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Aerosmith is PISSED at Trump





Aerosmith is pissed at Trump, according to CNN.

The band published a cease and desist letter to Trump which demanded that Trump stop playing their material at his rallies.

Trump has pulled this off before back in 2015, when he played Dream On, according to Yahoo News on Wednesday.

This all happened on the same day that Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to eight criminal counts in federal court on Tuesday, including campaign finance violations related to payments made to women who claim to have had affairs with Trump, so it’s probably safe to figure that he will work in Robert Mueller in exchange for a lighter sentence.

The point is that Aerosmith has never been a corporate band, and Donald Trump is about as much as a corporate cockswallower as they cum (no pun intended).

You almost wonder how many other bands are going to sue this punk, because he’s not going to have any money left at the rate he’s going.

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Nikki Haley, Prostitute




American ambassador, Nikki Haley, condemned the United Nations’ report on poverty in the United States Monday, according to The Guardian.  This is a bit hypocritical, especially since she announced America’s departure from UN’s human rights council.

Americans have never really believed in human rights, as Americans have engaged in slavery and genocide over the past two centuries.  So, who are Americans to whine about human rights-especially when conservatives in the United States say that waterboarding isn’t torture?

Let’s take a look at our human rights record, shall we?

Genocide of Native Americans
Jim Crow Laws
Plessy v. Ferguson (separate, but equal)
Displacement of Japanese Americans during World War II
My Lai, 1968
Forced sterilization of people with developmental disabilities and mental illness
Iraq War

It doesn’t look good for the United States of America, does it?

Americans have always been hypocritical about the concept of human rights, but Donald Trump is brazen in this outright hypocrisy.  He doesn’t even hide it.

Look at the way children were ripped their parents just days ago-including a child with a developmental disability.

Had I seen that I would have torn the bastard’s tongue right out of his fucking God damn head for mocking that poor little girl.

Remember that the Republican Party is supposed to uphold Christian virtue-as if Christianity had any virtue to uphold in the first place.

Does it not state in their Bible that we are to welcome the immigrant among us?  And if so, does the Bible make any distinction between legal and supposedly illegal?

New International Version “Do not oppress a foreigner; you yourselves know how it feels to be foreigners, because you were foreigners in Egypt.”


You’ve read it from me before, and I’ll reiterate the point, American Christians are going to burn in Hell for misery they have wrought upon the most vulnerable.

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How Can American Liberals Let Trump Destroy This Country and Our World?





I was at the gym resuming my physical rehabilitation from my injuries today when I saw Adolf Trump on one of the idiot boxes, so I moved, as I find him to be so repulsive to the American way that I could not lay my eyes on the son of a bitch without the thought of turning to ash.

I moved to another area, where I watched the Williams sisters fight it out in the Wimbledon women’s final.

I hated to see that, but to lay my eyes on Adolf Trump made me want to vomit into the mouth of a corpse at a morgue.

It always does, and I’m not kidding.

I know what many of you around the rest of the world are thinking; that why don’t I do something about it if Trump sickens me so?  It’s because it takes a multitude of people to embark upon a movement.   The problem is that there are still too many on the left in the United States who believe in the charade of the voting process.

I just vote to shut them up, but when Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election by nearly three million votes, you realize that the process no longer works.

It is said in the United States that one has no right to complain if one does not vote.  Hence, I do so-just to cross it off the list.  The problem is that the American left has become so pansified that, aside from the career politicians in the Democratic Party (and I do believe that politics should be a career which lasts a lifetime), no one really knows what the hell they’re doing.

I have no interest in changing people’s minds, as amature Democrats speak of doing.  I like to fight.  I like to hurt the enemy where they breathe.   It’s fun to watch their faces break while I mock the death of their stupid military brat who didn’t pay attention to a road in Iraq.

Hey, I was told to leave America because I opposed the Iraq War, so I could care less about the flagboys who returned in boxes and the crippled who paid no attention to the road.  And I really am sick of hearing all the sob stories about jackasses who now suffer from traumatic brain injury because of that war, as their parents are the same bastards who assumed that I was a drug addict and called my traumatic brain injury which I received via meningitis during my infancy to be a liberal excuse.

For example, I have no qualms about mocking a war criminal who fought in Iraq under the American flag when real Americans with developmental disabilities need funding for job training programs.

I have no respect for today’s American soldier, as he is a cold-blooded killer, a rapist, and a thief.  He is not worthy of the same honor that American World War II veterans still deserve.   The pussies in local American liberal circlejerks tell me that these ‘poor kids’ join the military because it’s the only way they can get into college.

That’s bullcrap.

I have a college degree, and I was smart enough not to join the United States Terrorist Forces.

It would be nice if the American liberals who hate Trump as much as yours truly would join me, but they don’t want to admit that the philosophy which they have held their entire lives has been a dismal failure.

It’s time to give civil war a chance, as peace and the tainted electoral process (where ballots can now be found in closets and on American streets instead of at the registrar) failed.

Hey, right-winger, Pat Buchanan (who was part of Richard Nixon’s Administration also suggested civil war, so you have nothing on me.

