.

While middle-class white liberals are known for their use of deductive reasoning, she failed to use hers. Maybe it’s just that I’m much younger than she is, or maybe it’s that I didn’t go to Woodstock like she probably did.

No, I heard better bands at Ozzfest. However, that’s beside the point.

What the white “liberals” of the Sixties and Seventies need to figure out is that it’s not wrong to hate in every situation.

I hate racists.
I hate anyone who harasses an interracial couple.
I hate homophobes.
I hate anyone who pokes fun at someone with a developmental disability-especially Trump!
I hate the circus.
I hate badges and the guns that come with them.

The difference is that conservatives hate without reason, while someone like this columnist hates from personal experience.

If today’s American liberals want to restore Europe’s faith in our nation and her ability to lead, American liberals need to abandon the self-destructive tactics of the 1960s and adopt tactics which have been known to work in the past.

Being polite to the American Führer hasn’t helped, so either take it to the next level or stay home and cower.

MLK failed to end DWB, so do what thou wilt.

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