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Colin Kaepernik Is Protected-And So Is Every Other Player Who Kneels

written by Jim Rousch

TOP photo by Jim Rousch





There are a lot of stupid people in the United States who have absolutely no idea that Colin Kaepernik is protected by the First Amendment.

President of the National Football League, Roger Goodell has no idea that he has isolated himself by opposing the players in this matter, because he worries about losing money.

That is already a given, as there were two huge declines, and few expect this season is going to be much different.

Could it be a growing racial divide that has caused this?

Image result for Police shootings against blacks 2008-2018

The Independent cites moments when President Obama was criticized by whites for fist bumps,  and night he was rudely interrupted by a Republican piece of shit who screamed, “You lie!'” as pertaining to whether or not his healthcare plan would cover “undocumented immigrants”, whatever the hell that means.

That’s why Colin Kaepernik did this in the first place!Image result for colin kaepernick

White people wet their panties over that, but had no trouble with the image of President Obama being hanged!


However, the song I wrote in my heavy metal band over thirty years ago WAS NOT treason because Ronald Reagan traded American arms to Iran for the release of American hostages.  What REAGAN did was TREASON.

Racism will doom this nation, so whites need to knock it off if they love America as much as they claim that they do.  Former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch said, that hate crimes are a stain on America’s soul.

Let me put it to you white sons of bitches this way.  So, you say you love Abraham Lincoln, there’s a little quote made in 1858 in which he expressed his doubts on harmony.  If you revere Abraham Lincoln as much as you claim to, punish pigs who harrass based on race, execute them for their lynchings of the same, and admit that the pigs are always in the wrong whenever they deal with a black man, because American cops support a system that  leaves black men down at the bottom.

Not a God damned thing has changed since the foundation of this country, and anyone who tells me otherwise lies out of his unwiped ass.

Oh, one more thing, you stupid and inbred sons of cousins.  This has happened before.

Jackie Robinson became God.  Colin Kaepernick is next-even if he never plays again.

Hey, Mitch! Don’t Mess With Michelle and I. We’re Going To Starbucks After This!



pexels-photo-260679 “Mitch, Michelle and I are going to Starbucks after this, and I’m in better physical shape than you are.

Just sayin’.”




Fucking Amazing




It’s simply amazing how these Trumpsters continue to stand by him-even though the veteran’s budget is being cut, according Military Times

Here is the part what blows your mind.  Those who support this fascist also support our bloated military budget and question the patriotism of anyone who disagrees.

Of course, those of you in Europe have learned to accept the hypocrisy of some in this country with just a shake of your head and closed eyes.  However, American liberals anger me more than they do-and you already know why that is.  They just like to sit and complain.  I have a plan, and they just don’t want to do it, so I just try to stay out of conversations now, because they still want to love everyone.

We all know that doesn’t work.  Some of these right-wing bastards need a good asskicking for all the lies that they buy.

Here is one example that I had while having an argument.

“Wait, liberals prefer Obama letting them die and his VA hiding the fact?”


Totally not surprised.

However, as you just saw, these cuts happened under George W. Bush and the government shut down we had previously was over……..

Dear people of Europe.  I can’t figure out who is worse, the conservatives who cut budgets or the American “liberals” who are too afraid to fight. It’s really quite the sad case which can only lead to a fabulous disaster.

When you read on this column that the author really doesn’t give a damn about anyone who was stupid enough to ruin America’s reputation by going to Iraq, that’s a document you can frame.  Iraq was not World War II or Korea.

As for my fellows on the left, it seems that they’re just going to have to suffer to the point at which they resort to the natural human response: war.

It’s just fucking amazing

It’s Time For The Lakota To Rise

In defense of their homeland, it is time for the Lakota to rise and take control of what is rightfully theirs.  Company and state regulators closed TransCanada Corporation’s Keystone Pipeline after it hemorrhaged approximately 210,000 gallons of oil in northeastern South Dakota Thursday.

Not only is TransCanada Corporation responsible for this crime against humanity, but the Republican Party shares equally in the guilt, as they supported this slaughter from the outset.

This is what the Lakota knew was going to happen as they protested the company’s construction project from its genesis, but does the white man ever consider the consequences or the condition of the land in which they work?

History will give you the same answer every time-no.

In fact, there should be no pipeline there to begin with, as this is sacred land.

I am usually an advocate for the United States government.  However, not in this case.  The Lakota must rise and take back what is rightfully theirs; the land which we stole from their ancestors and destroy before their children can mature into adulthood.  This is a crime against humanity, and both TransCanada Corporation and American government officials should stand trial at The Hague for this atrocity, although I doubt it will ever happen.