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Heaven and Hell




Someone in a Facebook discussion stated: “I don’t believe in heaven or hell.

But damn. If there is a heaven, dogs should take precedence.”

Well, if there’s no Hell, I’d like to know where Adolf Hitler is for genocide and I’d also like to know where Donald Trump is headed since he likes to make fun of people with disabilities:

Of course, there’s a Hell.  We’re all evil in one sense or another, as the human being is a prick by his very nature.

However, those who make fun or victimize those born with disabilities are the lowest of human excrement, and their Bible warns them what will happen to them, and the best example of this can be found in Matthew 25:42-46….just see above, as his attitude against the poor and his attitude against the disabled continues to worsen with every day he remains in office.

In fact, anyone who denies the disabled justice will burn like an American flag in Eternity-just look at the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man in Luke 16:19-31.

The funny thing is that all of these people who oppose a rape victim’s right to choose think they are going to Heaven because they truly believe that they saved one life (while ruining another).  This is especially funny since Republicans in Illinois tried to pass a bill which would have made it impossible for a single mother to apply for aid if she could not identify the father of her child.

Now, let’s suppose that the father of her child just happened to be her own father.

It’s quite possible that Christ is disgusted by this behavior, which is being done in His Name, but it’s hard to say for sure.

However, with regard to people with disabilities, remember that the Republican Party has cut services for the disabled since Wigboy weaseled his way into the White House, and they are the ones who want to force everyone to pray in public schools again.

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Telling Off the Facebook “Left” For Its Cowardice Against Trump-In Case This Actually IS The Beginning of World War III





IF what I saw on the Daily Mail’s teletype is as bad as it seems, I submitted the following against the “Facebook left” for letting Donald Trump take over the country after Hillary Clinton actually won the 2016 election:


The Trump Budget’s Attack on People with Disabilities

You have your priorities wrong.

Close down the VA and take that money to help developmentally disabled children.

I know we’re probably about to go to war, but you didn’t fight back and these clowns who fell for the military deserve whatever they get, as they voted for Trump.

Just look up the statistics.

Unless you served in World War II or Korea, you’re your family’s problem, don’t respond.

Local activists didn’t do anything to stop this criminal after the election was stolen.



You have your priorities wrong.

Close down the VA and take that money to help developmentally disabled children.

I know we are  probably about to go to war, but you didn’t fight back after the election and these clowns who fell for the military deserve whatever they get, as they voted for Trump.

Just look up the statistics.

Unless you served in World War II or Korea, you’re your family’s problem, don’t respond.

Local activists didn’t do anything to stop this criminal after the election was stolen.


What’s even more sickening is that there were Middle Easterners on the Daily Mail feed actually cheering at the possibility that this could be the start of World War III.

Then again, there are fundamentalist Christians in this country who hope the same thing-because they believe Jesus will end it all.

I know the Bible, so I know this isn’t Armageddon.   What this is is Donald Trump’s attempt to legitimize himself and a desperate attempt to stay in power-after all, he did hint at a war.


Good going, American Hippie pussies!

Continue reading Telling Off the Facebook “Left” For Its Cowardice Against Trump-In Case This Actually IS The Beginning of World War III

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America is At War With Itself, and It’s Time For The United Nations To Step In










The Facebook left just won’t budge, and it’s hard to say when they are going to be tired of American police crippling and murdering innocent people.

It’s safe to state that the United Nations needs to get in here and take control, because Donald Trump wants a racial holocaust, as he has done nothing to stop the murders of innocent people by American cops.  What’s worse is the fact that the American left on social media just wants to sing John Lennon songs.

What is truly most sickening is that this writer feels all alone here, but this writer would be considered crazy if he retaliated on his own.  Hence, he must sadly wait until other liberals behave more like the French leftists of the 1790’s and the Russian leftists of 1917-1918, because American liberals have demonstrated through their lack of retaliation that they approve of being murdered by police without cause.

This columnist, however, tells the police to fuck off and go find a doughnut shop after he flashes this:

ACLU card_o

It’s then that the cowards always leave me alone.

While American police have been engaged in criminal behavior for decades, it is now during Donald Trump’s reign of terror that police don’t hide their hatred of our Constitution anymore, as what you just saw was assault with a deadly weapon by a police officer  who cannot say he feared for his life.

If the American left refuses to rise, this columnist believes that it is time for the United Nations to step in and take care of the situation.

This columnist believes that it is time for the United Nations to step in and take care of the situation if the American left refuses to rise as any other left-wing organization has risen in the centuries prior.


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I run this freakshow all by myself for several reasons.

First, I don’t have the money to pay others.

Second, I’ve never been known to be a team player, and the reason for that is because I remember that everyone else on my team got the same grade that I got because I was the only who did the assignment.

Third, no one is going to argue with me about philosophy.  If you want to argue about that crap, go work for some other far left-wing publication, because I refuse to deal with Sandernista crap.

Lastly, I know what I want.

