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Learning Disabled



I am currently working with two children who have special needs.  It’s not easy, but it’s kind of fun, to be honest.

This prepares me for the days when I actually do teach, as it gives me more patience-and I have my own brain issues to work with.

One child is dyslexic and the other child has anxiety issues.  Both are under 12.

Oh, yeah!  I’m studying Education in grad school now, so maybe that might help to paint the picture a little better.

The average American casts children like these into the sea.  But then again, the average American is a dumbass who is too short sighted and selfish to think about the greater good-and the rest of the world has picked up on this.

The older one gets bullied often, so I have to cruise the streets to find this little fucker and give him a warning-just enough to put the fear of God and the devil into his punk ass.  Both have issues with time in the morning, as they fight the inevitable-as any kid would.

This wears on their mother, who is my girlfriend, of course.  However, I have no found myself being the very person whom I despise in many cases, for their sake, as I have had to explain to them what the world will do to them if they are not prepared to take on the world.

Good luck to me, huh?



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I Can’t Believe What Is Happening



I was seven ways to fucked up a few weeks ago as I argued with a woman on Google.

Now, you know me.  Part of me is from the 1950s, and I admit that.  I believe that girls should be ladies and guys are just guys when no good girl gives them a chance; we’ll stick our dicks in any slit we can find-and pray she doesn’t have the jack.  However, it’s different this time.

I went into Google looking for blood-and I got it.  I fought off every feminist in the chatroom.  However, there was this one woman who had a very bad story-and it turned out that she wasn’t bullshitting.

This was bad.

Out of respect for her privacy, I will not go into the complete argument, but let’s just say that I was a complete asshole.  I know what you’re thinking:

When are you not ?

Okay, you may have a point there, but so what?  This is about more than politics.  This is about men and women; relationshits, as I call them (although I’m quite sure that someone coined that term long before I did).

The funny thing is that she informed me that she had been following me on Google for the past three weeks before she decided to take me on.

Long story summarized, I began to fall in love with her the more I learned about her situation.  By the end of the thread, we were about to go out on a date.

Well, we just celebrated our first Valentine’s Day.  She is a beautifully short, blonde-haired and blue-eyed queen standing at 5’2″-and yeah.  Her feet are perfect for me.  I can’t get enough of those little temptresses.

The funny thing is that, while disagreements are part of the game of love, I highly doubt that she and I will ever argue again.  We learned how to hurt each other-and we didn’t particularly care for the results, so we decided to go directly to the middle whenever we disagree on something.

I’m going to marry this 40-year-old Christian MILF (as I call her-and she wasn’t even familiar with the term!) because she (unlike most Christians) tries to live out her faith.  She knows all my shortcomings, yet she doesn’t judge.  This is a damn good woman, and I am going to lay down my life for her.

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Why Are Christians So Eager To Commit Violence When Christ Told Them Not To?




It’s really funny reading all the hateful responses from people who are supposed to be loving to those who doubt, like myself-especially over the issue of patriotism.

Flag burning is legal under the Supreme Court decision, Texas v. Johnson.  However, conservatives just become more violent whenever you mention free speech-and then they use Christ as a human shield-which is really stupid.

Here is the exchange I had with one such conservative tonight:

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    +Jim Rousch If you knew anything about running a nation of what it takes to be a industrial leader and a nation for the people and not a government that is for getting rich like Obama and Hillary did then you may get your head out of your ass and know what you are talking about.You’re just a young punk that doesn’t know shit about what politics and serving the people and instead of illegals and refugees with our tax money.My money is for me and not for people of another country asshole!!!


  • Bill Howard's profile photo
    +Jim Rousch I bet you are from California.


  • Jim Rousch's profile photo
    +Halver Rey Jr. Well, that leaves Trump out. He’s been bankrupt, what? Five times?

    I love you Christian hypocrites; you suck Christ’s dick on Sunday and refuse to be your brother’s keeper the next day.

    None of you are real Americans, and if what I’ve read in Matthew 25:42-46 is true. You’re ALL going to burn like AMERICAN FLAGS in HELL.

    Why? Because being pro-life means you support the idea of what Jesus Christ introduced: FREE HEALTHCARE.

    Most Christians are going to Hell anyway. See the parable of the father who had two sons and the vineyard.

    Bible Gateway passage: Matthew 21:28-32 - New International Version

    Bible Gateway passage: Matthew 21:28-32 – New International Version


  • Halver Rey Jr.'s profile photo
    +Jim Rousch He hasn’t eever been bankrupt and you are the hypocrite to your country and the people that sacrificed their lives to give you the freedom that you have to shoot your ignorant mouth off at and know not a thing of any knowledge of the history of what you are refering to.You are so full of it that you can’t see the truth at all.Who’s your mother? Nancy Pelosi? She has no idea of what’s going on anymore and I am from Maryland and can tell you about her and her family that extorted money from the state through her Father and Brother when they were the Mayor’s of Baltimore in the late 60’s and early 70’s.They extorted money with the Luchessee Crime Family of New Jersey and made $Millions off our state government.Now you know why she went to California to pursue a political career because of what her family did in Maryland.They don’t know anything about her out there,she was 21 years old in 1971 and made off with the riches and never had to worry about money after that.You want to talk about morals and integrity?How about Hillary and taking $6Million from Haiti for the Clinton Foundation to contribute for to get help for themselves and they only got 2% of it back and look what they have now!!!Look at the Uranium 1 deal that Obama and Hillary did in selling the Uraniumm and the Obama Administration along with them made off with $Millions!!!Remember,Hillary was just bankrupt a few years ago and now she has a net worth of $200 Million now!!! How would you like to explain that? How would you like to explain all the killings of everyone that was going to go and report or ever testify against Hillary from Foster up to Seth Rich just last July 2016 that the death toll came to about 30 people.Tell me about integrity and morals of your great Democratic congress that want to help you when all they talk about is getting illegals citizenship and bringing refugees here that are from the Muslim countries that want to do terrorist attacks and kill and takeover our country after all the assistance that we give them and they live off our taxes and collect welfare.You are so stupid and blind to not knowing anything of what is going on in our nation that you can’t get your head out of your ass!!!


  • Jim Rousch's profile photo
  • Jim Rousch's profile photo
    +Halver Rey Jr. Now is that any way for a Christian to address someone? Go read Ephesians 5:1-20 and Proverbs 15:1-and then go get your amygdala checked in the morning.

    You’d better be nice to me, because 2 Peter 3:4 is about to be fulfilled. So, if you will excuse me, I do believe that I have another flag to burn.

    Good night.


  • Jim Rousch's profile photo
    Texas v Johnson. You would be married in prison.


