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Kentucky went BLUE?

It’s snowing in Hell as a DEMOCRAT has won the governor’s race!

How did that happen?

Kentucky is as red as a neck, and as much as I welcome the conquest over racism, doesn’t it make you the least bit curious how McConnell dropped this?

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Where is This In the Bible?


“As an elected official with a vote in Austin, let me tell you what I am NOT going to do. I am NOT going to use the evil acts of a handful of people to diminish the God-given rights of my fellow Texans. Period. None of these so-called gun-control solutions will work to stop a person with evil intent.”

How do does he know they’re evil when it could be mental illness?  Didn’t Jesus tell people not to judge?  I mean I didn’t mention it.  Republican Matt Schaefer did.

Matthew 7:1-6 New International Version (NIV)

Judging Others

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. Fo

r in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Well, I’ll be a motherfucker!  Jesus did tell him not to judge, so we don’t know if the gunman was evil or needed mental health services.
How can one be pro-guns and pro-birth simultaneously?  Refusing to address the needs of people who might do something while spouting pro-birth rhetoric is hypocritical.  And while, Schaffer did not mention anything about the right to choose on this particular post, he’s a Texas Republican.  You know their stance on the right to choose, so it’s their responsibility to make sure that there is plenty of access for those who need mental help and it is their responsibility to protect their state from gun violence.

Someone Won The Car Chase Lottery

Someone Won The Car Chase Lottery

If He Refuses To Leave, It’s Time For Anarchy’s Swift Stroke

If the fascist dictator refuses to leave, then it time..

We Need An Age Limit on the American Presidency



Donald Trump spoke of the seizure of “airports” by American soldiers during the Revolutionary War in 1775 on Thursday, July 4.


When are people going to face the fact that this syphititic charlatan needs to leave the White House before  another catastrophe happens?


Trump has already committed crimes against humanity via his crimes against children in his ‘detention centers’ (sanitatized exchange for concentration camp), and things are becoming worse.


This would be bad no matter what.  There needs to be an age limitation placed on the American presidency.  35 is the youngest one can be, but it’s clear we need to limit the oldest one can be president in the United States.

Reagan was asleep during Cabinet meetings.

Sanders fell asleep while waiting to speak during the previous presidential election cycle.


God bless Joe Biden, but this is the only reason why I can’t vote for him.  The sad thing is that there are a lot of people who are into nostalgia, and they miss the greatness that Biden helped President Obama create.


The only problem is that this is what you get with an old man in power-regardless of political party.

Ladies, Either Keep Your Shoes On At Work, Or Don’t Complain When You Take Your Shoes Off: We’re Going To Look


I looked at my statistics earlier today and it just so happens that I got a boom from someone in Italy regarding the article I wrote on foot fetish, which I think was from last year.


Kind of trippy, but then it makes sense.  Italy geographically looks like a boot, but we love it when our ladies are barefoot.

Look, ladies.  Those 6’s of yours are the only part of you we can sneak peeks at without getting paralyzed from the eyelids down-and don’t tell me it’s harassment, because that’s why you wear clogs in the first place.

You intentionally slip your (otherwise bare) feet out of them just to tease us.

That’s actually a form of sexual harassment against men because you know that we look at your bare soles and that we can’t do a damn thing about it.

Read the articles where I have provided the study regarding this.  Feet are at the top of the table.  You know we love them, and you tease….so, men are the ones being harassed, because it’s entrapment.

We sport a woody because of what you intentionally did, so you go running off to the supervisor’s office.

Um… I think you forgot your shoes.

In conclusion, American women are too funny-especially when you remember for whom white women voted in 2016.

Did they vote for the female presidential candidate?  Nope, they voted for a sex fiend.


Not only did I vote for Hillary, but I’m voting for Kamala, so professional women have no argument.  If their feet hurt so much, they can always stay home.



American Christians Love A Dictator Who Kills Immigrant Children

by Jim Rousch (crucifixion photo shot by Jim Rousch)


So, Evangelicals love Adolf Trump because they believe he is fighting for their way of life-all the while he kills young children in detention centers.

Even their own Bible mentions repeatedly how they are to love aliens (immigrants). Why? Because they were aliens in Egypt.

Donald Trump is a homicidal bigot.  That little girl you see is proof of my testimony, and any religionist will find Himself in Hell for following Trump.

Just read Leviticus 19:34, Deuteronomy 10:19, Deuteronomy 23:7, and Exodus 22:21.

We are to treat immigrants justly and help them.  After all, the Indians helped the Pilgrims-and they had never heard of Jesus Christ.

Again, any Evangelical who believes he is serving Christ is in for a rather smoky surprise when that line at the hospital flattens out.


That’s the price for being a hypocrite.  Remember that these are the very same who called for President Clinton’s removal.  It’s odd how they support the child rapist.

Remember her?  She was thirteen when Donald Trump ruined her life.

Suck on that, Evangelicals.  Your unwavering support for Donald Trump proves that pro wrestling has more credibility than your supposed religion.


Christ wouldn’t vote for Trump, because Trump is a liar, a traitor, a thief, and a killer.


Come to think of it, Jesus Christ wouldn’t vote for anyone.  He wasn’t interested in politics.


Don’t Do Anything Today

Don’t do anything today.

Fuck Trump and his military public jerkoff-especially since his daddy’s money got him out of serving in the military that Donnie claims to love.

Honor those who served during World War II and Korea while they are still here.

The streets of Washington, D.C. will be so fubar by the time this little publicity stunt is over…

I don’t even want to know the final tab by the time it’s over.

Come to think of it, this is our drunken stupor in history.

I mean if Reagan was sleepwalking, Trump is vomiting on the carpet.

Roll him face down, everyone!  Maybe we’ll get lucky.

All I know is that the pricetag increases.

Anyway, don’t do a damn thing.

That is all.

my freedom-20


I Wish I Knew What To Do Tomorrow





I’m so fucking bored that I have no idea what the fuck I’m going to do tomorrow-July 4.

I’m usually at my bud’s house in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, but that’s not been the case for a few years now.


I think the last time I was there was in 2013.  He and I still play on occasion when I’m in L.A.-which hasn’t been for a few years.


So, what’s the deal?  I’m supposed to watch this fucking military parade for which the psycho is making me foot the bill when he is supposed the billionaire?


Fuck that, man.  I’m not going to waste my time.


It’s so sad that this charlatan is draining the patriotism out of so many people.  If Bonespurs has a hard-on for American military hardware, he should have gone to Vietnam….

….and never returned.

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