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Tell Me Again How President Obama Sucked

Obama Approval Rating January 2017_n

To all of you racist, stupid, inbred, fundamentalist xenophobes who still say Barack Obama was the worst president we ever had, explain this Gallup rating he scored less than two weeks before he left office.

He brought us healthcare when people were dying in American waiting rooms, and now insurance companies can’t deny anyone based on the so-called “pre-existing condition.”  Young people can stay on their parents’ plans up until the age of 26.

He killed Bin Laden.

Obama saved the American automobile industry single handedly because no Republican was going to allow the American car industry to survive.

We had the strongest economy in the world.

Yet, some of you seem to think that the xenophobe who occupies the White House at this moment in time is so wonderful-all the while he licks Putin’s ass and calls it chocolate pudding.

Face it.  You’re racist.  This columnist knows it, your neighbors know it, and since Charles Darwin was correct, your descendants will know it in roughly a billion years-assuming the effects of the inbreeding have dissipated, anyway.

The world still respects Barack Obama, and the current leader of the free world, Angela Merkel, longs for Obama’s presence at the meetings because Wigboy is so inept that it’s pathetic.  She also knows that those of you who voted for this putz are about as intelligent as a bar of soap.

My apologies to those of the soap gland, but that’s about the size of it.

It seems to those of us who live in the real world that Barack Obama might be the last president of the United States  during the era when America was the greatest nation in the world.  Then again, that all depends on how quickly we can get this son of a bitch out of the White House because we’re done as a nation if Wigboy stays for all four years-and Pence would be worse.

Think of an American ayatollah.

If you would rather have that than Barack Obama, any normal person would say that you need to leave this nation.


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The Black President Didn’t Fail, You Wear White Sheets.

Tell Me Again How I Failed_n  And you might as well admit to that, too, because Donald Trump has taken this nation into the sewer ever since January.

It’s now so bad that Angela Merkel said that the world can no longer completely trust the United States.  Trumpzis, this is all on you.

We, the normal, understand that this was a kneejerk reaction for your having to deal with a black man being the most powerful man in the world for eight years, but he got Bin Laden.  W. let him go because the Bin Ladens and the Bushes are friends-everyone knows that.

Race relations have deteriorated to their worst levels in decades because of this Nazi who bragged about his German blood and called it ‘good stuff.’  The only challenge those of us on the left have is to shut down the pacifists who are still stuck in the 1960s, because you sons of cousins run away from me whenever I get ahold of you.

I don’t fuck around, and you have come to realize that in under thirty seconds.  Thus, you run-just like the cowards that you are.

Whatever the history books censor about Barack Obama is already in my files, so I will do whatever is necessary to preserve his legacy:

American auto industry alive-Bin Laden dead.
Homeownership boom.
One of the longest peacetime economic expansions in American history, with over 14 million jobs created.

Why couldn’t you get a high-paying job?  Oh, poor Jethro!  Had you gone to night school instead of banging Wanda Mae, you’d actually have enough money to drive a jalopy instead of that Radio Flyer wagon you use to drive to your place of employment at the family gas station.  However, seeing how you thought he was a Muslim (which, even if he were would still be okay-according to the Constitution), your life sucks worse now than it did under President Obama-and it’s about to get worse!  You fools think college is bad!

I’m sorry, but I only reserve my compassion for those who are down on their luck through no fault of their own, not for klansmen who voted for a white supremacist.
Barack Obama maintained America’s greatness, but if we fall….we’re coming after you Trump bastards.

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Don’t Help Those Who Vote Against Their Own Interests

This graphic, which was released by Yahoo News earlier this week, further demonstrates a serious disconnect between those who have a clue and those who are simply too stupid to deserve help from Washington, D.C.

It’s Trump’s approval ratings as ranked by state.

There are some interesting observations here, one of those being that Trump’s approval rating is 42 percent in Texas. While Texas is a reliably red state, according to The Texas Tribune’s story, written by Patrick Svitek, Trump took Texas the smallest margin for a Republican presidential candidate in two decades: 9 points.

One can only guess as to Trump’s numbers in Alaska. It could be the racial demographics, as whites outnumber American Indian or Alaska natives about 4:1. As for the rest of it, one can plainly see that he has high numbers in the stupid states, those forgotten places which have been condemned by time where you don’t admit to voting Democratic if you want to remain gainfully employed.

I would love to know why 60 percent of voters in the state of West Virginia, 59 percent of voters in North Dakota, and 58 percent of voters in South Dakota worship this thief-and then, there’s Mississippi, with a insane poverty rate of 22 percent (!