  • Halver Rey Jr.'s profile photo
    +Jim Rousch I am a Christian and have a heart and integrity.I also served this country with the an “Accommodation of Best Service To The Fleet” and saved 8 lives and delivered a baby a baby in the USCG.I have given myself to charities my whole life and also taught Sunday shool 3rd and 7thy grade.I have been a youth counselor also with my youth in my church.In the Bible,it says to judge a person not by what he says he is but by his works.I don’t see what you have ever done to contribute to this world or society but stick your finger in your mouth and be a baby.You sit back and judge me like you sit on a throne,HOW DARE YOU!!!YOU HAVEN’T THE RIGHT OR THE STAND TO MEAT THE MORAL STANDING!!!I KNOW THE BIBLE ALSO PAL AND AND IN NO MOOD TO PUT UP WITH YOU BEING A GOD TO ME!!!there IS ONLY ONE GOD!!!IT’S NOT YOU!!!


  • Jim Rousch's profile photo
    I don’t care about your war crimes.

    Jesus told you not to brag about your good deeds, so all that matters now is that you are a murderer-1 John 3:15.

    I’ll burn the American flag in front of your face and you cannot legally do anything about it. If you so much as even hate me, you are en route to Hell.

    This country has denied me opportunities because of what the meningitis did to me, so I have every right to burn the American flag.

    Now, don’t go John Birch on me. Take your DD-214 and shove it up your ass.


  • Jim Rousch's profile photo
    +Halver Rey Jr. A gentle answer turns away wrath. Proverbs 15:1.

    Fuck you and get your amygdala fixed.


  • Halver Rey Jr.'s profile photo
    +Jim Rousch OHHH you better watch how you talk to me.LMAO!!! What a hypocrite you are.A fox in sheep’s skin.You aren’t fooling me son.I’m a real person in front of my Minister or a Judge and have integrity with either one,why? Both are under the eyes of Jesus Christ our Lord.It doesn’t matter where you go in life,you be true to yourself and others and respect those who respect you as they respect the lives of those that they are countryman with and respect the one’s that have sacrificed their lives for them,but you don’t understand that and don’t care because you are a spoiled brat that his parents raised him with not earning everything and gave it to him.You don’t probably know the value of working for what you have in life and the blood a sweet it takes to be proud of having it,do you.I have a very intelligent mind and full of common sense.You can’t live one without the other,all though some think it is possible,but the are fools.I’m done with you because the foolish thing to do is talk to a mind that is unable to grasp onto knowledge and common sense and be aware of life and be mature.Good Bye.



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    +Halver Rey Jr. Proverbs 15:1.

    Wrong again. I have worked for what little I have. I now have a degree in Psychology and getting a degree in Education. You’re judgmental. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will burn like an American flag in Sheol.

    I’ll bet you don’t even know what that is.

    I can say what I want to you. As a Christian, you are COMMANDED to reply gently.

    As far as working goes, tell me how much the landowner paid the workers who worked one hour?

    Don’t brag.

    I have worked hard all my life, too. You have no right to judge me. I can judge you because you judged me first. Plus, I have had to face discrimination my entire life.

    You would not survive what I have had to survive. You are weak-minded and spoiled.

    As far as those who were in the military, I only respect those who fought in World War II and Korea-because they saved my life and because they are humble about their service to this country.

    You brag about it. You are less than nothing.

    | have no respect for you because you murdered and possibly raped while in uniform.

    Pay attention to the verbiage, son. I wrote POSSIBLY. I didn’t say you DID. American soldiers are known to rape.

    Haditha-’nuff said.

    You will all run for your lives once 2 Peter 3:4 comes to pass. It fact it is YOU who are the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Christians are not to judge-yet, that’s all you have done during the course of this interaction.
    You are the one who lacks common sense. What did the Good Samaritan do? Not what you would do.

    The more I show you, the angrier you become, and the more power I have over your mind. You are a lamb being led to the slaughterhouse-and I just want to make a few dollars after Trump’s done with your bankruptcy.

    The only way to stop flag burning is to treat ALL Americans EQUALLY, but you refuse to do that. I guess we’ll just have to keep burning flags.

    Read Texas v. Johnson and just let it go. You lack the intellect to keep up with any liberal, so don’t start the gunfight, Dave Tutt. I’m Wild Bill Hickok-and I will send your ass down to Hell. You’re a conservative, so I know you lack the ability to think abstractly-if at all. What I wrote is merely historical comparison.

    Why not? Given your responses, that’s likely where you’ll end up-unless you acquire some compassion for children with developmental disabilities.

    Don’t try it. Post that response and you won’t like your eternal home thirty years from now. You may live a long life and forget this exchange, but Christ won’t. I admit that I struggle with my beliefs. I’m Thomas, but you are the Sanhedrin-so don’t try it with me.

    You see, Jesus Christ is not the problem. You don’t follow Jesus and you have no intention of doing so. Like I stated earlier, just keep doing what you’re doing.

    It’s all going to change after 2 Peter 3:4.

    Now, where did I put that lighter? Ah! There it is!

    I might be starting out who the real Christians are and who are the fakes, as there is a verse about those who claim they are Jews, yet are not.

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Why Watch A Fucking Liar?





Did you waste your time with that State of the Union address?

I didn’t.

It was just the Fuhrer grandstanding shit that he had nothing to do with.  Every economist still credits Barack Obama for the economy we currently have.  However, that’s not going to remain for very long when Trump’s policies of tax cuts for the rich and infrastructure cuts and cuts in Education begin to take affect.

He’ll bankrupt this country like he did all of his businesses.  He’s lining his pockets-and I wouldn’t be surprised if Pence is doing the same.

Check out this clip from CNN.

Was he lying then or is he lying now?  Or, yet a third possibility, does he have syphilis (judging by all the affairs that he’s had)?

The truth of the matter is that something is wrong.  Donald Trump cannot take credit for an economy that he did not build.  Oh, he’ll certainly try, but people like myself are always there to remind you who really saved this country-a Democrat!   Again!

You just watch and see what happens over the next year.  It’s going to be a whole different scenario come this November.

That’s okay.  The Democrats are primed to pick up the House and Senate anyway because Trump’s policies are just too insane.

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Has My Luck Changed?




I don’t believe this!

I actually had a good conversation with a really nice lady tonight, and I hope I get to know her more.

I know most of you think I’m a total dick, and I am-most of the time.  However, I do know how to how to talk to a lady.  I’m not completely crazy.

This woman I met is so gentle of heart and so understanding.  I told her all of my shortcomings, and she seems to have no problem with it.   This is more than likely because she’s not an American woman!

For example, my hippocampus is completely shot.  That’s the timekeeper-and I have no sense of time.  Why the hell do you think I put my finger on the ground??

I have a vibe about this woman.  I don’t know how to explain it, but there is a vibe-and I’ve learned over the course of time to trust those vibes.

Something told me not to drive down that one section of the Lucky’s parking lot in Santa Clarita, California back in 1993.  Did I pay heed?   Of course I didn’t-and just as I was about to get past that aisle, some woman hit my Camaro.

I was told not to do this, and I did it anyway.

In the same way, something tells me that I have come across something fantastic.

She promised to tell me when to call, and she actually did that.  American women tend to flake.

We both told each other our respective stories and she’s great.  She’s very humble and very sweet.  I tend to be callous toward certain “people,” but you already know that.

