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Welcome Hong Kong!




I bid welcome to the people of Hong Kong and I thank you for your patronage.

My name is Jim Rousch and I am exactly what you see on this page: abrasive, nasty to conservatives, anti-Trump, pro-American, and I believe in either letting everyone enjoy the same freedom you do, or taking your freedom away.

Now, when I make the statement that I’m pro-American, it doesn’t mean that I support everything that we do.

I detest the dictator who stole the American presidential election in November of 2016, and I do not consider him to be President of the United States of America.  I consider Barack Obama to be our last president.  Donald Trump is nothing more than a fascist dictator who hates Americans with disabilities and sells our country out-and I would say that to his face, as per our First Amendment, which reads as follows:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

You have noticed what’s happened in my country lately, as the fascists are doing their best to destroy the United States Constitution by forbidding people to peaceably protest.
Some of you are old enough to remember what President John Fitzgerald Kennedy said about that:

“Those who make peaceful revolution…..”


Fine by me, as I know what’s going to happen.  Trump will put the American economy down a sewer pipe and the fun will begin, and I know this because he is already gutting social programs.  You do that, and poor people won’t be able to buy anything.  First, however, one must pay a worker enough money to where he can be independent of government programs in the first place.

Donald Trump knows that.  He just wants to kill poor people for sport.

One can say that I began my political involvement when I was fourteen-years-old, as a songwriter for a Los Angeles heavy metal band in early 1985.  I worked for Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign in 1992, and every single one thereafter.

I marched in anti-war protests during the regime of George W. Bush.

I have also worked with people with developmental disabilities for nearly a decade.

I have a degree in psychology from the University of Phoenix and I am moving forward.

This world is a nutty community, but we are all here to help each other.  So, if you experience discrimination (of any kind), write for help.  That’s the original reason why I set up this site.   Even if there is nothing that I can personally do about your particular situation, I can at least write about it.  You will have to give me your name and locale so that someone can help you.

Again, welcome and let’s move forward together.



我歡迎香港市民,謝謝你們的光顧。 我的名字是Jim Rousch,我正是你在這個頁面上看到的:磨難,對保守派,反特朗普,親美國人的討厭,我相信要么讓每個人享受你所做的同樣自由,要么放棄自由。 現在,當我聲明我是親美國時,並不意味著我支持我們所做的一切。 我討厭2016年11月偷走美國總統大選的獨裁者,我不認為他是美利堅合眾國總統。我認為巴拉克奧巴馬是我們的最後一任總統。唐納德特朗普只不過是一個法西斯獨裁者,他討厭殘疾美國人並將我們的國家賣掉 – 而且我會按照我們的第一修正案那樣說出來,其內容如下: 修正案一 國會不得制定任何關於宗教信仰或禁止自由行使的法律;或者剝奪言論自由或新聞自由;或者人民和平集會的權利,以及向政府請求糾正不滿的權利。 你已經註意到我國最近發生的事情,因為法西斯主義者正在盡力通過禁止人們和平抗議來摧毀美國憲法。 你們當中有些人已經足夠記住約翰·菲茨杰拉德·肯尼迪總統對此所說的話: “那些和平革命的人……” 很好,我知道會發生什麼。特朗普將把美國經濟放到污水管道上,樂趣將開始,我知道這一點,因為他已經在消除社會計劃。你做到了,窮人將無法購買任何東西。然而,首先,必須向工人支付足夠的錢,以便他能夠首先獨立於政府計劃。 唐納德特朗普知道這一點。他只想殺死窮人參加運動。

可以說,我14歲時開始參與政治活動,1985年初擔任洛杉磯重金屬樂隊的作曲家。我曾在1992年為比爾克林頓的第一次總統競選活動工作,之後每一次都參與其中。 我在喬治·W·布什政權期間參加了反戰抗議活動。 近十年來,我還與發育障礙患者一起工作過。 我擁有鳳凰城大學的心理學學位,我正在向前邁進。 這個世界是一個堅果社區,但我們都在這裡互相幫助。因此,如果您遇到歧視(任何形式),請寫信尋求幫助。這就是我設置這個網站的原因。即使我個人對你的具體情況沒有任何幫助,我至少可以寫一下。你必須給我你的名字和地區,以便有人可以幫助你。 再次歡迎,讓我們共同前進。