Many Democrats where I live tell me that we must be kind to those who have threatened us of late; that we should be kind to these Alt-Right idiots who consistently vote against their own interests-which might make for good strategy: that is, if you’re suicidal.

I have been told that we must help these people who hate us see that voting Republican has impoverished them, rather than empowered them.

No, these idiots vote Republican because the Republican Party justifies their bigotry. I’m sorry, but I see a bigot, I remind it of where Adam and Eve originated, I remind it that it worships a rabbi every Sunday, and then…I knock it into a wall.

Go ahead and say it out loud. I don’t mind, because it’s true! That’s what I am, and I’m damned proud of it. That’s what one has to be when one defends the developmentally disabled and the immigrant against someone whom you would think values the few teeth he has left.

Then again, you did read my article on how these lowlifes devalue education. So, there’s your answer, sport.

Fuck ’em.

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No Remorse

Donald Trump just asked if he could pardon himself!

Can you believe that?

Who asks that kind of question, other than those who know they are guilty-especially of a capital crime like treason?

Donald Trump believes that he is above the law and above the Constitution, as does any conservative.  However, Trump takes this arrogance to a new depth to which no conservative has stooped to; not Nixon, not Reagan, nor either of the Bushes.  The worst part of all is that he is using the office of the Presidency to line his own pockets-as if he doesn’t have enough money.

Oh, one might mention salary, but it’s more than that.  This scumbag is making deals with the Russians-and now it looks like he’s making deals with the Chinese…all while he is opening national land to exploitation for things like his stupid border wall.

One of the things I would love to do is find one of his servants and get the lowdown on this lowlife, and we all know that the only reason white conservatives stick with this piece of garbage is because of their hatred of Barack Obama-which even President Obama now attests.

It’s funny, because Republicans once stated that liberals were guilty of treason-not that they ever had any facts with which to reinforce that accusation.  However, now that their great white hope is stained in red, they prefer to remain in the dark-and that’s probably because conservatives know that they’ve always been full of crap.

It’s because conservatives know, but are too cowardly to admit to the fact that they are just as guilty of the crime of treason than any liberal whom they have accused of ever was.

Have you ever heard of the idea of being an accessory to the crime?  This is the crime in which every conservative in this nation shares guilt.

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Grow A Spine Or Get In Line




I love how many on the left behave as if they have no idea of what to do these days. They say that they are angry, but they are the biggest bunch of whiners that I have ever seen.

For the record, I am very far to the left, but I vote for centrist Democrats.


I vote for centrists because to vote further left is suicide at this moment in time. We got lucky with President Obama because of how poor George W. Bush was as a leader. President Obama could afford to go to the left for the first two years of his administration, but not after the 2010 meltdown.

I don’t even try to explain this to “progressives” anymore because they live in their own world, where Jimi Hendrix still plays the Star Spangled Banner and where there was nothing but pot and orgies everywhere. The funny thing is that I get into as many arguments with “progressives” as I do with conservatives-but for different reasons. The war I have with conservatives is about human dignity and the war I have with progressives is about reality.

Conservatives are as humane as progressives are sensible.

Conservatives refuse to raise the minimum wage and progressives want a squeaky clean political system-which will never happen.

All the progressives do in the end is hurt the very people they seek to help by making their ideas unattractive to Mr. and Mrs. Dumbass America; those two jokers who vote against their own interests every other November and never get it through their heads that it’s the Republicans who continue to give companies access to their respective 401 K’s.

The worst thing of all with progressives is that their eyes widen with fear every time something gets worse because they weren’t willing to do two things: move to the center-left and they aren’t willing to take conservatives on in a streetfight.

That’s when I start to laugh, because the progressives accuse me of being a conservative-only thing being that I’ve actually received death threats from conservatives, both online and in person. Conservatives have actually aimed weapons at me.

Progressives need to realize that American society has to experience something worse than the Great Depression before they’re going to get any of the reforms that they want. As for conservatives, they either need to practice what they preach or shove that Bible someplace, because if they’re going to tell a rape victim she has to be a mother, they take the social responsibility of helping her rear that which they forced upon her-read 1 John 3:17 and Matthew 25:42–45.

You’ll see that it’s true.

However, back to these progressives.
What they don’t get is that change comes slowly-and no one regrets to break that news more than I do.


Because human beings are irrationally frightened of change.