It may take time to make this into a relationship, but I’ve waited this long-and she contacted me!

I wonder what all of this means, because I don’t usually have this kind of luck.

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Jesus Was The Bartender!



Will someone explain to me why some of these wacky Christian sects are so vehemently oppose to alcohol consumption?

I mean, it’s one thing to have a shot of Jack, but the problem is that you’re not supposed to drink the entire fucking bottle-which I did once….don’t do that, because the outcome is a nightmare.

All the Bible tells you is to not drink to excess.  The only problem is that there are people out there who don’t seem to know their limits:

Leviticus 10:9

“Do not drink wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die: it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations:”

Okay, so you’re not supposed to show up to church drunk.  I get it.  However, tell me what Christ did when He performed His first miracle?  He was the bartender at a party!

So, I could never understand these people who opposed alcohol consumption.
Colorado still has Sunday laws in effect, which drain the state economy and are, frankly, stupid.

If you are reading this article and you object to booze, why?  One might understand if alcoholism runs in your particular family; that makes sense.  However, who are you to tell someone else what they should consume?

As for myself, I no longer find the satisfaction in alcohol that I once did.  I drank to keep myself from beating people to death because I waa a fun drunk.  I laughed at everything.

I even flirted with a woman whom, in mystate, was the bride emerging from the wedding reception.

How the hell was I was suppose to know?  She had dark skin and long hair.  Put the two together and booooiiiiiinnnnnggggg!

Of course, I had had at least 10-12 drinks in me within the span of two to three hours, but I couldn’t resist.

You know, even if she’s divorced today, I’ll bet she remembers me from twenty years ago.  She never knew my name, but just what I did and in the state which I was in: GONE!

The funny thing now is that I can barely finish one beer before I have to sit down.  I simply can’t drink like I used to-nor do I want to.  I simply have no reason to do that anymore, as the stresses I face now aren’t nearly as bad as the ones I faced ten to fifteen years ago.

However, the point is that religious people need to get over their problem with regard to alcohol, because their Savior was the manufacturer and distributor-and I don’t think theer was a legal age back then…yet another idea which needs to go.

Cigarettes kill, and you can get those at eighteen.  Beer doesn’t kill, but you have to wait until you’re 21.

Would Would Jesus Say?

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Thanks Sanders’ and Stein Voters, You Really Fucked Us Good!




According to Vox, this is the first federal government shutdown whereby all three sectors were controlled by one political party.

We have Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein to thank for this, because it wouldn’t have happened had they not split the Democratic voters.

Where is Bernie, by way-making fun of the Hispanic population in Texas where he put that nuclear dump?

Jill Stein is probably back in Russia.

Meanwhile, we have people on SSI who need help.

Look, fuck our military.  They have stolen enough of our money, and we’re getting nothing for the investment.  This isn’t really about undocumented immigrants, either.

This is Donald Trump’s attempt at destroying the United States of America.  He should be hanged without trial-just as those immigrants are being snatched from their families without trial.

As a matter of fact, it’s time to go after all Republicans and those who can’t tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

Independent voters should be chased down and brought to justice more than anyone because of their Disneyland fantasy world.  Someone should take the acoustic guitar of a Green Party voter and smash it right over his head for the problems he has now caused people with disabilities, immigrants, and the poor-all because he wanted a pure political system.

Democracy is not pure.  It’s messy.  It always has been and it always will be.  The problem is that we have a combination of racists, ignorant, and voters with their heads in  the clouds who dream about some kind of utopia, which will never happen.


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Lady the Labrador 1974-1989










44 years tonight, I got a little puppy who made my childhood a dream.

She was a black Labrador I named Lady.

I wish I had pictures of her in my computer, but I don’t, so all I can tell you is that she was a black Lab, but we had so much fun together and got into so much trouble through the years that we had a hell of a lot of fun.

She even stood in line for her spanking, as she figured that she was in as much trouble as I was-that’s loyalty.

If only humans who considered themselves ladies had that kind of loyalty, but I digress.

Lady knew how to pull me in my blue Radio Flyer wagon and she was usually quiet.

She took my heavy metal career well, as she didn’t mind the ear-shattering volume.  She knew the boys and I were just being fucking idiots.

She lost a portion of her tail early in life because the door of the 1963 Chevy II Nova was slammed on it, and it couldn’t be reattached.

She had this little white spot on her chest which she wore like a deputy badge and she loved to run in the backyard. I  would sneak food to her when I was little, so she always sat right by my chair at the dinner table.

My parents and I would sometimes take her to my grandparents’ house in Van Nuys, California, where my mother’s dogs,Ooshpa  and Blackie were.  Ooshpa was a black and gold hound of some sort and Blackie just seemed to be a dinner roll with legs, but they all loved each other.  Ooshpa was the big brother of the three.  Lady and Blackie couldn’t believe how he could climb up ladders and walk on the roof with my grandfather-and then get himself back down.

Lady raised another puppy we brought home in 1984, named Tags, a German Shepherd/Husky mix and she reprimanded her like any mother would.  By the way, she also taught Tags to sit near me at the dinner table.  She knew my table manners were that of a slob.

I’m a guy, of course I can’t eat like a human being!

Lady and Blackie took Ooshpa’s death hard in 1975.  Both of them were his ladies in waiting, as Ooshpa was the king.  I still don’t know what took him.  My last memory of him was his head lying under the toilet and barely moving.

I can still remember that 42 years later.

Lady died in 1989 in Santa Clarita, California.  I still regret that I wasn’t there to see her go, but I know that I’ll see her, Tags, Ooshpa, and  Blackie on the Other Side.  We’re all going to play together-just like we did when I was a kid.

And we’ll all watch Oospha climb that ladder again and marvel.

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Don’t Lose Heart Because Jesus Can Change Everything? Is THAT So? Okay.



Jesus Can Change Everything



Jesus Can Change Everything

Not from my experiences. I was born and raised a Christian. I was bullied in Christian schools up to the point of having suicidal thoughts and expressing suicidal behavior

Christians have judged me my entire life-and remember Acts 1:8-that you are His witnesses. All God has ever given me is nothing but misery-starting with the meningitis He so graciously gave me in January of 1971. God has broken faith with me regarding Matthew 21:22 and 1 Corinthians 7:9. I am now Proverbs 18:19, and I would love to know why Christian women are so prejudicial and greedy-again, that’s my experience.


My own pastor didn’t want to talk to me about my suicidal thoughts in 1983. Guess who gave me five minutes of his time in 1997 to discuss the subject:




I would sell my soul for a wife right now.

Regarding 1 Corinthians 7:9, I wanted to get married at 18. I’m 47.

Abraham wasn’t 100 and Sarah definitely wasn’t 90. The birth alone would shatter a 90-year-old woman’s pelvis. She was probably more like 45.

The Bible tells you not to put your faith in wealth because it’s uncertain… Yet, Christian women are the greediest and most prejudicial women on the planet.

