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Another Vacation?

There's something seriously wrong with anyone who believes Donald Trump is performing well as President.

Trump left the White House on Friday to go on a 17-day vacation. Keep in mind that Trump said that there would never be time for him to go on vacation because there were too many things to do. Also keep in mind that he consistently berated President Obama every time the man took a five minute break.

What is with the 33 per cent of voters who really believe Trump is great? What has he done, other than take 45 minutes to exit Air Force One? And did you see how thrashed he was when he exited the aircraft? His shirttail was halfway out, his "hair" was thrashed, and it didn't look as if he was walking too well.

Wait a minute. Where was Vladimir Putin? Because that would explain everything-and I do mean everything.

One thing that those of us who live in reality would like to know is why anyone who follows Trump as if he were the American Jesus has no problem with their god going on vacation practically every weekend, but screamed every time President Obama took a piss. Did these white conservatives agree with their god when Trump said that the White House is a dump?

The guy is rarely there, as he's either on the golf course or in one of his many compounds.
He sounds as if he didn't even graduate from high school when he speaks.
He has no understanding of world affairs.
He has multiple bankruptcies.
He owes millions of dollars.

So, what gives here?

We all know conservatives hate America because they hate Americans, but are they truly this blind, or is the problem really cognitive dissonance?

It seems as if both apply.

Donald Trump Is A Traitor and 2020 Will Be Too Late

Let’s face it.  You know it, I know it.

Donald Trump is a traitor.

He made references to the Russians all through the 2016 presidential campaign as said it would be great if we got along with them and even planting seeds of doubt in the pint-sized brains of his inbred supporters with regard to Hillary Clinton.

What’s he done since he overthrew the American government?

Well, for one thing, he has badly wrecked our relationship with the Israelis-and Trump vowed to Jewish voters that he would support Israel.  How did Trump do this?  He leaked highly classified information to the Russians which the Israelis had given him, according to American Progress.  The Daily Beast wonders why Trump feels the need to bend over for Moscow.

Maybe it’s all of those business dealings he’s had through the course of time-like the sale of his Palm Beach mansion in 2008 to Russian fertilizer magnate, Dimitry Rybolovlev for more than twice what Trump paid for the property just four years prior.

Trump’s Red Business Ties

How interesting that that happened during the real estate crash, huh?

And while Trump only talks of reinstating the useless sanctions against Cuba, it turns out that he also wants to open a casino there.

Guess what?  Bloomberg reported on December 2, 2016 that Trump had looked into buying hotels there six months prior to the article’s publication, so it seems as if all of the old people who still vote Republican because they’re one propaganda war behind really fell for this traitor who wants to end Medicare and Medicaid.

Trump and Hotels in Cuba

Trump and Cuba

For the record, it makes no difference what we do in Cuba.  The embargo failed and President Obama did the right thing by talking to Raul Castro.  However, if one is going to reinstate a failed policy, one shouldn’t be conducting business there himself.

Or, does that make sense?

President Obama and Raul Castro

There’s also nothing wrong with the idea of getting along with Moscow, as Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev had a good rapport.  However, Reagan (at least to my knowledge) didn’t stand to make money from an improved relationship with the Soviets. He just traded arms for hostages and diverted the money from the sales thereof to the Nicaraguan Contras-which should have put him atop a gallows for treason.

The longer Trump stays in the Oval Office, the less likely the United States of America is going to remain a nation.  So, outside of impeachment….any ideas?

2020 will be too late.

McCain, the Hero

What happened in the Senate chamber could have come straight from a Hollywood movie from the 1940s.

A physically-compromised senator, the Republican from Arizona, John McCain, battling brain cancer, walked slowly into the chamber on Friday night, his colleagues look on in shock.

The man has been through worse as a prisoner in Vietnam, but he was a much younger and stronger man in those days. However, his days are drawing and Senator McCain knows that, whatever he may not like about the Affordable Care Act, to scrap it and replace it with the tragedies of the past which led to its creation in the first place would be no solution.

Senator McCain also knows that there is something serious amiss with Donald Trump, as Trump represents everything that Senator McCain fought against when he was in the military. After some words with Mike Pence, Senator McCain makes his way to the Democratic side of the chamber, where he is hugged by Senator Dianne Feinstein of California and Senator Amy Kohlbacher of Minnesota.

McConnell looked smug, confident that he had the number of votes. But then, something happened.

McCain's thumb is down! McConnell's arms are crossed in disgust.

Mike Pence wasn't needed, as the final tally was 49-51.

Senator McCain leans over, scribbles onto the paper, and walks past McConnell.

He ultimately joins Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine as the only Republicans to vote against the repeal.

McConnell realises at that moment that he has lost, but calls it a loss for the American people. That's strange, but the Affordable Care Act is actually popular.

According to Senator McCain's response on Twitter: "Skinny repeal fell short because it felt short of our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare with meaningful reform."

Senator McCain may not be a fan of the Affordable Care Act, but he also realises that a return to the past is not an option. As for Trump, he tweeted that three Republicans and 48 Democrats "let the American people down."

