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Donald Trump and his brainwashed trailerbillies like to talk about patriotism these days.

“Make America great again!”


Do these working class morons who believed his lies and voted for him even know what the hell patriotism is?

I laughed when I saw the article from the Financial Times:

The company has closed one plant, layed off hundreds of workers, and the production of some parts are being moved overseas to avoid EU tariffs, according to the Financial Times.

Look, at least Ronald Reagan tried to help by placing a tariff on 750cc Japanese motorcycles.  I’ll give the old man in Hell credit for that.  However, while my fellow liberals on Facebook are amazed at the apparent low IQ of the average American blue-collar worker, I’m not the least bit surprised.  This is because the American blue-collar worker has voted against his own economic interests since the days of the Nixon Administration.

Patriotism isn’t putting an American flag on your Japanese-made truck.  One demonstrates patriotism by purchasing durable goods made in the United States-which is now becoming more difficult to find because of Donald Trump’s economic policies.  Patriotism also requires that you address social evils-like separating children from their parents because of something that the parents did thirty years ago.

In case you forgot, Ronald Reagan granted amnesty.  Don’t believe me?  Okay.

President Reagan’s position on undocumented workers-1986

Okay, so my Element television probably has parts which come China, but at least the damn idiot box was assembled here!

My New Balances are made here, as are my Allen Edmonds-so are my Peavey and Crate amplifiers.  My Dodge Dart and Plymouth Breeze were both made here, as I have never owned a foreign car in my entire life.  As a matter of fact, I stopped buying Vans tennis shoes after wearing them for 15 years because they shipped their factory from Anaheim and Orange in California to China.

That’s patriotism!  Put your money where your rhetoric is, or stop waving that flag in my face!   Otherwise,  I just might have to flick my Bic (most of which are made in America) !  

One more thing.


The truth is that Trump voters don’t know what patriotism is, so they just need to be quiet about the subject before someone gives them a five minute lesson on the same.  The first thing you need to know about illegal immigration is that anyone who is Sioux, Comanche, Apache, Navajo, or the like will tell you that the white man has nothing to say on the subject, as he stole everything from those mentioned above.

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Thank You For Your Service, Sir




While I wait to resume my studies, I currently work in a senior day facility in suburban Denver.

Odd, I know, but shut up because I’m going somewhere with this.

Although I had seen this particular white-haired old man before, I had no idea there was a real story behind him.

You see, he landed on Iwo Jima (February 26, 1945-March 19, 1945).

I should have asked him a more intelligent question, other than: ‘Did you get hit?’

That was really dumb on my part, and I really should have asked a more meaningful one than that, but the first thing I did was thank him for fighting for my freedom and then I snapped a salute.

The next thing I noticed is that he was a Marine-the first ones in and the last ones out.

One of the intelligent questions I did ask was why Japan was our ally in World War I, but our mortal enemy in World War II?  That was a question which he could not answer.  I suppose he was too busy trying to eek an existence which Herbert Hoover’s disastrous economic policies wrought upon our country.

I owe a debt to those men and women that I can never pay, because the Axis Powers were fucking brutal-especially Japan.  While the Germans had their concentration camps, the Japanese had comfort women-sex slaves whom they would capture as spoils after every invasion, such as China, Korea, Manchuria, and the like.

Yes, the Germans had comfort women, as well.  However, the Japanese were notorious for this engaging in this level of inhumanity.  In fact, to this very day, there are still women in the Philippines, Cambodia, China, and other Asian nations who demand reparations from the Japanese government for what was done to them

The Marine I spoke to was aware of our third atomic bomb, which we were prepared to use if Japan refused to surrender after the deliveries of Fat Man and Little Boy (August 6, 1945 and August 9, 1945-Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

Here is something that even I didn’t know.  According to The Daily Beast, the United States actually had twelve atomic bombs ready to go.

The tragedy is that President Truman didn’t even want to drop the first two to begin with.  However, Operation: Downfall, the land invasion of mainland Japan would have gone well into 1946 or even longer, and both Truman and Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew that Japan would fight to the last man.

