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I Will Miss My Friend


This is my friend whom I will love and miss forever, thanks to a bigotted white neighbor who called traumatic brain injury an excuse for the poor behavior I exhibited while I lost my temper during the course of looking for my glasses-and he called it an excuse.

I asked him how much he knew about traumatic brain injuries.  Once he called the condition an excuse, I cursed his children with it.


Sarah Good was sentenced to death by Revered Nicolas Noyas for practicing witchcraft-which was bullshit, of course.



And that’s exactly what happened.  He choked on his blood.



I Don’t Care Anymore Lyrics and Music by Jim Rousch-thrash metal

I am currently writing the music for this tune; played in thrash timing.

1)      I don’t care ‘bout the ‘merican flag.

You don’t buy the cars anymore.
I don’t care ‘bout the bitch who’s just in drag.

We all know all know she’s just a whore.

I only feel for the girl who died in camp;

Her last breath pled for thirst.
Harley and Carrier left the greatest place on Earth

Because you voted for the worst.


2)      I don’t care ‘bout the farmers in the drought.

They were expendable hicks from the start.
Just like you don’t care about a rape victim-

That’s because you have no fucking heart!
To you fundies she’s so dirty,
She’s just another whore,
To me, she is my sister, my wife, my niece
Or more.



Do you know why I don’t care about you?

You never cared about us.

You looked at us anti-USA

‘Cause we wouldn’t ride on your bus.

3)  Nixon and Reagan, Bush and Bush and Trump
Down the sewers we go.

Don’t expect an effort from anyone like us.
We wanted to work, you said no.


Metalflame Publishing © 2019


Through Time






Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Me, and my 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix across the street


 Jesus Christ

 My buddy.  I will miss him.


  You can’t have her.



Getting the Fuck Out of Here





by Jim Rousch

If anyone had told me that I would be moving to the Southern part of the United States, I would fit

them for a straight jacket.   However, that’s exactly where I’m going.

After what has happened to me in the last year, it’s clear that I cannot live in Colorado anymore.  And while I’d LOVE to go back to Los Angeles, I simply haven’t the money to live there.  Where am I going?  Hold on to your grandma’s piss.

I know, huh?  Me,  the Union flagwaver, the  staunch Democrat.

Let me tell you what the final straw was.  My neighbor could very well be an Iraq War idiot, because he became very angry when I mentioned about how stupid the war was and how only an idiot went off to fight in it.

That’s when he became aggressive with me, because I told him that children with traumatic brain injuries were of higher priority than an idiot who drove over a fucking bomb.

Now, I’ve struggled with traumatic brain injury since 1971, and I don’t have a lot of patience when I can’t find something.  Yes, I yell-not intentionally-but it seems to him that it’s okay for a soldier to lose it and not a real human being.    What he didn’t like was my screaming late at night-which is fair enough, since he has kids.  However, it’s harder for someone who has traumatic brain injury to maintain self-control, as you read earlier, so that they don’t start screaming.  This is because they panic.  Oh, I also told him that any veteran after the Korean War…..can go fuck himself.

Sorry, but there’s a price for telling me to leave the country after I tell you that the Iraq War is wrong and your broken condom should have gone to either Canada or Mexico
So, I’m moving to Mississippi, where the land is cheap and where I’ll marry my woman-and it get’s even better.  I won’t mention it now, but this might seem kick ass when it’s all done.

Fuck Iraq vets, okay?


However, it’s harder for someone who has traumatic brain injury to

maintain self-control so that they don’t screaming while they look for a pair of glasses.






To be honest, I don’t give a flying fuck what Iraq “veterans” think because the Iraq War was illegal under the UN charter, there were no weapons of mass destruction, and American soldiers committed a lot of war crimes over there.

So, I annoy my neighbor every morning before I leave because I know what the noise laws and I’m a total dick when pushed.

Just wait until Friday.




The Father Has No Balls


“Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crows, thou shalt deny me thrice.

Peter swore he wouldn’t do it, and yet he did.

Every time you Christians vote Republican, you vote for a political party that takes out of the hungry mouths whom you wanted to see born.  You want the death penalty for rape victims for opt for the death penalty, but you also want to get rid of free lunches and Head Start.

Doesn’t that actually make you a bigger sinner than Judas Iscariot?  I mean, all he did was help himself to the moneybag and betray Christ to the Sanhedrin.  However, he was later filled with remorse, and the religious authorities could care less about his feelings.

I’m a bastard.  I’m a motherfucker-and I’m proud of what I am.  I shout it out loud and I praise to the Almighty with outstretched wings that I have the longest dick in the gym.  Well, guitar players and agents for social change through other means rather than the pussy way (voting) tend to.

I’ve dared Him to strike me down as He did Ananais Sapphira, and I’m still here-when I should be dust.