Trump offered no plan of his own, but only sought to berate the three Republicans who did the right thing-one of which has suffered more than Donald Trump ever has.

President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain are now forever welded together in American history. The two men began as opponents in 2008, but Senator John McCain defended then-Senator Obama more than once against racists when he called Senator Obama a good man. Now, nearly a decade later, the ailing Senator McCain preserves his former rival's legacy by marching to the front and being the maverick.

Charlie Gard, A Person. Not A Poster Child for the Pro-Life Bunch

Leave it to the American right-wing to make an issue out of a poor child for whom they would have no regard had he survived.

Here is what Nevada Republican, Crescent Hardy, said about children with disabilities:

“”I had three children: One was summa cum laude and two were magnum cum laude, and the other didn’t need an education, he works for Raytheon and is smarter than all the rest because he works hard. He builds things that are genius, and some people have that ability and I’m grateful [inaudible] I don’t know where that came from. But they all work hard. They’re raising their own families. They’re doing their own thing. They will not be a drain on society, the best they can. Hopefully they never have some disability that causes them to have to utilize that.”

So, these religious organizations can get lost with their fake sympathy, because they have no regard for children with disabilities.

No, I haven’t stated that at all.  Pay attention.  What I’ve stated is that if a conservative is going to ‘fight for life,’ it might be a good idea to read 1 John 3:17-18, so as to put their words into action.

As for Charlie, I feel for him.  This planet is a horrible place to live, but at least he will never know the phony anguish some have displayed, as the right-to-life crowd simply used him to score political points.

Maybe they should be more concerned about helping kids with developmental disabilities live fulfilling lives.  As far as drains on society are concerned, go see an Iraq War vet who didn’t pay attention to the road during that quagmire.

Charlie didn’t choose to live with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, but that American child rapist who caused a lot of carnage in Haditha chose to fight a war against a nation which never attacked the United States.

Help kids like Charlie.  As for the idiot who wore khaki camouflage, he can take a flying leap for not paying attention to world affairs when he was in high school and for not paying attention to the road when he played war in the desert.


July 26 is a day of irony in the history of the United States of America.

You see, on this day in 1948, President Harry S. Truman desegregated the United States military.  Conversely, CNN and MSNBC report that Trump announced a ban on transgendered people serving in the military.

Wait a minute.  Isn’t the Republican Party supposed to be the party that stays out of your personal life?  Well, they proved themselves to be lying on that one again, didn’t they?

What business is it of anyone’s what anyone is?  Who cares?  Don’t give me this morality crap!  We all know what soldiers do to women when they find them-or do I have to remind you of what happened in Haditha again?

That poor girl and those sick scumfuckers who should have had their necks stretched for that deplorable war crime!  And don’t think that I never bring that up when I see one of these jokers in a parking lot-because I do every time.  Consider it a small price to pay for their parents telling me to leave this country because I marched against the war and consider it a small price to pay for their being stupid enough to believe a Republican and coming home empty-handed….with no weapons of mass destruction.

But, whoa, whoa!  Transgendered personel are somehow the problem!

No, the problem is that conservatives are maybe a little too attracted to those whom they claim to hate.

Aye, Mr. Shakespeare, I agree!  They doth protest too much!

For more information on Executive Order 9981, please go to

Tell Me Again How President Obama Sucked

Obama Approval Rating January 2017_n

To all of you racist, stupid, inbred, fundamentalist xenophobes who still say Barack Obama was the worst president we ever had, explain this Gallup rating he scored less than two weeks before he left office.

He brought us healthcare when people were dying in American waiting rooms, and now insurance companies can’t deny anyone based on the so-called “pre-existing condition.”  Young people can stay on their parents’ plans up until the age of 26.

He killed Bin Laden.

Obama saved the American automobile industry single handedly because no Republican was going to allow the American car industry to survive.

We had the strongest economy in the world.

Yet, some of you seem to think that the xenophobe who occupies the White House at this moment in time is so wonderful-all the while he licks Putin’s ass and calls it chocolate pudding.

Face it.  You’re racist.  This columnist knows it, your neighbors know it, and since Charles Darwin was correct, your descendants will know it in roughly a billion years-assuming the effects of the inbreeding have dissipated, anyway.

The world still respects Barack Obama, and the current leader of the free world, Angela Merkel, longs for Obama’s presence at the meetings because Wigboy is so inept that it’s pathetic.  She also knows that those of you who voted for this putz are about as intelligent as a bar of soap.

My apologies to those of the soap gland, but that’s about the size of it.

It seems to those of us who live in the real world that Barack Obama might be the last president of the United States  during the era when America was the greatest nation in the world.  Then again, that all depends on how quickly we can get this son of a bitch out of the White House because we’re done as a nation if Wigboy stays for all four years-and Pence would be worse.

Think of an American ayatollah.

If you would rather have that than Barack Obama, any normal person would say that you need to leave this nation.


The Black President Didn’t Fail, You Wear White Sheets.