There’s a strange irony to all of this. The Father cannot send me to Hell because I KNOW Christ rose from the dead. I know this because I know the mechanics of crucifixion and I know what happened to Roman guards who fell asleep at their posts: they were burned where they slept.



God has cheated me (Hebrews 11:39). Don’t worry. I always win in the end. Not even the Lord Himself can cheat me and expect to get away
with it. And before you reply, heed Matthew 7:1-2, Luke 6:37. I’ve also acknowledged Jesus as the Christ on this public forum (Matthew 10:32 and Luke 12:8), so the Father will pay me all He owes to me.

I have already won.


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Trying To Find Someone To Love While Living With Traumatic Brain Injury










There are times when I want to be a prick and there are times when I don’t want to be a prick.

I’ll kill anyone in the political world with just my brain and my fingertips-and I express no remorse when doing so.  Actually, I enjoy it.

I like driving heartless conservatives straight into hypocritical mode because they’re not bright enough to figure out that they are exposing themselves for what (not who) they really are-especially in the age of the Trump regime, a time when disabled children laughed at and the children of the undocumented are punished for what their parents did twenty years ago.

Like I care who crosses into our border anyway!  Hell!  Not only did we steal this country from the Indians, but we stole half of it from Mexico, as well.  So, you won’t get me fitted for any of your brown shirts and red armbands.  Uh-uh, not going to happen.

And of course, it’s really fun when they throw the Bible in everyone’s face while they try to repeal Obamacare so that the insurance companies can literally make a bigger killing than they did before the imperfect system was signed into law.

However, when looking for someone to reciprocate the love I have for her, it’s worse than spending eternity in Hell.  Actually, I’d rather go to Hell-the music’s better over there.

For one thing, I don’t want a woman my age.  I want to father a child and I don’t really want someone who isn’t in the mood to have a seed planted in her at the age of 42, because I know that her kids are probably already grown.  Not only that, I really am not interested in sharing my time with her kids.

I don’t care that her grandchild has taken its first steps while she’s giving me oral.  That’s not fair to me because I wanted to get married at eighteen.  I’ll unplug that phone.

Second, I didn’t get to go on those trips that younger people do on the weekend.  I couldn’t leave on Friday nights to go to Las Vegas with my friends because I was stuck with Tommy, as his dad simply didn’t want to come home on Friday night.  He stayed out as long as he possibly could.

One Friday night, he didn’t come home at all and didn’t show up until Saturday morning.  You see, he “forgot” to call my relief.

That’s how narcissistic he was.

Now all my friends have kids of their own, so that experience has been stolen from me-and I’ll never forgive God for that.

Second, unless I get rich, it’s hard to find some nice young girl who would love a jackball like me.  Most American women are all about the money, and God help you if you get hurt at work.

They stop loving you because you can’t bring home the check anymore to fuel their shopping habit.  Oh, and I do have a backup plan if she’s really in it for the money-cancel the insurance and jump off the table.

“Hey, waitress!”

Now, the reason why I want someone so much younger than myself is because the experiences would be as new for her as they would be for me.  We all know that women who go with men to an exotic place think of someone else who had sex with them on that same beach.  They never admit to that, but we know that’s true-because we hear another name being whispered.

Just for the sake of jumping off of a 10-story building and landing on a cactus, let’s suppose that there is a nice young woman trying to find me.

Would she be able to handle my frustration and understand that I’m not going after her when my frontal lobes go out and I pound my desk out of frustration because the computer is acting up-again?

Would she believe that I don’t mean to yell?

Would she believe that my short-term memory is for crap and that it’s usually hard for me to say what I feel because my Broca’s Area is damaged?

That’s a gamble.

I’m sure there are foreign women who know that, but feminism teaches that all men are lying scumbags.  A good man simply doesn’t stand a chance, so he has to risk his health by being an asshole around the clock.

Women admit that they view nice guys are weak, but there is propaganda out there which tells women that nice guys are actually dangerous.

Here’s another one!  Heben Nigatu wrote this lie entitled 13 Reasons Why Nice Guys Are The Worst.

So, guys like me lose either way; we might as well be assholes.

Now, add traumatic brain injury into this mix, and guys like me are better off dead.

I’ve pretty much given up on Americans.  All they do is steal and cheat.  The funny part comes when they ask if you’re gay because you’re not married, so we can’t win.

Guys, we should get foreign girls and be husbands from the 1950s.  It’s probably going to be our only hope.



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I Feel Like Crap







I’m going to say something right now.

I’m sorry if I come across as a negative person. However, when one has been rejected for trivial issues (like money) and one feels no hope, that person will espouse negative energy. The only way to counter negative energy is to feed positive energy to that person.

The hurt person will reject the positive energy at first, because he’s been tricked before. I understand that I’m not particularly liked-and that’s okay with me.

I understand that I come across as cold, callous, and bitter-and I also wish that I had no reason to express these feelings.

Expulsion does not help a negative person. It hardens them even more and makes them hateful-and that’s one thing we have enough of in this world. I am a major skeptic because of my experiences.

I believe NO ONE at first-and it doesn’t matter who is involved.

Everything I state is what I truly feel: like the fact that money buys love. We all know that to be true. Were it not true, we would see more swimsuit models marrying auto mechanics instead of actors.

Walk a mile before judging and choosing to reject. One never knows why another states such views. I want to love just as everyone else does, but I don’t see much of a possibility of that happening because I’m broke-and broken.

Yes, this comes across as a ‘poor me’ post. I get it. However, there are thousands of people in this group who feel the way I do. The difference is that they hide it. They compose their positive replies out of desperate hope that the post MIGHT be true. They have just never experienced it in their own lives.

We can’t all put a false face on everything. Sometimes, we have to tell the brutal truth as it really is. The problem is that we behave like Pollyannas, while all the while, someone is barely holding on.

I guess this is my weird way of asking for help. Take it for whatever you will. Then again, so is doing 95 mph in my 2015  Dodge Dart on the freeway.

It’s best to know someone by looking at their pages. That’s one way one can tell how they really feel about things-and I don’t put aspartame on anything. I tell it like it is, from my experiences and my perspective-however wacked some might believe it to be.

I think we need to let others who feel the same way that I do express their thoughts-even if they’re uncomfortable. Remember how algebraic equations work: negative times negative equals positive. This means that it’s best to express sympathy and offer help before someone ends up doing something final.

Just because I have the degree doesn’t mean that I feel the way I should. I apologize and would appreciate support. I don’t know how else to say it.

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Would You Date This Woman?

Sally Hemings




Look at this marvel of God’s handiwork.  God might be psycho.   Then again, most artists are.

Gaze upon this woman’s beauty.

You can see the gentle innocence in eyes.

You can see love on her face.

Her night-colored hair is long enough to sleep in and her lips are that of a rose.

She seems too good to be true, doesn’t she?

Guess what?  She is.

