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I Will Miss My Friend


This is my friend whom I will love and miss forever, thanks to a bigotted white neighbor who called traumatic brain injury an excuse for the poor behavior I exhibited while I lost my temper during the course of looking for my glasses-and he called it an excuse.

I asked him how much he knew about traumatic brain injuries.  Once he called the condition an excuse, I cursed his children with it.


Sarah Good was sentenced to death by Revered Nicolas Noyas for practicing witchcraft-which was bullshit, of course.



And that’s exactly what happened.  He choked on his blood.



There’s Plenty To Do

I love how Americans say that there’s nothing to do in their respective communities.

Maybe they would see things a little differently  if they took that doughnut out of their respective mouths and walked outside their respective doors.

The abused kids who become violent.

The kids with disabilities who have no friends.

Do Americans really care about them?

I highly doubt it, but the thought of it would be nice.  The only thing these hypocrites pretend to care about is that they get born.

The conservative doesn’t care about proper care after birth, just as long as it’s born.  I advocate for the friendship of these kids before they grow up and do something because they figure they have nothing to lose.


Don’t mind my degree in Psychology.


This is the same brainwashed crowd that tells me to love or to leave America.  Whatever.  I don’t have time for time to deal with their nonsense.

There’s a nation to be redeemed-in spite of itself and its evil history of slavery and genocide, which continues in the dictatorship that so many have no idea they voluntarily voted for.


You know what’s going to happen next?


They’ll be coming for the intellectuals.  Come on!  We all know the cycle here.


They’ll get the intellectuals so that the dummies who voted their freedom away will never see it again in their own lifetimes.


Why redeem this teenaged nation, so far as history goes?

You had teenagers once.  They turned out okay, didn’t they?

Oh.  Tell me you did wrong.




Racism, or Just the South Being Itself: STUPID?





Let me see if I get this straight.  Some white  guy shoots a black pregnant woman in Alabama, and she gets arrested while the white guy who shot her goes free?

Purely economic and racial, because the victim is black and the shooter is white in a Southern state, but this is why the United Nations needs to intervene now, as the United States has no sense of justice anymore.


Look at who is in the Oval Office: a sex offender and a weirdo Boy Scout.


How does that that song from the previous Metallica album go?  That’s kinda how it feels.

All Pigs Are Pigs No Matter Where





The British don’t fuck around when it comes to the police.  While America gives a free pass to pigs who abuse their power, Britain swings the hammer down and lets these pieces of shit know that the British legal system will treat them the same way when they fuck up, just as anyone else.

The Daily Mail reported Thursday the 23rd that Lee Martin-Cramp is facing life in prison after he spiked an American woman’s drink and violently raped her.  To make matters worse, the girl was a devout Christian and was a virgin.  She repeatedly screamed “No!  No!”  No!”

Where was God?  Why didn’t He protect her?

Since the pig spiked her drink, she had to ask him if they actually did have sex, because she remembered screaming “No!  No!  No!”

In the morning she saw blood on the sheets, and she asked if they had sex.   When the student mentioned about her V-card, the pig replied that he couldn’t give it back.

This son of a bitch should be shot in the balls.  Hell, I’d do it myself-with great pleasure.  It would be wonderful to shoot the balls off a pig so that he could never rape another woman ever again. because a woman’s virginity is to be treasured and respected.  Even if she’s a retrovirgin, a real man does spiritual best to respect her womanhood, because she is a treasure….not a prize, asshole.

A woman would know, I’m sure.  I’m not going to get into specifics for any virgins who might be reading this.  However, any man who real man who has sex with a virgin should at least TRY to:
Shooting the balls off of pig is not a crime, but a pig raping a woman is.  Remember that a police officer is not a human being.  He is nothing more than a domestic terrorist to be crippled by the population whom he terrorizes.

Hey, I’ve had pigs in my own family.  One is gone and the other who pretends to be a Christian never talks to me, so there you  go.  He’s actually retired now and drives a school bus.

Again, I reiterate that shooting the balls off of pig is not a crime, but a pig raping a woman is.
1) Talk her out of it the best he can (while he’s fighting his own urges)
2) Should that fail, you broke it, you do your best to marry her.

Now, I did do that-and she chose continuing her six-year degree over marriage-which we had planned on, but we went our separate ways and I was back to methods of self-destruction within a matter of days.   That’s when I started becoming so self-destructive that you could have compared me to Lemmy Kilimister, or Sam Kinison-because I could drink almost anyone-and then I drove home.

Those days are over for me now.

Cops Hate The Developmentally Disabled-Enough To SHOOT US DEAD.

The posts you are about to read will offend anyone who has a child with a developmental disability.  As for pigs, I don’t view cops as human beings, so anything I write as an American citizen is okay.

We all know how cops hate the First Amendment and we know that the vast majority of them make fun of people with disabilities-but very few do not.  It’s kind of like finding a Christian with a heart.  I just happened to have come across this conversation on Facebook today, despite the fact that Police Live Matter on Facebook displayed this back in December.

How about this idiot…. 5 bucks says when someone is breaking into his home, he still calls 911…

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing




How about this idiot…. 5 bucks says when someone is breaking into his home, he still calls 911…

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing
Write a comment…
    • Police Lives Matter He’s got a touch of ‘tard in his face…lol!
      • Jim Rousch You like to make fun of the developmentally disabled. That’s why those who obey the law don’t like you.
      • Jim Rousch I don’t like people who make fun of the developmentally disabled.
        No photo description available.

This Is What Brain Damage Sounds Like, Motherfucker!


This is what brain damage sounds like! 

Recorded in 2011 at Guitar Center in Irvine, California.

Demand Pittsburgh Police to Expose Their Coverup

We Hate These Fuckers





There it is.  As the recent poll demonstrates, we hate this son of a whore.

He’s a terrorist, a criminal against humanity, a traitor, and an enemy of the People.

He has wrecked the American economy, destroyed America’s reputation more than George W. Bush ever did, and has sent Harley-Davidson and Carrier out of the country.

It’s safe to say that Donald Trump is a piece of shit who has no business being in the White House, if you’ll excuse the old expression.  However, as bad as Trump is, Pence is the Ayatollah Khomeini in drag.

My apologies to my friends in the LGBTQ community, because  so adamant about putting your lifestyle underground (in a sense) that we all know he’s gay.

Pence Gay(1)


Look, I really don’t care one way or another-until someone like Pence goes on a moral crusade.  That’s when we have a problem.

It’s known that homosexuality has been found in thousands of mammals, so it’s really no big deal.  The big deal is that we have a hypocrite who bashes everyone and it turns out that he’s one of the group-kind of like J. Edgar Hoover and his red dress.

One is born with their sexual orientation, but they have no right to condemn others of the same.

Junior the Pitbull


Junior the Pitbull  Rest In Peace.

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