There is, however, a certain problem which comes up with me, and I don’t know why that is.  It could be that my brain moves too fast, or it could be that I’m just as “abbynormal” as any other columnist.

I don’t compromise-and I refuse to…especially now.

Donald Trump can come and get me if he thinks he’s a big bad son of a bitch.  However, we know that he isn’t, because he hasn’t even arrested President Hillary Clinton nor has he repealed Obamacare-like he promised that he would, so fuck him and his slutty wife, Melania, too.

On the other hand, I’ll pass.  I’ve already got a fiancee-and, unlike Donny, I’m loyal to my woman.

You see, I didn’t come from privilege like he did.  I came from the damn street.  I lived near an alley.  I heard gunshots every night.  People were found in trashcans.

Welcome to real life, Donald Trump, you bastard!  You and your whore for a wife can come get me, Donny-anytime and anywhere.

Then again, I think Vlad’s already got you.  Maybe that’s why you’re so silent on a lot of things these days.  And with those grimaces you’ve been making lately, it’s pretty safe to guess what’s been going on-just don’t put us in the middle of it.

Anyway, this is exactly why I do things all by myself.

Oh, sure.  Others have asked to join me-and I’ve actually thought about it.  However, like you read earlier, I just don’t have the capital, nor do I care to get into personality conflicts or political squabbles on here.

That’s why I don’t enjoy going on Facebook as much as I once did-which is a real shame.  I can’t stand arguing with my own people.  However, they do it to themselves by acting like cowards and by letting this little twerp scare them.

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Old People in America-Fuck ‘Em



photos by Jim Rousch

Democrats in Douglas County, Colorado held caucus on Sunday, and as the reader can see, the reader can see what Democrats stand for, as well as a living wage and Social Security-even though the ungrateful senior voters who have voted Republican since 1968 don’t deserve a dime of it.

After all, it was the baby boom generation who voted for Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes, and Trump.  Furthermore, it has been Generation X and the Millennials who have voted Democratic, so it’s not like the American baby boomers have done us any favors.

What the Democratic Party bestows upon today’s seniors is called undeserved kindness, yet the  baby boomers vote Republican anyway.

Not only did they vote Republican, but they approved of Reagan’s cuts in social programs-which led to substandard public schools and rampant homeless across the United States.

Our infrastructure began to fall apart, yet Reagan refused to reinvest its maintenance-just like the Republicans of today.

Generation X became the first latch key generation, meaning that neither parent was home after school-and juvenile crime increased.  The National Academies Press states that this only became a concern beginning in the mid-1980s.

So, what do we do about this?

This writer suggests we treat the baby boomers with as little respect as possible, because they are the laziest generation in American history, as the June 2, 2016 article from The Week confirmed: “The Boomers were born into prosperity. And they have viewed it as their right ever since.”  (source:

Whatever happens to them in the end happens to them in the end-and it will only be their own fault.  This is especially since they lost Meals on Wheels.  One should see the humor in this irony, because they re-elected a joke of a president who caused the homeless population to skyrocket during that decade.  Furthermore, after the way they treated us in the 1980’s (giving us stuff instead of their time), what are we supposed to do-CARE?
What goes around comes around-especially for those who voted for Nixon, Ford, Reagan, both Bushes, and Trump. Yeah, I’d say that anyone who has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1968 has a bit of a problem that they never anticipated.

Baby boomers who watch “The Breakfast Club” (1985) and who voted for the above will see their future.  It’s not looking good for them-especially since they are working longer than did their parents…who usually voted Democratic.

Just remember that American parents of that the 1980’s insisted that child abuse was a myth.

Cold night, huh?


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Sandernistas Still Seek To Divide The Democrats So Republicans Can Destroy America




The Facebook left still doesn’t get what’s wrong.

They continue in their attempt to hold the Democratic Party hostage in the name of their false idol, Bernie Sanders.  However, it is rather they who are even more dangerous than Donald Trump.

This is because they continue to arrest Democratic power and make it more difficult for the true left to destroy Donald Trump.

The reason they do this, of course, is because they want the Democratic Party to give in to their demands.  What’s ironic is that Berniecrats are so stupid that they have no idea the Democratic Party supports a living wage, the public option, alternative energy, and rebuilding our national infrastructure.

Why has that been impossible-even after eight years of Barack Obama?

Sixty votes override a filibuster in the United States Senate-which is what most of these Hippies never understood.

Jim Rousch Anyone who STILL worships the ground Bernie Sanders pollutes is no Democrat.…/ed1be26c-2bfe-11e5……/Sanders-Nuclear-Waste…/


Now, get out of my party. You are no Democrat. Anyone who is still with Bernie Sanders is a Trump tool.

Image may contain: 1 person, screen


Page Worthington Jim Rousch troll.


Jim Rousch Is that the best you can do?



Jim Rousch Page Worthington Anyone who continues to support Bernie Sanders is a troll.



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It is clear that the Democratic Party needs to squash all independent obstructionists if this nation is to be saved from a repeat of 2008.   You did know Bill Gates predicted a repeat of 2008, right?


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