Yes, I call for the Lakota to go to war against the United States government in defense of their homeland.

President Barack Obama rejected the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, prompting House Speaker, Paul Ryan to object.  He further accused President Obama of going against the will of the American people.

The publication’s article from November 6, 2015 quotes Ryan as publicly declaring, “”This decision isn’t surprising, but it is sickening,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

No, it is the children of the Lakota who will be sickened, not Speaker Ryan.  Speaker Ryan should be placed under arrest by the United Nations for supporting this operation, as should every Republican who voted in favor of it-including Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who said that it was only a matter of when it would be constructed, rather than if.

What is it that conservatives tell us every day; that all lives matter?

Here is the proof that said statement is a lie.  This is a crime against humanity, and the United Nations should intervene to solve this problem; not just because a private company destroyed the lives of the Lakota, but because the United States government voted to destroy those lives.   It is almost as if Adolf Hitler moved from Germany to the United States.

Wait a minute….I think he did.

John McCain Saves The Day AGAIN! Why?

This columnist never thought that he would ever type this twice (let alone once), about a Republican, but it’s clear that Senator John McCain of Arizona is truly a hero.

Yes, this is the same columnist who mocked his heroism for being caged for five years, and I will admit to that.  However, one must wonder why he has chosen to save the Affordable Care Act (despite the fan that he’s no fan of it) a second time.

Is it because ABC News reports that 56% of Americans would rather have Obamacare than the current Nazi proposal, which was introduced by Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.)?

Obamacare works fine in blue states, because Democratic governors implement it.  Those who live in red states believe it doesn’t work because they don’t realize that their own stupidity prevents it from working properly whenever they walk into a voting booth-and to Democrats, I say: stop educating those morons.  Let them die, for they are like those who stand on the roof during a storm and refuse to take the boat which would have spared them.

They are the same idiots who we find three miles from the house two days later after they were offered aid during the last storm.

Don’t help anyone who hates President Obama or Hillary Clinton.  Let those fuckers rot-even if they claim to be of the left.  One goes with their strongest weapon and ditches sentimentality.
Hillary Clinton was that weapon, but the pot smokers wanted a selfish old man who has never authored a passing bill throughout his entire political career.

John McCain prided on labeling himself as a Reagan Republican.  However, Reagan would have totally gutted Obamacare, if not repealed it altogether.  One almost must wonder if Johnny McCain is truly a moderate Democrat, because he has opposed a ton of right-wing crap-especially now.

Whatever his reason for this position, I must do what I must do.

Thank you, Senator John McCain.  You have your own reasons for this stand, but I thank you for it.

Let It Be Known

Let it be known that I get really sick of these Berniebots, and I wish other Democrats did, as well.

They accuse of you being a Republican the very minute you disagree with them.  The problem is that they are not grounded in any sense of reality.

There’s no argument that our healthcare system needs to improve, but Americans just simply aren’t ready for the changes that are needed.  They don’t realize that there are already elements of socialism in our economy-elements that they really can’t live without.

Social Security!  Hello!

Medicare!  Duh!

However, Americans hear the term ‘single-payer’ or ‘public option,’ and they just about lose their chocolate pudding in their shorts.  This is why the Democrats have to remain center-left.

Remember when President Bill Clinton tried to get healthcare done back in the 1990s? Remember Harry and Louise?  That derailed the whole fucking thing.  Americans supported the idea-until they saw the Harry and Louis commercial.

So now, the Republicans want to try to derail Obamacare again.

We all know they’re doing this because President Obama is black.  Were it President Clinton, they would have left it alone.  The Republicans simply want the American people to have no memory of the time when we had a two-term black president.

To its credit, the American news media has turned this vote into an episode of As The World Turns, but these Berniebots aren’t helping things.  If anything, it seems quite clear that they are willing to destroy a party which has existed since Thomas Jefferson if they don’t everything they want.

This makes Berniebots worse than Republicans.

It’s time for the Democrats to blacklist every Berniebot who continues to sing Sanders’ praises-especially since Sanders received money from the National Rifle Association in 1990.

Oh, you didn’t know that?

Bernie Sanders took money from the NRA in 1990

Take it easy.

President Obama Didn’t Wiretap The Nazi-Trump’s Just A Lying and Paranoid Sociopath


The Justice Department’s National Security division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have made it official:

Barack Obama did not wiretap Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential cycle. Hence, Donald Trump is either a liar or a paranoid schizophrenic.

Everyone already knows that the bastard is a racist son of whore and we all know that he pushed the birther bullshit.  Worse, he kept it up right on past the 2016 election-and he now wants to erase everything that President Obama did-particularly the Affordable Care  Act.