I mean, the beautiful thing about a left-wing dictatorship is that you’re there with a baseball bat and you give the moron the option of accepting someone whom he doesn’t understand or having his brains all over the pavement…but we don’t live in that kind of nation, so this is what we’re stuck with, and until this society has reached the level of awareness that we have, progressives either need to consider giving conservatives an education similar to that one would see in the alley or just wait it out-and stop acting frightened of the Alt-Right, please! That’s just caving into them!

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Whites Tolerate Police Brutality

Doesn’t it amaze you how many white people are willing to tolerate police brutality?

“Well, if they followed commands, they wouldn’t be getting hit.”

What about the people who do follow commands-and still get beaten or shot?  You know, at some point some people are just going to have to accept that they hate people of other races or people with disabilities-or both.

That’s what it really comes down to.

Time and again, we see American police officers brutalize people for no reason.  What’s truly sickening is that they make themselves out to be the victims:

“We don’t know if we’re coming home!”

Well, I guess the wife will be spared the beating tonight whether they decide to sleep it off at the bar, bang their respective squeeze on the side, or best of all…meet street justice.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the wife took out an insurance policy on the bastard and he stages reckless driving with the intention of being pulled over and…..

Hey, I know I’d be laughing my ass off!

When police officers get away with terrorizing the developmentally disabled, raping women at traffic stops, killing black kids, and framing young black males just to make them unable to vote, so there’s no sense in trying to help them.

I wonder how many Hispanics are going to  be on the receiving end of their klan activities now that the American Fuhrer has set up a policy to deport Hispanics for even a traffic violation.

I remember a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy came to my door once when I lived in Santa Clarita, California, and the first words out of my mouth were: “What the fuck do you want?”

I was twenty-two at the time, but I had already had a gun to my head and put to the ground-despite the fact that I had no arrest record.  I guess my long hair had something to do with that-and the 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix with the big Megadeth and KNAC Pure Rock 105.5 stickers just exasperated things, but I wasn’t going to let the cops intimidate me into changing.

You know, it’s funny.  It’s nearly thirty years later, and the only thing which has changed is the length of my hair-it’s not down past my shoulders anymore.  However, I’m still getting harassed.

Back in 1992, I got pulled over for my KNAC and Megadeth stickers.  Today, it’s my blue 2012 sticker.  I know this because I am never followed if I don’t have a sticker on the car, so the issue is that I represent something that the police don’t like-a free man, most likely.

It was practically a daily ritual.  Get up, shit, shower, brush hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, head out the door, get pulled over.

I was even pulled over for my Clinton-Gore stickers in 1992.  I know this because the harassment ended when the stickers came off of my 1984 Ford Thunderbird.

Again, I see so many whites justify police who break the law by violating the constitutional rights of others under the 4th, 5th, and 8th Amendments.  I wonder how they will feel after the cops murder either their child or beat him so severely that he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life.

No, I won’t feel sympathy for them-nor should you.  People sometimes have to learn the hard way; that no matter how they address the officer or what they look like, he has already made the decision as to how he’s going to treat them.

I guess that’s why I get along with blacks and Hispanics much more than I do whites.

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Au peuple de France, 14 juillette, 2017

Au peuple de France :

Je pense à vous et vos ancêtres aujourd’hui sur ce 228e anniversaire du raid de la Bastille.
Vous étiez la faim et la pauvreté. J’avoue que j’aimerais en savoir plus sur Jacques Necker, qui a été évincés trois jours avant l’attaque, mais je comprends aussi que le roi Louis XVI entouré Paris avec les soldats.

L’hôtel des invalides a été perquisitionné, lorsque vos ancêtres ont eu 3 000 armes à feu et cinq canons, le seul problème était que la Bastille était le sort de la poudre nécessaire pour tirer les canons.

King Louis XVI ne comprends pas, at-il, quand il a demandé de La Rochefoucauld, sur la situation. Louis a pensé qu’il s’agit d’une simple rébellion, et je doute fort qu’il prit au sérieux réponse de La Rochefoucauld lorsque le duc a répondu : « Non, Sire, une révolution ! »

Quelles concessions Louis n’ont fait avant vous lui mettez la lame ? L’autre chose, que je voudrais savoir quel compte de son exécution est correcte ? La lame se coincer ou il sera guillotiné deux fois ? Ce sont les comptes dont je connais et je tiens à être redressé.

Certes, je me rends compte que la mort par décapitation n’est pas instantanée, comme le prisonnier est encore conscient pendant une période de temps après les faits, et tentative de suicide de Robespierre (balle dans la mâchoire la nuit précédant son exécution sans procès, de ce que je comprends) n’était aucune attraction de Disneyland.