Remember all those old men who were found in the 1970s who didn’t know the war was over?  Here’s one even better.

According to The Guardian, two more  were discovered in 2005, and they remained in hiding for fear of being court martialed on the charge of desertion! 

These men, aged 85 and 87, wept upon learning the news.

Now you know why Harry Truman did what he did in August of 1945, because that is what we would have faced, as these old men were not ready to lay down their antiquated arms.

This is why I respect the old American veterans of World War II and the Korean conflict, as Iraq “veterans” really never had it so hard.  All I have to do is look at the difference between a World War II veteran who fought at Iwo Jima and someone who bucks for sympathy because he was in Fallujah.

That Marine to whom I spoke fought for my freedom, but the pathetic clown who wants flowers and candy because he failed to accomplish the mission and may even be guilty of a war crime or two in Iraq doesn’t have the right to shine that Marine’s boots.

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For Jennie’s Sake




Do you know why I am awake at 4:15 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time?

I can’t sleep because I have a screwed up spine, a chipped-up left shoulder, and I have to figure out how in the hell I’m going to get my girlfriend over here when her contract as a damn maid in the United Arab Emirates is up.

She lives in the Philippines and we came across each other on a dating site-and no, she hasn’t asked me for a dime…so you can just shut your mouth right there.  Actually, she’s working her heart out for her children.

She has family here.

It’s very hard to sleep when someone you love wants you as much as you want them and you’re a universe apart.

What I have to do is somehow get some kind of gig and work through the pain as much as I possibly can, because she and I have calculated the costs-and I’m going to have to work my ass off.

It’s not that she’ll leave because I’m broke right now.  She knows my circumstances.  She knows what my ex-wife did to me after I got hurt at Walmart.  We talk about it often-and we get deep into the discussion.

How bad off am I?

I’m currently in physical therapy, where my entire upper-left side hurts like hell after the session.  My spine and my shoulder are pushed to the San Andreas, and I feel the effects for the next twelve to twenty-four hours.

I can’t do much of anything after therapy, and keep in mind that I haven’t a regular full-time job in three years because of this.   There are even times when I have to take breaks from typing because of the pain.  In fact, I can feel the needles in my left-middle and left ring fingers as I work on this article, but I’m determined to finish this because I have to get the words out of me.

I suppose that I get this discipline from my late grandfather, Charles Horace Bogard (1905-1998), because he worked through the Great Depression and World War II with a brutal back which caused him intense pain most of the time.

A job is a job, and I have to finish this one.  I might not be able to lift a box anymore, but I can still use my brain and put my thoughts to the computer.

I just hope it’s enough for Jennie’s sake.

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You Know What Karma Is



Former L.A.P.D. sergeant, Stacy Koon, faces two misdemeanor counts for smashing his vehicle into a parked pick-up truck in the Castaic area, northwest of Los Angeles, California, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Koon went to federal prison for civil rights violations when he supervised the beating of black motorist, Rodney King.  The initial acquittal in Simi Valley (a heavily white and conservative area of Southern California) led to the L.A. riots.  This, in turn, solidified Bill Clinton’s victory in the 1992 election-even though President George H.W. Bush nationally and honestly aired his disgust in a primetime speech from the Oval Office.

I may have despised Bush the Elder, but I took him at his word when he told Americans that he felt shock and anger.  It’s 26 years later, and I still do.

As far as police officers go, they are known for their problems with substance abuse, according to  They are also notorious for incidents of domestic violence, according to The Atlantic (

The sad thing is that not every police officer is like that-even in America…where cops are known to shoot people in the back and plant a weapon.  One occasionally finds the honest beat cop who truly tries to make his neighborhood a better place to live.  The problem is there is something in America called the Code of Silence, whereby a good cop is expected to keep his mouth shut-if he wants back up, anyway.

I knew a former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy who fell victim to the philosophy, as he reported a wrong to his supervisor and was labeled as a snitch.

That was the end of his career in law enforcement.