However, the fact that Trump’s own Justice Department can’t substantiate any of Wigboy’s paranoid claims proves that he is simply a narcissist who is willing to destroy anyone’s legacy-even if it means taking health insurance away from over twenty million people.

Even James Comey said that there was no evidence of any proof that the Obama administration.  This is more a case of the American Fuhrer brainwashing his already Donald Trump KKK mom and dad


stupid voter base.

You know, President Obama really should sue the bastard for defamation of character.  I mean, what’s one more lawsuit?  Everyone wants to at least sue the son of a whore.  I’m sure that you and I will get in line soon enough.  We’ll probably win, too.


Disappointed, But Not Surprised

Kiss is my favorite heavy metal band-and always will be.  However, it’s quite disappointing to hear Gene Simmons’ words about how we feel about this madman who is in the White House.

Personally, I would think that he would be a little wiser, but I won’t go into the particulars.  Even in my disappointment, I will give Simmons credit for the way that he put it; subtly.  In Lincolnian terms, with malice toward none and charity toward all-but I still think he’s wrong on this one.

Simmons and Trump have been friends for a very long time, so it’s natural that Simmons would come to the Donald’s defense.  That’s what friends do.  However, one of the things I loved about Kiss is that they didn’t discuss politics-at least not until sixteen years ago.

Yeah, that changed everything.

At least he did vote for President Obama in 2008, and I know that he did because he admitted to doing so on the radio.  I heard him on KLOS back in the old days.

Do I feel crestfallen?  Sure!  However, I remember what he said in 1987 about hero worship; that it’s a dangerous thing.  Why?  Your heroes might ultimately disappoint you.  This can be found in his section of the Crazy, Crazy Nights tour program from the 1987-1988 tour.

Hence, Gene has disappointed me.  However, we all have family members who voted for this guy, so that’s kind of how I view this predicament.

I’ll still buy Kiss albums whenever they are released (let’s admit that they’re only going to record one or two more), but reading what he said just reminds me how sad reality can be sometimes-especially when you’re referring to a man who has made dreams come true.

Why Is Anyone Surprised-and the NERVE of that Guy!

That little bastard who took a Dodge Charger and ran through people in Virginia today is the typical racist who was influenced by Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric-and yet, Trump condemned the act after all the crap he encouraged last year!

Remember when he encouraged his supporters to take the jackets of Hillary supporters and throw them out into subzero weather?

Or, how about the time he made fun of the reporter who has Parkinson’s Disease?

Donald Trump knows damn well that he created this mess, and the son of a bitch is not going to get away with it.

It’s safe to say that the United States of America is at war with itself again.

On one side, we have people who want to live out their civil rights as the Declaration of Independence and  the Bill of Rights granted us.  On the other side, we have theocratic fascists who want the America where blacks sat at the back of the bus, children with developmental disabilities had no chance, and rape victims were called whores.

It’s bad enough that conservatives blame Black Lives Matter-which is nothing but crap.  It was a white boy in a Dodge who did all the damage.  However, it’s even worse when we have a frozen left, the members of which are too afraid to fight.

This is the tragic result of the non-violent philosophy of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., as peace always leads to failure.  However, the baby boomer generation refuses to admit that they were cowards back in the old days-well, the middle-class whites, anyway.  The blacks and the members of the American Indian Movement know better.  Based on the conversations I’ve had with many black Americans, Malcolm X and Huey Newton told it like it was and proclaimed what needed to be done-which I am still willing to do, even in my compromised state of physique.  Why?  Because I want someone to fight just as hard for my freedom as I would for theirs.

If the New Black Panther Party would allow me the honor, I would gladly fight by their side.  It’s the same with AIM.   I don’t know MEChA’s plans, but I’m also willing to offer my services to them; and that’s whatever any of them might have me do!

This is what you do when freedom is on the line.  You offer whatever is left of yourself to those who need you the most.

You wouldn’t be surprised how many whites were so certain that this whole thing was started by the blacks-and they still blame President Obama.  For what, existing? All the man ever did was rebuild this nation with his own hands in spite of grueling opposition.

I’m sure that the job has taken a few years off of his life, as he had 400 death threats against him from November of 2008 to January 20, 2009.

This must end and it will end.  The only question to be answered is by what means.  Will there be a war (which I would not be surprised we just witnessed the beginning of the same) or will the United Nations be forced to intervene (which I see as a more remote possibility)?

Don’t blame Black Lives Matter for anything that happened in Virginia today.  Confederate monuments need to come down.  It’s hate, not heritage.  Anyone who states otherwise might as well go ahead and raise their right hand.

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