Je ne sais pas quoi d’autre à écrire à ce sujet, mis à part le fait que je pense du peuple Français en ce jour ; sachant que les américains n’auraient pas une nation sans eux.

Merci beaucoup et Vive la révolution !

In English:

To the people of France:

I think of you and your ancestors today on this 228th anniversary of the raid of the Bastille.

You were hungry and poor.  I admit that I would like to learn more about Jacques Necker, who was ousted three days before the attack, but I also realize that King Louis XVI surrounded Paris with soldiers.

The Hotel des Invalids was raided, where your ancestors took 3,000 firearms and five cannons-the only problem was that the Bastille was the whereabouts of the gunpowder needed to fire those canons.

King Louis XVI didn’t get it, did he, when he asked de La Rochefoucauld about the situation?  Louis figured it to be a mere rebellion, and I highly doubt that he took de La Rochefoucauld’s reply seriously when the duke replied, “No, Sire, a revolution!”

What concessions did Louis make before you put him to the blade?  The other thing I would like to know is which account of his execution is the correct one?  Did the blade get stuck or was he guillotined twice?  These are the accounts of which I know and I would like to be set straight.

I certainly realize that death by decapitation isn’t instantaneous, as the prisoner is still conscious for a period of time after the fact, and Robespierre’s failed suicide attempt (shooting himself in the jaw the night prior to his execution without trial, from what I understand) was no Disneyland ride.

I don’t know what else to write about this, other than the fact that I think of the French people on this day; knowing that Americans would not have a nation without them.

Merci beaucoup et Vive la revolution!

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Conservatives Are More Stupid Than Anyone Realized

The Pew Research Center released its findings Monday on how Americans view higher education.

Once upon a time, it was Republicans who valued college because they knew college was the gateway to economic freedom.  However, the findings exhibited by Pew this week show that the average Republican voter values intellect even less than he actually possesses the same.

He seems to worship his own ignorance!

According to the article, Sharp Partisan Divisions in Views of National Institutions, conservatives state that colleges have a deleterious impact on America.  How ironic it should be that they trust the financial institutions that rape them economically now so that they can throw them into debtor’s prison later.

A whopping 58% of those on the right hate colleges and universities-yet, they blame the Democrats for trying to save them.

Worse yet, more Republican voters hate unions by a thirteen point margin-even though the unions want workers to be paid fairly.

The truth of the matter is that one can only help someone who needs and wants help-even if they don’t know how to ask for it.  Those who hate the idea of being well-educated; hate the idea of being paid fairly, but trust the very ones who are screwing them just need to die in peace so that those who presently have no say with regard to their respective futures can simply take over and live well.

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It Is Unwise For Police To Go To War Against Real Americans

I laugh whenever someone defends police brutality because it exposes them as a bigot in some form; be it racial or against people with disabilities.

You have seen some of my articles with regard to this subject, but some cop who thought he was Harry Callahan tried to knock me down a notch in cyberspace this morning.  If God the Father can’t do that, I have no idea what made this cop think he could.

Look at this story.

Here is the pig’s response to my statement.

I have been a police officer for 26 years…..and there is no database that tells any cop that someone is autistic. Jim Rousch, you sir, are a clown.

· Reply ·


· July 9 at 4:22am

Someone responded in my defense, and I thank her for it:

M F actually my friend is a Police officer and we have a mentally ill neighbor.. and it is in the “system” of his condition. Heard it said over the scanner with my own ears and our friend confirmed it is documented!

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· July 9 at 5:35am · Edited

M.F. you are the fucking clown. That badge you hide behind renders your opinion worthless.

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· July 9 at 11:02am

You are a liar, because I helped set it up when it was proposed.

Fuck off, Nazi pig.

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· 3 hrs

The truth of the matter is that cops are not normal.  They are violent terrorists who have become even more emboldened by the racist, Jeff Sessions, who seeks to destroy lawsuits against excessive force.

If the police want our support, then they need to stop treating us like we’re criminals.  We are innocent until proven (not planted) guilty, and there is no reason for any real American to mourn the death of a cop because it certainly seems as if they all stick together.  After all, if there were actually good police officers who do their jobs honorably, you wouldn’t see all of these jury awards for excessive force, you wouldn’t see these convictions being overturned, and you certainly wouldn’t have as many dead police officers, because they started a war that they cannot win.

Does the name Custer mean anything to you?

It would not be wise for American police to go to war against us.  They are outgunned, outmanned, and most of all, outwitted.

In addition, we have the Bill of Rights, so let this member of the American Civil Liberties Union give you piglets a friendly word of advice:

Don’t fuck with me, Trumpzi.

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