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Help The Developmentally Disabled FIRST, Or You’re No Democrat



As the Republicans consider sterilizing people who have developmental disabilities phony liberals don’t care about children who have developmental disabilities-which is why I’m the only REAL Democrat in this group.

Forget about veterans. They made their own sickbeds-and I hope they die in them. However, we are supposed to be defending the powerless. It wasn’t so long ago that people with developmental disabilities were forcefully sterilized, and it is clear that you want to see the return of this inhuman practice. Otherwise, you would fight these Nazis.

You see, I don’t care if Trump takes your house, because you didn’t care about the plight of the developmentally disabled.

What did Benjamin Franklin say?

“Gentlemen, we must all hang together, or we will surely all hang separately.”

Seeing how Democrats not doing as well as you believe they are right now, it might be a good idea for all of you white bourgeoisie “liberals” to get out of your gated communities and volunteer for people who struggle with learning disabilities. Forget about the troops, because they didn’t watch where they were driving and they mocked us for being unpatriotic during the Iraq War. Anyone who caters to these losers when Donald Trump goes after children who struggle with developmental disabilities really has no right to call himself a Democrat.

You do realize that you’re a complete coward if you help one them now, right?

Democrats are supposed to stand for the voiceless, not the moronic.
Democrats are supposed to stand for the developmentally disabled, not war criminals.
Democrats are supposed to stand for the equal rights of all.

So, I would like to know why so many of you refuse to do this, because that makes you no better than Donald Trump.  Hence, you have no right to label yourself as a Democrat, as you are a liar.



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I Don’t Donate To The Wounded Dumbfuck Project. By the Way, Shouldn’t My Ex-Wife Had Compassion for MY TBI, Which I Acquired Via Meningitis?


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If They Were Stupid Enough To Go To Iraq, Treat ‘Em Like Crap



The Independent reported of the link between American oil companies and the war in Iraq.

Now, you can speak for yourself, but there are some who will never forgive American suckers for playing GI-Joe because they bought George W. Bush’s bullshit-and this columnist is one of them.

Many a time was I told to leave this “free” nation due to my opposition of that quagmire.  I even told two recruiters: “Either you motherfuckers find those weapons of mass destruction we are told exist, or don’t even bother coming back.  You read me, assholes?”

That’s what happens when someone questions this particular liberal’s patriotism.  Another thing which can happen is that there are some liberals who get angry enough as to wish one’s son shipped home in a ‘fucking box,’ as I said to a military mother who told me to leave this country-even though I had supported the war in Afghanistan.

Now that we only have six years left in our commitment to that hellhole, all we have to do is make fun of the idiots if they go over there-which I do…all the time.

Since no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, if they went to Iraq, we can treat ’em like crap-for wasting our money and damaging our reputation.

Hey, at least I didn’t kill any civilians in Haditha, right?

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Fucking Amazing






It’s simply amazing how these Trumpsters continue to stand by him-even though the veteran’s budget is being cut, according Military Times

Here is the part what blows your mind.  Those who support this fascist also support our bloated military budget and question the patriotism of anyone who disagrees.

Of course, those of you in Europe have learned to accept the hypocrisy of some in this country with just a shake of your head and closed eyes.  However, American liberals anger me more than they do-and you already know why that is.  They just like to sit and complain.  I have a plan, and they just don’t want to do it, so I just try to stay out of conversations now, because they still want to love everyone.

We all know that doesn’t work.  Some of these right-wing bastards need a good asskicking for all the lies that they buy.

Here is one example that I had while having an argument.

“Wait, liberals prefer Obama letting them die and his VA hiding the fact?”


Totally not surprised.

However, as you just saw, these cuts happened under George W. Bush and the government shut down we had previously was over……..

Dear people of Europe.  I can’t figure out who is worse, the conservatives who cut budgets or the American “liberals” who are too afraid to fight. It’s really quite the sad case which can only lead to a fabulous disaster.

When you read on this column that the author really doesn’t give a damn about anyone who was stupid enough to ruin America’s reputation by going to Iraq, that’s a document you can frame.  Iraq was not World War II or Korea.

As for my fellows on the left, it seems that they’re just going to have to suffer to the point at which they resort to the natural human response: war.

It’s just fucking amazing

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Conservatives and Their View on Traumatic Brain Injury



It’s so funny how conservatives just don’t understand traumatic brain injury.

Upon the publishing of Some of Us Have Lived With This Our Entire Lives.  So, Who Are You to Bitch? on Reddit, one person asked me if I, myself, wasn’t guilty of bitching.  I responded that there is a big difference between someone who drove over a bomb and decided that he can’t handle life anymore and someone who has dealt with it his entire life.