As far as Stacy Koon is concerned, he won’t get much protection because he was a national embarrassment to the Los Angeles Police Department.  He cost the police chief his job, as Daryl Gates had no other choice other than to retire.   However, I don’t think we have to worry about Stacy Koon anymore, as you know what karma is.  We don’t have to call him Stacy Koon now.  We can just call him by his new name: Ben…Dover, that is!

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I’m One of the Fewer




According to a report from United Press International, fewer Americans feel ‘extremely proud’ to be American in the year 2018.

I’m so fucking proud of being American right now at this moment that I am currently dressed in just my underwear and my socks as I type this article.

If Donald Trump wanted to make this nation ready for attack, he’s accomplished his goal-because hardly anyone cares right now.  I hear a few fireworks (which were Benjamin Franklin’s idea) breaking the silence, but I see no parties or festivities on my block, which leans conservative politically.

I slept through most of the day and played games on Facebook-which even I have to admit is embarrassing.   I mean, I didn’t even feel this way when George W. Bush was in the White House.  Oh, sure, I knew he stole two elections and I knew that his eight years in the Oval Office were a complete farce, but I still felt something.

Ronald Reagan was a traitor to this country through his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal, and I felt something.  But, it’s different today on July 4, 2018.

I missed the drag races at Bandimere Speedway.

I don’t care.

I missed the fireworks display.

I don’t care, because I’m one of the fewer.

I didn’t march in a parade-not even with my fellow Democrats in Douglas County, Colorado.

So, what?  I view parades as a joke anyway.

“Look at me!  Look at me!”

That’s all parade participation really is-a cry for help.

Oh, sure.  I had my fill of them when I was a little kid.  I rode on Monte Montana’s stagecoach, for one thing.

It’s all different now, as the flag-waving and ultranationalism has gone awry with stupidity.  I rode in my uncle’s 1922 Hupmobile.  I did it all.  The problem is that the ultra and unchecked nationalism has reached the point to which people who put Proud to be an American on their Japanese cars while they sing God Bless America and sneer at someone whom they wager to be an undocumented immigrant because he or she has brown skin.

Guess what?  I’m more likely to protect that immigrant (documented or not) than I am any white man, because this country has done nothing but caused me nothing but problems ever since I survived meningitis in 1971.

It’s quiet in here, not even the dead mouse is stirring.  Why?  Because I’m one of the fewer who care about this once magical day.  It’s not just me, as the article cited in this piece will show you what Donald Trump has done to this country.  We are probably now almost as divided as we were in the 1850s and 1860s, and the 1870s, if you want to learn the honest truth, because the Reconstruction period actually did more damage to this country than did the Civil War itself!  

That’s pretty fucking sad, kids.

The reason why the Reconstruction period was worse than the Civil War itself is because of what the bankers from the North did to the Southern farmers, as the number of bankruptcies skyrocketed in the post Civil War South (source:   Worse yet, Southern whites refused to accept the fact that blacks were now free people, so they did what they could to suppress their freedoms, and this continues till this very day in the form of white police officers shooting unarmed blacks in the back, and the like.

Worse, there were families who fought for either side of the war, and many never forgave each other.  There are people long dead from my own family who felt the same bitterness toward one another.

The point is that history has repeated itself in the United States of America.

While people have been screaming at each other about cultural issues (reproductive rights, Hollywood, etc.), the issues of culture and race continue to curse this place.

My new woman is Filipina, and you know what I am just by my last name alone.  Anyone who messes with her had better know how to fly, because I’m sure that a crash landing from forty floors up is going to leave a mark.



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Shut Up, Lee Greenwood!








America was under some kind of strange spell when Lee Greenwood recorded and released God Bless the USA in 1984.

According to Gallup, President Ronald Reagan began 1983 in dangerous territory with only a 35% approval rating.  No problem!  We just wag the dog a couple of times and we’re home again-even though the economy sucks donkey dick.
Continue reading Shut Up, Lee Greenwood!

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The Last Hope




American liberals just don’t get the fact that they are the planet’s final hope for a democratic world.

They seem to think that they can turn the other cheek while Donald Trump arrests people like myself-not that I have been arrested yet.  However, I realize there is a strong possibility of such an occurrence, and this is because Donald Trump has begun to dismantle dissent-starting with his own party.