This is Sally Hemings-Thomas Jefferson’s girl.  Okay, she was more than that, but I have too much respect for her-no, she wasn’t that.  Sally was Tommy’s girl in more ways than one-and she was smart as hell.  She accompanied President Jefferson and was even seen in Paris with him.

Sally Hemings is the white man’s greatest fear-even today.  She and Jefferson had six kids together.

She was one hell of a MILF.  However, to this day,  the white side of the Jefferson family refuses to recognize the black half of the family.  Jim Crow Is Not Dead In Jefferson Family    Too bad for those bastards, because she’s blood. Sally Hemings, Founding Mother

One of the racists, John Works Jr., a former Monticello Assn. president and a man they consider their flesh and blood, denied their lineage.

“The Hemings need to provide adequate proof” of their heritage.   “So far, the proof is lacking.”   White Denial

The story may finally be over. Make room for the truth.

Here’s what The Washington Post reported.

Proof in black and white

How do white conservatives take this?  Not very well, according to WND.  Here’s the headline for February 23, 2017:

Thomas Jefferson smeared at his own home

Don’t kid yourselves.  Every conservative is a racist.

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Follow Up On Romance and Traumatic Brain Injury




Okay, so I wrote the article about how the hippocampus completely ruins a first impression or a budding relationship.

In this second installment, I figured that I would mention how I try to accommodate for this shortcoming.  I sincerely ask for feedback from female readers, not only for myself, but also for other dudes who experience the same difficulty that I do.

When I meet a woman whom I find attractive, I don’t look there.  That’s a good way to die-slowly!

No, I notice her hair, her eyes, her neck, and believe it or not (you can call me a crazy motherfucker if you want, but I don’t give a shit), her feet.

A lot of Americans view this as perverted.  However, the feet of a woman are actually very highly ranked.  Would you want to know how many guys go for a woman’s feet?

Surprise, surprise!


More proof

Ladies-and especially you CHRISTIAN GIRLS, here is the Ace of Spades:

King Solomon was a foot man.

When did I figure out that I liked them?

I remember one summer day in Van Nuys, California in 1975 when we had a family picnic.  I remember that I liked the neighbor girls next door (one a year older and one a year younger than I was).  However, I remember looking over my shoulder, and I saw these two girls who must have been at least ten years older than I was, walking away from me, barefoot in the grass.

I was so motherfucking spellbound that I realized I had an accomplice (in a manner of speaking).

I was five-years-old when I figured this out.

I’ve never been shy about it.  When women tell me that I’m weird, I respond by asking: “Would you rather I ask to see your tits?”

“Hm.  You’ve got a point there, because I’d kill you.”

“Exactly-and that’s not how I want to go out.  I’d rather go out taking a turn too fast at over 100 mph and flipping my car before it burst into flames rather than get killed for asking to see something which I have no right to see yet.”

Some women don’t mind-especially the way I bring it up.  One time I said to a married woman, “If your husband doesn’t massage those lovely peds every night, I can give you my number.  They’re beautiful.”

That actually made her day.

And when it comes to this subject, I’m never the submissive.  I’m the conqueror.

So, ladies, tell me what you think once you click on those links.  Dudes like me are more common than you realize.  One thing I can tell any female for certain.   She would know what I’m thinking by how I do what  do and the women who have allowed me the privilege have always enjoyed, so don’t think less of a guy who wants to express his feelings by worshipping your feet.  It means that he loves you and views you as a goddess.

Dudes, don’t be a fucking pussy.  I can tell you from experience that you’re more likely to get a smile from a woman if you compliment her toes than if you ask for the mountains or the fountain.

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Look Who’s Afraid of Michael Wolff



Remember when Trump said that CNN was fake news?  Now, he claimed Sunday that Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff is a fake book.

This book was written by a man who has been seen going in and out of the White House since Wigboy occupied it in January of 2017, yet Trump claimed that Wolff was never admitted.

This writer has yet to see the allegations made in Wolff’s book, as he has only ordered it.  However, the more Trump attempts to discredit just one more strike, the greater the tendency it’s more likely to be true.

This is a guy who either tells his own versions of half-truths or just lies outright like a dead hooker on Sepulveda Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley at three in the morning.

The Republican Party is backing Trump-at least for the moment.  However, how long that support stays will decide on what Mueller finds. For the moment, it seems as if all Wolff’s book does is confirm what we know, while going into greater detail.

However, what if most of what Wolff wrote can be confirmed by logs?  We then have a more fundamental problem than anyone realized.  Furthermore, what should we do to those who believed in Wigboy so much that they engaged in violent acts against Clinton supporters or sent death threats (I had a few in 2016).

Your local yokel liberal will say that we should not stoop down to that level, but that’s what gets us into trouble.  We look weak when we refuse to respond.  As for myself, I have fought the Alt-Right face to face, and nearly coming to blows.  Another thing Democrats need to do is to shut down all third-party obstructionists, but they refuse to do that because they’re just too cowardly to do it.

It’ s obvious we have a criminal in the White House and we have a man who is risking his life to tell us the truth about this madman.  We should all buy Fire and Fury and get our act together to take this bastard down before he destroys our country permanently.  Unfortunately, I doubt most American liberals are willing to do what it is going to take to carry out that goal, because voting doesn’t work anymore.

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Tell-All Book May Destroy All-Let’s Hope




I went around parts of Denver in a futile attempt to buy Fire and Fury.  Guess what, kids?  You can’t get that book today!

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff can’t be found hardly anywhere, so I had to order it today at Barnes & Noble.

This report shows just how much trouble Trump can be in for.



You know who demands loyalty?  Mob bosses.  That is an entirely different paradigm that most of us shudder to drift into, but it’s the truth.

The fact that Donald Trump demands complete loyalty from his inner circle proves that he is not fit for the office which he stole from Hillary Clinton.

Yet Steve Bannon, according to the CBS report, stated that Trump’s actions with Russia in early 2016 were ‘potentially treasonous,’  this is a bit worse than what went wrong on Apollo 13.  Erin Delmore, senior political correspondent at Bustle, went into great detail about why Trump tweeted about his mental capacity; that he is ‘a stable genius.’ (Didn’t Wile E. Coyote say something like that?) Bannon truly did not like Ivanka, calling her: “as dumb as a brick.”

This has not only been reported by Erin Delmore, but has also been found in Business Insider. Dumb as a brick.

As this columnist has stated, do not save anyone who voted for this bastard.  He is a traitor and he should be punished as one.

Lastly, we have to address Trump’s mentality.

Delmore said in the CBS interview that 100 mental health professionals doubt his mental ability to perform presidential duties.

Not one, not ten, but ONE HUNDRED!

When a book is so hot that one cannot even buy it due to its lack of availability, one can sense the beginning of the end.  Let’s hope that is true in this case, because America cannot take four years of this syphilitic and bigoted imbecile.  As for those who voted for him and put their faith in him, it is this columnist’s personal view that they be placed on a watch list.  Not only because Trump is destroying our country by destroying our credibility and practically selling us to the Russians at below market price, but also because of the way they treated Hillary Clinton supporters; violently and without human decency.  This writer would go so far to say that such people should be placed in prison for their criminal actions against Clinton supporters during the 2016 cycle.