Tell Me Again How I Failed_n  And you might as well admit to that, too, because Donald Trump has taken this nation into the sewer ever since January.

It’s now so bad that Angela Merkel said that the world can no longer completely trust the United States.  Trumpzis, this is all on you.

We, the normal, understand that this was a kneejerk reaction for your having to deal with a black man being the most powerful man in the world for eight years, but he got Bin Laden.  W. let him go because the Bin Ladens and the Bushes are friends-everyone knows that.

Race relations have deteriorated to their worst levels in decades because of this Nazi who bragged about his German blood and called it ‘good stuff.’  The only challenge those of us on the left have is to shut down the pacifists who are still stuck in the 1960s, because you sons of cousins run away from me whenever I get ahold of you.

I don’t fuck around, and you have come to realize that in under thirty seconds.  Thus, you run-just like the cowards that you are.

Whatever the history books censor about Barack Obama is already in my files, so I will do whatever is necessary to preserve his legacy:

American auto industry alive-Bin Laden dead.
Homeownership boom.
One of the longest peacetime economic expansions in American history, with over 14 million jobs created.

Why couldn’t you get a high-paying job?  Oh, poor Jethro!  Had you gone to night school instead of banging Wanda Mae, you’d actually have enough money to drive a jalopy instead of that Radio Flyer wagon you use to drive to your place of employment at the family gas station.  However, seeing how you thought he was a Muslim (which, even if he were would still be okay-according to the Constitution), your life sucks worse now than it did under President Obama-and it’s about to get worse!  You fools think college is bad!

I’m sorry, but I only reserve my compassion for those who are down on their luck through no fault of their own, not for klansmen who voted for a white supremacist.
Barack Obama maintained America’s greatness, but if we fall….we’re coming after you Trump bastards.

Don’t Help Those Who Vote Against Their Own Interests

This graphic, which was released by Yahoo News earlier this week, further demonstrates a serious disconnect between those who have a clue and those who are simply too stupid to deserve help from Washington, D.C.

It’s Trump’s approval ratings as ranked by state.

There are some interesting observations here, one of those being that Trump’s approval rating is 42 percent in Texas. While Texas is a reliably red state, according to The Texas Tribune’s story, written by Patrick Svitek, Trump took Texas the smallest margin for a Republican presidential candidate in two decades: 9 points.

One can only guess as to Trump’s numbers in Alaska. It could be the racial demographics, as whites outnumber American Indian or Alaska natives about 4:1. As for the rest of it, one can plainly see that he has high numbers in the stupid states, those forgotten places which have been condemned by time where you don’t admit to voting Democratic if you want to remain gainfully employed.

I would love to know why 60 percent of voters in the state of West Virginia, 59 percent of voters in North Dakota, and 58 percent of voters in South Dakota worship this thief-and then, there’s Mississippi, with a insane poverty rate of 22 percent (!

Many Democrats where I live tell me that we must be kind to those who have threatened us of late; that we should be kind to these Alt-Right idiots who consistently vote against their own interests-which might make for good strategy: that is, if you’re suicidal.

I have been told that we must help these people who hate us see that voting Republican has impoverished them, rather than empowered them.

No, these idiots vote Republican because the Republican Party justifies their bigotry. I’m sorry, but I see a bigot, I remind it of where Adam and Eve originated, I remind it that it worships a rabbi every Sunday, and then…I knock it into a wall.

Go ahead and say it out loud. I don’t mind, because it’s true! That’s what I am, and I’m damned proud of it. That’s what one has to be when one defends the developmentally disabled and the immigrant against someone whom you would think values the few teeth he has left.

Then again, you did read my article on how these lowlifes devalue education. So, there’s your answer, sport.

Fuck ’em.

No Remorse

Donald Trump just asked if he could pardon himself!

Can you believe that?

Who asks that kind of question, other than those who know they are guilty-especially of a capital crime like treason?

Donald Trump believes that he is above the law and above the Constitution, as does any conservative.  However, Trump takes this arrogance to a new depth to which no conservative has stooped to; not Nixon, not Reagan, nor either of the Bushes.  The worst part of all is that he is using the office of the Presidency to line his own pockets-as if he doesn’t have enough money.

Oh, one might mention salary, but it’s more than that.  This scumbag is making deals with the Russians-and now it looks like he’s making deals with the Chinese…all while he is opening national land to exploitation for things like his stupid border wall.

One of the things I would love to do is find one of his servants and get the lowdown on this lowlife, and we all know that the only reason white conservatives stick with this piece of garbage is because of their hatred of Barack Obama-which even President Obama now attests.

It’s funny, because Republicans once stated that liberals were guilty of treason-not that they ever had any facts with which to reinforce that accusation.  However, now that their great white hope is stained in red, they prefer to remain in the dark-and that’s probably because conservatives know that they’ve always been full of crap.

It’s because conservatives know, but are too cowardly to admit to the fact that they are just as guilty of the crime of treason than any liberal whom they have accused of ever was.

Have you ever heard of the idea of being an accessory to the crime?  This is the crime in which every conservative in this nation shares guilt.

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