Even though it was in the psychology section of Reddit, I could tell that these people were not psychologists-or even psychology majors, for that matter.  They lacked understanding, compassion, and gave no benefit of doubt.  I knew they were full of crap because their ramblings were not those of psychology majors in a university.  These were average morons from off the street who thought they had something interesting to say.

The first thing a reader might ask is how could I possibly know that the respondent was a conservative.  A conservative always blames you for what happened, and never society-no matter how ignorant society is.

I could also tell that they were not of the profession because they didn’t use the terminology.  They also were not able to put themselves in my position.  I actually get the impression that Reddit is like Facebook-only worse.  With Facebook, you consider the source.  However, it seems that with Reddit, you have people in there who think they are authorities on certain subjects.

I knew I had to leave Reddit the moment I felt a hot rush, because I’m a nasty motherfucker when I deal with those who are proud of their ignorance.  I might come back.  I don’t know for sure.  However, should I decide to, I’ll just have to stick the post up there and leave, because I don’t put up with stupidity anymore.

It’s just not worth it.

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Some Of Us Have Lived With This Our Entire Lives, So Who Are You To Bitch?




Ever since my second seizure in 2007 and especially after scores of pallets hit me in the head while working for Walmart, I have struggled with my temper.

I have no patience-especially for electronics, and I hate it when I blow my top.

I know I’m not supposed to do that, but there’s nowhere for me to go when it happens. There was once a time when I could go to a remote area and blow off steam for a couple of minutes, but I lose that race today, and the previous articles you read on the subject tell you why that is.

My frontal lobes are fucking fucked.

It reminds me of the time when an accelerator cable broke on the Golden State Freeway in Santa Clarita, California and I had to hope that I could get to the shoulder.  Of course, I didn’t.  No one would let me get over so that I could get there.  The funny part was that people had the nerve to scream at me as they drove by.

Sure, I gave them the finger.  Like you would have expected me to do anything else?

I tend to yell at electronics or whenever my memory fails me.  The writing of passwords does me no good, because I can’t find them-even if they’re in a book.  I get incredibly angry at myself for failure to remember, but I really shouldn’t.  I need to remember that it’s head trauma which has caused all of this crap.

What makes me angriest of all is that all of those soldiers who drove over bombs are given sympathy while we who have dealt with this condition throughout our lives are considered to have a bad attitude.

Hey, I didn’t shoot any civilians in Haditha, okay?  I also didn’t drive over a roadside bomb in Fallujah.  So, kiss my unwiped ass.  Anyone who went to that propaganda war made an appointment to get their traumatic brain injury.  You can’t blame a six-month-old for his and you can’t blame someone who had meningitis at six months of age and was hit in the head with pallets.

Hey, you’re damn right I’m going to go there-serves you sons of whores right for telling me to leave this country due to the fact that I proudly protested the Iraq War.

Guess what?  I also could care less about the 22 per day who check out, because I still choose to fight my condition.

Those pussies were never men in the first place.

A “veteran” of Iraq will never hold a torch to someone who fought in World War II or Korea-ever.  That’s because the men who fought in those conflicts carried on after the wars.  They didn’t whine about their problems like Iraq War cowards.  They “soldiered” on because they had families to raise.

That’s what I try to do-but I often fall short-and then, I try again.

To lose my temper over something so trivial as electronics is fucking embarrassing, because the conscious side of me realizes that it’s not the end of the God damned world. However, going step-by-step with the instructions and getting a different result than everyone else is infuriating.

Here’s an important safety tip.  Never say to someone, “It’s the user.”

Do that, and you’ll never eat apples the same way ever again.

You see, people who deal with traumatic brain injuries are known to struggle with their self-esteem.  This is because they have heard a lifetime of insults with regard to how “stupid” they were; how they “just don’t pay attention” or are “in a different world.”

That’s what really makes a returning war criminal from the Iraq War a little girl.

Hence, I kindly ask all of you who “served” in that quagmire and found no weapons of mass distraction, to spare us the crap about how hard it is for you to adjust and how you have trouble coping with the changes in your life, because this is what we have dealt with throughout our entire lives.

Maybe it’s your karma for making fun of us.

Maybe it’s your karma for firing us back when we worked for you before W. told you to answer the call.

Maybe it’s your karma for isolating us because you figured we just wanted to be assholes.

You mean to tell me you can handle bullets whizzing past you, but you can’t handle a little frustration with that jar of mayonnaise ?

You cuck!


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