Donald Trump is a criminal.  He needs to be stopped.  He needs to be punished as any other traitor would be-especially when we consider in the CBS report about how Trump stole some of the states, like Wisconsin.

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Your View On Americans in the Dark Age of Trump




I would like my worldwide audience to give an honest opinion of Americans.

I ask that you not sugarcoat your response, because I probably feel the same way you do.  Even though I am far-left, I’m sickened by both sides: the right for its theocratic fascism, and the left for its cowardice in fighting against the right.

Who am I kidding?  The American left is too pussified to engage in a street fight, so I don’t know why I even brought that up.

I’m considered insane in America-by both sides.  The right take me for a Communist and the left take me for a Republican. Here’s the funny part: I’ll walk up to one of these idiots (while trying not to laugh, because I know I’m insulting them) and ask them what the capital of Washington, D.C. is.

Yes, they actually try to answer that.

Americans are so stupid now that I can walk by one of them in passing and they will check their crucifix necklace immediately upon my informing them that their cross is upside down-and I’ve done that almost every day for nearly thirty years.

Guess what they do?  That’s right-they look down.

With regard to Democratic volunteers who truly believe that I’m a Republican, not even this convinces them.

That being stated, I don’t know what else to say to the fuckers, except for the fact that they are a bunch of pussy hippies who smoked dope all day in the park and voted for Reagan in the Eighties.  The funny part is that Reagan was the beginning of the end for them, and they now have no idea if they can retire-like their parents were able to under Franklin Roosevelt-oh, but I’m the Republican.  Okay.

Do you realize that these Chardonnay Liberals get angrier when I show them that credential.  There’s your cognitive dissonance right there.

I’m beginning to ramble, so I’m going to return to the subject at hand: your opinion on my country.  Don’t worry.  Not only will you not hurt my feelings, you’ll probably respond the same way which I have.

Have a good day.



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Dear Europe and Canada: Why Are You Still Dealing With Us? I’m Amazed.



May I ask my audience in European and Canada a simple question?

Why do you put up with us?

You continue to notice how stupid and easily led the American voting public continues to be.  Americans claim to hate Trump, but they sure fear skin color!  In fact, it was you who first called us on our lies after you read Thomas Jefferson’s words regarding how all men being free and equal.  Your answer:  “Excuse me, but don’t you own human beings and beat the shit out of them when they don’t do things fast enough for your liking?”
I mean, once in a while, some sense pops into our heads and we see how badly unregulated capitalism destroys our economy, so we elect a Democrat for eight years-before the cycle repeats itself.
I mean, you already know how dumb our kids are; where we rank in Math and Science, so what is it about us?  I truly want to know!

Is it the good old days?
Is it our “ideals” (which we never live up to-and don’t even try anymore).

We have a syphilitic mad man in the White House-Germany warned American voters about Trump.  I remember that.

Our people are divided on both sides.  This is something I don’t want to watch, yet it’s happening in front of my eyes.

Dear Europeans,

You are more cultured than we are, smarter than we are, and in better control of your faculties than we are.

Why rely on us anymore?

America has become a nation of rednecks, hillbillies, and trailer trash who despise the idea of going to college.

The American right does not know how to debate in a civil manner today.  The worst thing of all is that those who make up the political right are the white working class who get plundered by the banks.

America was the promise, but now we have become the curse.  You must still be here because you hold out hope-and I hope you’re right.

Thanks for not kicking our asses right out the door.






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Fucking Amazing






It’s simply amazing how these Trumpsters continue to stand by him-even though the veteran’s budget is being cut, according Military Times

Here is the part what blows your mind.  Those who support this fascist also support our bloated military budget and question the patriotism of anyone who disagrees.

Of course, those of you in Europe have learned to accept the hypocrisy of some in this country with just a shake of your head and closed eyes.  However, American liberals anger me more than they do-and you already know why that is.  They just like to sit and complain.  I have a plan, and they just don’t want to do it, so I just try to stay out of conversations now, because they still want to love everyone.

We all know that doesn’t work.  Some of these right-wing bastards need a good asskicking for all the lies that they buy.

Here is one example that I had while having an argument.

“Wait, liberals prefer Obama letting them die and his VA hiding the fact?”


Totally not surprised.

However, as you just saw, these cuts happened under George W. Bush and the government shut down we had previously was over……..

Dear people of Europe.  I can’t figure out who is worse, the conservatives who cut budgets or the American “liberals” who are too afraid to fight. It’s really quite the sad case which can only lead to a fabulous disaster.

When you read on this column that the author really doesn’t give a damn about anyone who was stupid enough to ruin America’s reputation by going to Iraq, that’s a document you can frame.  Iraq was not World War II or Korea.

As for my fellows on the left, it seems that they’re just going to have to suffer to the point at which they resort to the natural human response: war.

It’s just fucking amazing

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Happy New Beer




Okay, so New Year’s is over, and now we have to look eleven months into the future.

While I see great unity in the national Democratic Party,  I see a lot of children in the local organizations.

Feminists would rather scream about supposed offenses than deal with reality-the horrible idea that Adolf Trump might pick two more Supreme Court justices-say good bye to Roe v. Wade if that happens.  The problem is that American women simply don’t look ahead, for the most part.  There are some women who do look down the road.   Such examples would be Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Dianne Feinstein, and so forth.  However, you look on social media, and you find yourself dealing with bored housewives who never got out of the Seventies.

There doesn’t seem to be any cohesion.  They are still angry at men-for whatever the reason.

This is not the time for feminists to shake their fists at men, as even most white women didn’t vote for her, according to the New York Times.  It gets worse.

Susan Chira’s April 29, 2017 article for The New York Times, The Women Who Still Like Trump stated that 53% of white women voted for this sex offender.

None of them were worried about the probable curtailing of their reproductive rights and the defunding of Planned Parenthood-but I’m the crazy one on Facebook with Democratic women (eyes rolling).  

I didn’t mind being blocked by the group, because this writer knows that half these women voted for Jill Stein anyway-especially after I showed them my Democratic credentials from the Colorado Democratic Caucus, as well as a couple of other things.  They still wanted to call me a Sanders troll.

I guess it’s the way our brains are put together, and of course I got kicked out of the group, but you have to laugh because you know these Jane Fondas are going to need men like me this year and in two years if there’s any hope that they keep Roe v. Wade., Title IX, and access to birth control.  

This writer tried to remind them of the fact, but their emotions ruled over their judgment.  Happy New Beer to them, I guess.

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Still ‘Feel the Bern’ While Donald Trump Takes It Away From You?






It’s funny when one hears the claim from those who vote for “independent” candidates say that there’s no difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Well, those who say that will find out how wrong they were-and I don’t want to read any complaints about what the Democrats should have done better or that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate, because that’s bullcrap on both counts.

