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American Christians Love A Dictator Who Kills Immigrant Children

by Jim Rousch (crucifixion photo shot by Jim Rousch)


So, Evangelicals love Adolf Trump because they believe he is fighting for their way of life-all the while he kills young children in detention centers.

Even their own Bible mentions repeatedly how they are to love aliens (immigrants). Why? Because they were aliens in Egypt.

Donald Trump is a homicidal bigot.  That little girl you see is proof of my testimony, and any religionist will find Himself in Hell for following Trump.

Just read Leviticus 19:34, Deuteronomy 10:19, Deuteronomy 23:7, and Exodus 22:21.

We are to treat immigrants justly and help them.  After all, the Indians helped the Pilgrims-and they had never heard of Jesus Christ.

Again, any Evangelical who believes he is serving Christ is in for a rather smoky surprise when that line at the hospital flattens out.


That’s the price for being a hypocrite.  Remember that these are the very same who called for President Clinton’s removal.  It’s odd how they support the child rapist.

Remember her?  She was thirteen when Donald Trump ruined her life.

Suck on that, Evangelicals.  Your unwavering support for Donald Trump proves that pro wrestling has more credibility than your supposed religion.


Christ wouldn’t vote for Trump, because Trump is a liar, a traitor, a thief, and a killer.


Come to think of it, Jesus Christ wouldn’t vote for anyone.  He wasn’t interested in politics.


Don’t Do Anything Today

Don’t do anything today.

Fuck Trump and his military public jerkoff-especially since his daddy’s money got him out of serving in the military that Donnie claims to love.

Honor those who served during World War II and Korea while they are still here.

The streets of Washington, D.C. will be so fubar by the time this little publicity stunt is over…

I don’t even want to know the final tab by the time it’s over.

Come to think of it, this is our drunken stupor in history.

I mean if Reagan was sleepwalking, Trump is vomiting on the carpet.

Roll him face down, everyone!  Maybe we’ll get lucky.

All I know is that the pricetag increases.

Anyway, don’t do a damn thing.

That is all.

my freedom-20


I Will Miss My Friend


This is my friend whom I will love and miss forever, thanks to a bigotted white neighbor who called traumatic brain injury an excuse for the poor behavior I exhibited while I lost my temper during the course of looking for my glasses-and he called it an excuse.

I asked him how much he knew about traumatic brain injuries.  Once he called the condition an excuse, I cursed his children with it.


Sarah Good was sentenced to death by Revered Nicolas Noyas for practicing witchcraft-which was bullshit, of course.



And that’s exactly what happened.  He choked on his blood.



There’s Plenty To Do

I love how Americans say that there’s nothing to do in their respective communities.

Maybe they would see things a little differently  if they took that doughnut out of their respective mouths and walked outside their respective doors.

The abused kids who become violent.

The kids with disabilities who have no friends.

Do Americans really care about them?

I highly doubt it, but the thought of it would be nice.  The only thing these hypocrites pretend to care about is that they get born.

The conservative doesn’t care about proper care after birth, just as long as it’s born.  I advocate for the friendship of these kids before they grow up and do something because they figure they have nothing to lose.


Don’t mind my degree in Psychology.


This is the same brainwashed crowd that tells me to love or to leave America.  Whatever.  I don’t have time for time to deal with their nonsense.

There’s a nation to be redeemed-in spite of itself and its evil history of slavery and genocide, which continues in the dictatorship that so many have no idea they voluntarily voted for.


You know what’s going to happen next?


They’ll be coming for the intellectuals.  Come on!  We all know the cycle here.


They’ll get the intellectuals so that the dummies who voted their freedom away will never see it again in their own lifetimes.


Why redeem this teenaged nation, so far as history goes?

You had teenagers once.  They turned out okay, didn’t they?

Oh.  Tell me you did wrong.




Military What? 870,000 What? What About Puerto Rico?



The nerve of that idiot.

He wants a military display of force on Independence Day.  Isn’t that what’s done in a  regime rather than a democracy?  Then again, that might be the entire point of this weasel’s pathetic exhibition of military strength.

I’m sorry little boy, but you have to clean up Puerto Rico first.

It’s his fragile ego that the weasel demonstrates, as everyone on the world stage knows how badly he sucks at performing the job he stole from Hillary Clinton.


Why do you think everyone looks at Merkel and why are China and Japan talking?

my freedom-20


Racism, or Just the South Being Itself: STUPID?





Let me see if I get this straight.  Some white  guy shoots a black pregnant woman in Alabama, and she gets arrested while the white guy who shot her goes free?

Purely economic and racial, because the victim is black and the shooter is white in a Southern state, but this is why the United Nations needs to intervene now, as the United States has no sense of justice anymore.


Look at who is in the Oval Office: a sex offender and a weirdo Boy Scout.


How does that that song from the previous Metallica album go?  That’s kinda how it feels.

The Madam President





The Madam President of the United States of what’s left of America-after Trump ruins it.   She is notorious for cleaning Republican disasters.




Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and text

‘Nuff said.

I’m Done With Arrogant Ignorance, So Fuck You.

Done with Arrogant Ignorance
Posted by James Rousch on May 11, 2019 9:52:25 PM
A lot of things have happened since I last had any time to do this.

First, I’m getting married.

The Colorado Campus is closing, so I’m getting out of here. I’d love to move back to Cali, but I can’t afford it-even though I love Governor Newsome. I helped put Jerry Brown in, so who do you think I’m going to put in? I’m for everyone getting an education-whether they want it, or not. There’s simply no excuse for being ignorant, and anyone who believes that there is…well, I’ll leave that to Al Bundy as he shows Kelly’s boyfriends out of the house.  Trust me, the flat earthers are in the same boat with the anti-vaxxers.

They’re killing us.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I simply haven’t the time for arrogant ignorance these days. There’s a difference between not knowing something and staunchly denying proven information, and I’m just done with it. It’s not fair for children who need help because they are the ones who suffer in the forms of long prison sentences and being put to death.








Http://”, 2019)

This article cracks me up because this is the same demographic which highly benefited from the four-year degree more than those who learned a trade decades ago. These people made more money and had more financial freedom and leisure time than the working class did-and now they’re telling us that the college degree isn’t worth it?

Who here would guess as to why that is?

First of all, we have to look at the demographics and second we have to know their philosophies over the course of time. I find it hypocritical and hilarious simultaneously, and I know what their main complaint is-because they’ve admitted it to me.

Does anyone have a guess as to why that is?

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