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The Traitor Is Always the Hypocrite

Did anyone find it strange that the party which has a hard-on for witch hunts is caught in their own web of hypocrisy-especially with respect to Russia?

The Washington Post reported on February 28 that Republicans voted against action on Trump-Russian associations.

The party which ruined the innocent lives of many people by false testimony and witch hunts continues in its hypocrisy-and I personally knew someone whose career at Lockheed was temporarily damaged by false allegations of treason.

He was allowed back in the Skunk Works after he was cleared of the false charges.

The funniest thing about that was that the man who accused my friend of being a Communist is that he died of throat cancer.

The only reason why the Republicans continue down this road is because they know that the Kansans, Texans, and the rest of the uneducated bunch snort the propaganda like cocaine.  The Republican Party frightens the uneducated out of their economic best interests, and poorly educated conservative voters buy their poison every time.

Don’t sympathize with them.  Sympathize with those whose lives are destroyed by the right-wing.

Sympathize with innocent people who are victimized by Republican budget cuts in social programs-namely the children whom they claimed had a right to life.

It is clear that the Republican Party bends over for terrorist states (observe Trump’s behavior with Saudi royalty).

It is clear that the Republican Party frightens the truly stupid into voting against their own economic interests.

It is also clear that Republican voters are so bigoted that they can’t see the blue skies of June.

Republican voters always call liberals Communists, but Republican voters continue to stand by their great white hope like a group of battered Stepford Wives.

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What If?

The Huffington Post reported on May 7 of a possibility that Hillary Clinton could actually be installed as president due to Russian interference.

What would the fascists in this nation do if that happens? First, we know that all of Trump’s dictates would go down the toilet. Let’s ponder this one, however.

First, Hillary Clinton would not be President of the United States of America by default, because she won the popular vote. One can bring up the Electoral College all they want. However, we all remember the voting irregularities in Pennsylvania.

It would be a relief that Pence would not be president, he is as deep in the quicksand as Wigboy, according to the Salon story of Friday, May, 12, 2017.

It almost makes one wonder if Neil Gorsuch (who was installed as an Associate Justice with fewer than the required SIXTY VOTES IN THE SENATE) would be expelled. If so, it would be due to election fraud in Pennsylvania and other irregularities.

Politico speculated weeks prior to the election that hostile poll-watchers would swing Pennsylvania to Trump five weeks prior to the election.

What’s more, Trump told voters that there would be election fraud.

All of this points to Trump and his acts of treason prior to the election.  However, this columnist is livid with the pacifist left because their lack of initiative was also a component in this election.

What were they supposed to do?







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Blackholed Sun Now in the Jesus Christ Pose

Chris Cornell, the lead singer of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, has died at the age of 52, according to the Seattle Times.

Cornell was one of the Seattle performers who, not only made grunge marketable, but also crossed over into heavy metal about the time that Alice In Chains had.

Both Soundgarden and Alice In Chains videos were featured on the long-running MTV show, Headbanger’s Ball in the early 1990’s, and while this columnist was not a fan of Nirvana, he loved material from Soundgarden and AIC.

Very political, Cornell also took part in movements, as he mocked Donald Trump on Trump’s home cyberturf on June 30, 2015, according to Alternative  He also contributed to the soundtrack for the 1992 movie, Singles, and also played a small role in the film.

Cornell was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2011 for Best Original Song, The Keeper, featured in the film, Machine Gun Preacher, according to the Telegraph.  He had concluded performing a show with Soundgarden Wednesday night when he was found on the floor of his hotel room and unresponsive.

MSN reports that Detroit Police are currently investigating Cornell’s death as a suicide.

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So Long, American Gobbells.

The American Goebbels breathed his last and was pulled into the bowels of Gehenna earlier today, according to CNN.

The irony is that Roger Ailes rolled a pair of sevens before Justice pulled the trapdoor on the liar and sent him to Hell.

It’s also interesting that “Hell’s Bells” is playing in my office as of this moment. It’s as if a celebration is in progress. This is Ailes’ audience was the poorly educated, white, religious fools who feared others for whatever excuse they could devise at the particular time.

The reason why May 18, 2017 is a day to celebration in the world of politics is because Ailes’ lies affected the outcome of the November 2016 election.  What should have been a double-digit landslide in 2016 became close enough for the Russians to help Trump steal the White House from the Democrats-at the cost of our democracy.

This columnist only mourns the loss of human beings who tried to make Earth a better place to live for the least in any society.  However, Roger Ailes was no human being.  He was a liar from the beginning and the editor thereof.

So long, American Goebbells.

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What a difference a few hours made!

Impeachment of the American Hitler became a possibility before midnight last night. However, it’s becoming more of a certainty today-the CEOs haven’t even set up today’s nooners yet!

“The danger he faces is his own party, with a growing chorus of leading Republicans who want to distance themselves from Trump because he has the smell of a wounded animal,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian.