It’s funny to watch the poor people who voted for a crooked billionaire cry about how they’re about to lose what little they have.  However, for left-leaning “independents” to whine about this calls for a good bitchslapping-the way that Butthead bitchslapped Beavis, just forehands and backhands.

I’d like to know how these young “independents” who “felt the Bern” plan to pay for college now, since Trump wants to get rid of Pell grants.  Hell, wait till they go to the beach and realize that they can’t go into the water because of the oil slicks.  I remember those days during the Reagan years when I went to Zuma Beach in Los Angeles.  There were just some days that you couldn’t go in the water because you could see the oil.

So, we now have social programs axed, another bloated military budget, and a weaker society.   You “independents” must really feel proud of yourselves for the position you’ve put yourselves in.  It’s so bad that Betsy DeVos has brought up student debt.

Still feel the Bern, kiddies?

It’s one thing for your Hippie relatives to have split the Democratic Party the way that they did by pushing for Sanders (an Independent who ran for the Democratic nomination).  They never grew up, and it’s a bigger chore dealing with them on Facebook than it is to deal with a conservative.  Why?  Because conservatives are bigots.   However, “independents” who “vote their conscience” have no excuse.

Voting your conscience is what gave you this disastrous budget, so what do you plan to do now?
Anyone who still claims there’s no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans needs a good bitchslapping with a Louisville Slugger.

Don’t tempt me.

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Right-Wing Behavior Demonstrates Intellectual Inferiority To Liberals






April 30, 0469


February 11, 0399

“When the debate is ­­­­­­lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”-  Socrates

I laugh when conservatives tenaciously try to beat me in a debate.  The only problem is that they are so poorly educated they don’t know what Socrates said about those who resort to name-calling in political discourse.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

I really appreciate the death threats-of which I’ve had a few.  I’m not worried, however,

and for two reasons.

First, conservatives react.  They never think things through at any moment.  They just go with whatever verbiage their hot tempers govern them toward.  Second, they don’t want to embarrass their friends and family-a working class conservative has enough problems.

Working-class conservative…. that’s like military intelligence-a total contradiction in terms.

You have read previously why working-class conservatives lose it like they consistently do.  They fear everyone who isn’t like them, while a white-collared conservative knows exactly what he’s doing.

The white-collared conservative wants to keep taxes low so that there is no money for social programs (which their blue-collared workers need-especially since the blue-collars fall for the family values con-job).  White-collared conservatives want to keep wages low.  They opposed the idea of the minimum wage from its inception and they want to repeal it today.

The white-collared conservative knows how to pit people against each other.  That way, they’re not paying attention to what he does to them.   The woman’s right to choose is one of the best examples of this.

Don’t have an abortion if you disagree with the idea, but who in the Hell are you to make a nine-year-old become a mother?  If you let that thing become a human being, it’s eventually going to find out why the mother gave it up for adoption.

How would you like to know that your grandfather is also your father?

People used to tell me that the old bigoted and judgmental ways of thought have long died out.  However, Donald Trump has proven otherwise.

While racism has always been like a bad zit on the forehead, the pus-filled head is now self-evident, and we can now see that it’s still forming… and getting even bigger.

Conservatives state that they want this nation to return to its Christian roots.  However, that’s nothing but a legend.

Read the last part of the Sixth Amendment, Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli, and the original Pledge of Allegiance, which was written in 1892-by a minister named Francis Bellamy-who also happened to be a socialist, according to the Fortune  article published on September 8, 2017.

Sixties liberals are naïve and conservatives are just flat-out decimated with psychoses; among which are xenophobia, paranoia, the tendency to hoard, and simply do not have empathy.  The funny part is that they shove Jesus down our throats-a Man who had compassion.

Yes, I’m a liberal.  However, I’m not one of those who still believe in singing these stupid songs which produce little more than the result of raw meat in the digestive tract.  I don’t believe in “being the better person” so that others can see me suffer on the evening news.  All I do is prove to a conservative just how stupid he is, let him make his threat, and report it.

The funny thing about many of these religious people who claim to be college educated is that they always forget what Socrates said about slandering people.  As for me, I never do that.  What I do is merely make an implication that is based on my enemy’s previous statement-which is a significant difference.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that conservatives now devalue a college education.

Liberals should not pity conservatives who choose ignorance over survival.  Liberals should let the conservative drink the hemlock and make money from the photo he shot once the conservative realizes what he just did to himself.

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You American “Liberals” Are To Blame for the Death of Net Neutrality





I’m going to tell you who is directly responsible for the death of Net neutrality earlier this week.

I’m not going to blame the Republicans on this one, because I expect this kind of behavior from them.  It’s no shock that they want to censor everything that they can to keep you in the dark like a mushroom.

Do you know whose it fault it is?


Did you vote for Jill Stein?  She syphoned votes from Hillary Clinton.

Did you vote for Bernie Sanders?  He has long hated the Democratic Party and has been quoted to the effect.  Anyone who knows my website can just look it.

This now means we are going to have censorship on the American internet.  Suppose your child needs help with a science project.  Is there going to be any clear sign that the information will be accurate?

What about history?

Republicans have spent years trying to rewrite the past; turning Joseph McCarthy and Ronald Reagan into heroes.

Joseph McCarthy falsified information and used psychological torture on his victims in full public view.

Ronald Reagan?  He just traded arms for hostages-which is treason, in case you’re not keeping score at home.

George W. Bush let 3,000 people get slaughtered after he was told where Bin Laden was.

Thanks to you Sanders and Steiners, we now have to deal with this-and don’t ask me what to do, because I have told you what to do for about a year now, but you still want to light candles and sing stupid songs, and make your “great” speeches.  All that is a waste of time because it gets us nowhere.

Follow me, kids.  Forget your ethics.   Forget your morality, for all in fair in whatever has to be done by any means necessary.

Fine, be slaves to Trump, and see what I care.


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The Merciful and the Hypocritical Religious Bastard



I feel sorry for the Christians who truly try to live out their faith in the sincerest way possible, because they are hampered by judgmental and angry hypocrites who do nothing but nitpick.

When Jesus Christ ordered the Great Commission, He told His disciples to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations.  He didn’t tell them to berate other people who doubted or to condemn others.

He condemned those who condemned.

Christian A said : “Let’s see, when Christ set up his universal soup kitchen and free hospitals funded by “federal government” I don’t think he asked for “insurance cards” because, actually, he allowed himself to be crucified before any of that happened.”

Excuse me, but it seems to me that Christ did have universal soup kitchens-and I can prove that in two passages: the feeding of the 4,000 in Mark 8:1-21 and the feeding of the 5,000 in Matthew 14:13-21.  Now, if this person wants to discuss why the federal government must be involved, it’s only because those like him judge the poor rather than help them find a job which pays them a living wage.

Oh, that also explains the parable of the workers, which is found in Matthew 20:1-16.  The men who lacked opportunity were paid the same as the men who had worked all day.

That’s what Trump voters say.  They blame the poor for their problems, but refuse to address lack of opportunity.  Well, both issues were addressed in this parable.
Christ also healed the blind man for free, didn’t He?