Remember how so many Republicans opposed him back in early 2016?  Suddenly the Republican National Convention turned into the Reichsparteitag and stole the presidential election was stolen from a woman who beat Trump by three million votes.

Of course, the Berniebots and the Jill Stein crowd were of no help, because they believed in voting their conscience.  Well, with any luck, Sanders will be pushing daisies in two years and Stein will be in prison, clearing the way for an undivided Democratic counterattack which will conquer Trump-but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.   The American electoral process has become so unsafe that one really has no idea whether or not his or her vote was counted properly-if at all.

The irony is that our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 to fight those like Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  However, we Americans now find ourselves in a similar position as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and the rest of the gang faced toward the end of the 18th Century.  Americans are under the hand of a brutal dictator who tells police that it is okay to detain at will, indefinitely, and for any reason.

That’s funny, but I thought the Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Amendments covered all of this back in 1787.

Oh, yeah!  Donald Trump doesn’t believe in constitutional rights.

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Fuck You and Your Policies



Dictator Donald Trump said Fox News Sunday that his critics ‘had just better take it easy’-which goes directly against our First Amendment rights.

The First Amendmendment of the United States Constitution states that we reserve the right to address grievances.  However, this fascist does not believe in the validity of the United States Constitution.  Hence, I have two words for Donald Trump:

Fuck you.

No son of a bitch tells me to take it easy-especially after he stole a presidential election and is eroding constitutional rights.  I’m sorry, but I’m his boss, and not the other way around.  Furthermore, he doesn’t even deserve to be in the Oval Office because Hillary Clinton won the election by three million votes.

You know, I wonder how all of the independent voters feel now.  I’ve heard them say for decades that there’s no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.  Well, this proves just how stupid they are.

Sandernistas are probably the most to blame for this situation, as most refused to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and opted for Jill Stein instead.


If Donald Trump wants to tell me to be careful about my First Amendment rights, he’d better be man enough to say that to my face.

Fuck you, Donald Trump.

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Sick of the Fucking Defeatism




Local yokel Democrats have two years before the next presidential election, and they are behaving as if Trump has already stolen it.

This sickens me, because it goes to show how neither peace nor our electoral system work properly.  The problem is that these fucking Hippie pussies have no other solutions, other than to have another pathetic sit-in or a stupid march which makes them look like idiots.

I hate racists, but they look more serious in their intent than we do-even though they are really pussies at the core.  I know this because I’ve taken them on, and they see me as crazier than they are themselves.  No matter how many times I tell these Sandernistas not to fear the gun nuts, they do anyway.  They allow themselves to get arrested on live television, as if they seek martyrdom when they just  look stupid.

It’s so pathetically sad, because it never had to get to this point.  American liberals on American streets could have taken control of the situation long before Inauguration Day, but theie collective conscience did them in, and now Americans are in danger of losing their democracy-all because these baby boomer liberals couldn’t grow a pair and fight the enemy.

President Lincoln once said that the United States would never fall to a foreign power; that America would basically commit suicide.

You are watching a national suicide on live television, thanks to the Sandernistas who split the Democratic Party in 2016 and thanks to the cowards who refuse to fight for their rights by means which actually produce results.

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Christians Support Pimp For Nevada Election




This is how bad it’s gotten in the United States.

Dennis Hof. a thrice married adulterer and a Nevada pimp has heavy Christian support as he runs for a seat on the Nevada legislature as (what else?) a Republican.

The Bible has made references to prostitution, and that the Book condemns it.  So, why do Christians in Nevada support this guy (who looks like wrestler, King Kong Bundy)?   It just goes to show how far the average Christian will sell his soul to the Republican Party.  After all, does it make any sense to support a pimp while hating gays and lesbians?

Thank you.

Did I mention he is heavy (no pun intended if you look at the photo of him with the blonde bimbo) supporter of Donald Trump?

The American Christian Church is as alive as the corpse of a hooker on a slab at the morgue.

Just sayin’.