The article from the New York Times, written by Marc Fisher quoted Brinkley as stating that Trump’s greatest vulnerability comes from those within his own party who want to run away, “…because he has the smell of a wounded animal.”

These Judases must have forgotten any sense of honor that they might have had at one point in their pathetic lives, as even this columnist knows a soldier remains with his buddies until the end.

These little shits are just out for themselves.

Could it be that they are waiting for Trump to fall so that Ayatollah Mike Pence might turn America into a theocracy?

This is level of speculation might be a stretch for some, but it would also make sense when you consider what Pence did in Indiana.

Pence attacked the religious freedoms of others and he also deprived Indianans in the LGBTQ community of their civil rights.

Even Melania isn’t completely stupid, so why are there still lifeboats on the Trumptanic?

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Does Anyone Care About A Traitor’s Vulnerabilities?

One knows that there’s a problem in the bunker when Paul Ryan commented the suspicion that Putin pays Trump.

While Melania stays away from her Adolf in New York City, Wigboy might be forced to do something he’s probably never had to do before: stand on his own.

It all depends on whom you consult.

Time published earlier this evening that doubts continue to swell among Republicans in Washington, D.C. while the Trump regime falls from one scandal to the next so frequently that one can practically set their Rolex as to when the next one is going to hit the news.

The Time report cited Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), calling the Republicans, going by HIS word, “distraught.”

What other conclusion would one draw when The Hill report, which ran at 10:21 Eastern Daylight Time, stated that Jason Amash (R-Michigan) agreed Trump’s heat on James Comey would be grounds for impeachment if proven accurate?

Well, The Hill reported this evening at 11:14 Eastern Daylight Time that Trump is falling apart, according to co-writer, Tony Schwartz.

Schwartz made this statement on CNN 360,  Wednesday night.

Does anyone really care about this asshole’s self-esteem right now?  Remember that this is the same Donald Trump who made fun of someone with a developmental disability, so why should anyone give half a fuck about his vulnerabilities?

Traitors go down hard.

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Another Phony Apology From A Right-Wing Bigot

(Note: This is an article which I just found and didn’t realise that I published it PRIVATELY!  This article was originally written on March 29, 2016.

Randy Weaver (R-Texas) demonstrated that neither his state nor his political party has shown any progress with regard to their position on tolerance and inclusion.  In fact, Weaver demonstrated that his party is going backwards-and fast.


Weaver’s public “apology” for his Tweet of January 13, 2016 regarding President Obama;


“Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn’t do it for right reasons.”


— Randy Weber (@TXRandy14) January 13, 2015


These traitors always make phony apologies after they have shown the world what they are: bigots.

I’ve never met a Republican who cares about Americans-and you can’t love this country if you deprive Americans of their civil rights. That being said, only liberals care about Americans.

Another right-winger will soon make another bigoted statement about someone’s attributes very soon, as this is the now the established pattern with right-wingers-and it’s nothing new.  Just look at this quote from 1984!

“The San Francisco Democrats always want to blame America first.”

Fine, don’t believe me.  Here’s the clip!
17:32 the sentences five democrats they didn’t blame soviet intransigence 17:36 they blame the united states 17:40 always blame America 17:56 cystic traders shoot their way into power in central America 18:01 the San Francisco democrats don’t blame the guerrillas in their soviet allies 18:07 they blame united states policies of one hundred years ago 18:12 but then they always blame America

The Party of Reagan made the working class voter paranoid while throwing people who needed help into the streets without any support, so of course liberals are going to blame conservatives in the United States-the very group of hypocrites who want to cut social programs, if not eliminate them altogether!


Weaver said it, so let’s lock him up and melt the key in front of his face for civil rights violations.

Oh, so right-wingers now want to reply with nonsense like accepting forgiveness or that Weber should be allowed his day in court.

Well, let me ask you this.

Did Michael Brown (who PAID for those cigars) ever get his day in court, or was he simply executed without trial by a white supremacist?

Why was Michael Brown allowed to lay and bleed to death while the cops did NOTHING?

Those on the right make the bigoted statement and then issue a phony apology on a regular basis, and I just love how these anti-choice hypocrites make statements like this:

Hardy also said:

Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the bad part yet.

Just look at all the murders committed by cops against Americans with disabilities. So, we all know what the ‘Party of Life’ and the ‘Party of Lincoln’ is all about: pure bigotry.

Say what you want about the Democrats, but that was 150 years ago.  The Republicans are worse now than the Democrats ever were during that period, as modern-day Republicans would never have taken control of the Arkansas National Guard as President Eisenhower had done.

Right-wingers should thank God that I’m not the President of the United States because I would throw this bigot in federal prison if I were in the White House-and we don’t need to waste tax dollars on a trial. Texas Congressman Weaver Compares President Obama To Hitler



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