God won’t kill me.  He’s afraid to kill me.  He knows that by killing me, I expose Him for hating the disabled:

Exodus 4:11

Then the Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the Lord?

That, my friends, is a prick and an insecure suka Who should be sodomized with a lead pipe all the livelong day.

What’s a suka, you ask?   Nothing, just the Russian word for BITCH!

God has murdered other social agents for change, so why are other of us still around-especially since we don’t believe in peace?

Dodge for 1970-the Year I Was Born Dodge for 1970-the year I was born.

We Hate These Fuckers





There it is.  As the recent poll demonstrates, we hate this son of a whore.

He’s a terrorist, a criminal against humanity, a traitor, and an enemy of the People.

He has wrecked the American economy, destroyed America’s reputation more than George W. Bush ever did, and has sent Harley-Davidson and Carrier out of the country.

It’s safe to say that Donald Trump is a piece of shit who has no business being in the White House, if you’ll excuse the old expression.  However, as bad as Trump is, Pence is the Ayatollah Khomeini in drag.

My apologies to my friends in the LGBTQ community, because  so adamant about putting your lifestyle underground (in a sense) that we all know he’s gay.

Pence Gay(1)


Look, I really don’t care one way or another-until someone like Pence goes on a moral crusade.  That’s when we have a problem.

It’s known that homosexuality has been found in thousands of mammals, so it’s really no big deal.  The big deal is that we have a hypocrite who bashes everyone and it turns out that he’s one of the group-kind of like J. Edgar Hoover and his red dress.

One is born with their sexual orientation, but they have no right to condemn others of the same.

George Washington Seemed To Lack Self-Esteem, Too


Can you imagine how terrified George Washington was?  It’s not that he stepped forward-it’s that the others stepped back.

It was John Adams who wrote in his diary:

“I had no hesitation to declare that I had but one gentleman in my mind for that important command and that was a gentleman from Virginia, who was among us and very well known to all of us; a gentleman, whose skill and experience as an officer, whose independent fortune, great talents and excellent universal character would command the approbation of all America, and unite the cordial exertions of all the colonies better than any other person in the Union.”

Washington had proven himself in the Seven Years War (or French and Indian War, depending on what continent you live on), but he just wanted to be left alone at this point.  He went to Boston as a citizen, but he had no idea that this was going to happen.

I know what went through his mind: “I’m gonna get you for this, Adams!  I’m really gonna get you for this!”

It’s like one of those days when you wish you were too sick to go to school.

As a general, he didn’t win many battles, but he fought on the battlefield in each one, as he took it upon himself to bear as much of the burden as he expected his men to carry.  Washington was usually in retreat mode, but after Benjamin Franklin got help from France, he felt more assured and he finally cornered Lord Cornwallis in Yorktown, Virginia on October 18, 1781.

Surrender of Lord Cornwallis.jpg   We can discuss how he became president (another job he didn’t want), but we’ll save that for another time.
The point is that even George Washington seemed to struggle with his self-esteem.

Think about it.

He didn’t want to be the one in control of the entire American Army and the last thing he wanted was to be President of the United States.  In fact, ‘So help me, God’ wasn’t even written in the oath which Washington took in 1789.  George Washington was terrified about the duties which had been entrusted to him-and he knew the Europeans were watching.

“Hey, George!  We’ll put you on the dollar bill if you do it!”

Image result for george washington 1 dollar bill

He did it better than anyone thought he would and called it quits after two terms.  Guess who was next?

John Adams.

Remember how you read that George Washington was going to get Adams for making him Supreme Commander of the American Army?   Well, maybe he did.

The Traitor Will Fall-And That’s Before The UN Convicts Him For Crimes Against Humanity!

Trump Violationsext (1)


And this is before the United Nations gets a hold of him, too-for crimes against humanity.

As for all of the Trump cultists, they will be remembered the same as those who followed Adolf Hitler, because Angela Merkel of Germany warned us that Trump would be another Hitler.  Donald Trump doing exactly as Hitler did by separating families, creating camps, and killing people-or did you forget this?

Na, Americans are idiots who never paid any attention in history class, so fuck ’em.

Did you forget this?Guatamalan Caals-mother1-e1546118093123. TRUMPCAMPjpg

Jakelin Caal Maquin’s mother at her daughter’s funeral.  Jakelin was murdered while in American custody, courtesy of Donald Trump.

Speaking only for myself, I really don’t care about America’s fate or her standing in the world anymore, because there were enough Americans who cast their ballots in favor of Trump to allow these crimes to happen.

By the way, anyone who doesn’t buy American, as I do, has nothing to say.

Why do I buy American?  I suppose it’s because I still vainly hope for the ideal-although I realize that it’s never going to happen, and that’s because the people who claim to believe that ‘all men are created equal’ violate human rights without fear of retribution.  They voted for a dictator who sports a wig.   They take no responsibility for either one.

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