How about Lazarus?  Did He strike Lazarus dead because Mary and Martha didn’t have any money?

Christian number 2 understands that my faith is a fabulous disaster because of those like Christian number 1.  She has her own battles to fight and she knows what it’s like to be in her own Garden of Gethsemane.  She has never condemned me for my doubts-probably because she’s had many herself.

She is the way a Christian ought to be.

I warn those who condemn people like me and people like her that 2 Peter 3:4 is just around the corner, and I know that because this nation has been taken over by hypocritical Christian fundamentalists like Republican Tim Murphy from Pennsylvania, who pleaded with his mistress to have an abortion-and this has a 100 % rating from the Family Research Council, according to the Huffington Post

Sex isn’t the issue.  Hypocrisy is-and conservatives are full of it (and in many ways).

People are going to have sex.  Yes, marriage is the ideal setting.  However, birth control is mandatory, because you are your brother’s and sister’s keeper, Cain.

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How I Destroy Religious Hypocrisy While Giving Jesus Christ A Hug-Because He Tried



I have to say that religious fundamentalists make me laugh so hard at times that I almost lose control of my bladder.

A reader sarcastically asked: “”The Christians have murdered more people in the history of the world than anyone else.”

Oh, is that Settled Science?”

I began my response with: “That’s established history-something which you are trying to rewrite…”

Let’s take a good look at the facts.  Let’s add these numbers and see what we get.
I’m going to have to get my calculator for this one.
Excluding the Burning Times and the Children’s Crusade, it appears that about 7,356,000 were murdered in the name of Christ.   However, I am reminded of that verse John 16:2.  While Christian fundamentalists might defend themselves by saying that this verse was aimed at the early Church, which was already being persecuted, heads became tails.

Hey, I’ve got an idea!  Let’s see what happened in the Western Hemisphere!  Oh, boy!
Wait a second!  This is more like ‘Oh, shit’, because there is no way anyone can keep track of the body count-it’s that bad (source:
What about in the Western Hemisphere?
Dennis Stannard, who is an expert on genocide, asserted that whites (Europeans since 1492) murdered and displaced approximately 70 million to 100 million native peoples in a span of only eighty years.

I have now truly lost count.

Native knowledge has been lost because of the book burning of 1577, which took place in Spain.  I wonder who else it was who was into book burning. Oh, yeah!  That guy!

Remember that Adolf Hitler was in power for only 12 years, and you will begin to see the depravity of this crime.  Hitler was evil enough, but imagine if those “Americans” (and we all know conservatives are anything but) that believed we should have stayed out of World War II had gotten their way.  That genocide would continue to this very day.

The saddest thing is that this continues today, as Christian organizations oppose any kind of birth control.  What does this lead to?  Poverty and starvation.

Many Christians tell me that people should not have children that they cannot afford, but I simply respond with 1 Corinthians 7:9, in which Paul told people to marry rather than to burn with passion and that married couples needed to have sex regularly so that neither partner would be tempted to cheat.

To conservatives who “attempt” to read this article, don’t hate me because I know the Bible better than you do, start living as Christ told you to by showing mercy and compassion.  Unfortunately, you voted for Donald Trump, so I think I know which side of Christ you’ll be when Matthew 25:31-46 happens.

I may be a sinner, too, but at least I’m not a hypocrite.  My conscience is clear.

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Gracias, Mexico!











First of all, I would like to thank those who read my articles and would like to know what you issues affect you in Mexico, as that’s why I do this in the first place.

People in your country get screwed just as people in my country do-usually by the same group of bankers and a certain toupee boy who occupies our White House.

Just so you know, I didn’t vote for the fucker.  In fact, he lost the popular vote by three million, so there was some monkey business involved with the 2016 American presidential election.

It was more than just sexism against Hilary Clinton. There were other factors involved.

First, you must consider that whoever was to win the 2016 election would pick two or three Supreme Court justices, and conservatives in the United States do not like the idea that gay people can marry now.  Hell, we are now seeing interracial couples being attacked again in the United States.

This is the kind of hatred that Donald Trump has made fashionable in America once more.   Vibe magazine published an article in July of 2017 about an interracial couple who had been attacked in Brooklyn, New York and threatened to lynch a man (source:

The Southern Poverty Law Center states that there are 917 hate groups in the United States of America (

It isn’t that bigotry returned to America.  It’s that Donald Trump made it fashionable again.  He is sick and diseased, and he is our cancer upon both America and the world.

I care very deeply for a woman who was born in Mexico, but currently lives here-and I’ll kick the crap out of anyone who tries anything.  I don’t care if they’re from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  She is here legally, and I will beat the living death out of them.

Another thing you may want to know is that we have liberals who want to get this Hitler out of office.  However, while your professional politician in the Democratic Party isn’t afraid to go one-on-one with this bastard, your average liberal activist is terrified and truly has no idea what to do, other than to try and vote-which doesn’t really get us anywhere anymore.  I mean, you’ve seen our election results.  The average amateur liberal is just a simple pussy, and there’s no other way to explain it.

Yours truly gets condemned for telling them to take a baseball bat, but they don’t have an idea that tops mine.

So, that’s our situation now.

I thank you for your patronage, and I sort of ask for a favor.

Is there anyone in the house who can help me with Mexican dating culture so that I don’t screw this up?

Thank you.



tEn primer lugar, me gustaría dar las gracias a los que leen mis artículos y me gustaría saber lo que te afecta a ti en México, ya que es por eso que hago esto en el principio.


La gente de su país se jode igual que la gente en mi país-por lo general por el mismo grupo de banqueros y un niño peluquín cierto que ocupa nuestra casa blanca.


Sólo para que sepas, no voté por el cabrón.  De hecho, perdió el voto popular por 3 millones, por lo que había un negocio de dinero involucrado con las 2016 elecciones presidenciales estadounidenses.


Fue más que sólo sexismo contra Hilary Clinton. Hubo otros factores involucrados.


En primer lugar, usted debe considerar que quien iba a ganar la elección 2016 elegiría dos o tres jueces de la Corte Suprema, y los conservadores en los Estados Unidos no les gusta la idea de que la gente gay puede casarse ahora.  Diablos, ahora estamos viendo a las parejas interraciales siendo atacadas de nuevo en los Estados Unidos.


Este es el tipo de odio que Donald Trump ha hecho de moda en los Estados Unidos una vez más.   Vibe Magazine publicó un artículo en julio de 2017 sobre una pareja interracial que había sido atacada en Brooklyn, Nueva York y amenazó con Lynch a un hombre (fuente:


El centro de derecho de la pobreza meridional indica que hay 917 grupos de odio en los Estados Unidos de América (


No es que la intolerancia regresó a América.  Es que Donald Trump volvió a estar de moda.  Está enfermo y enferma, y es nuestro cáncer tanto en América como en el mundo.


Me preocupo muy profundamente por una mujer que nació en México, pero actualmente vive aquí-y voy a patear la basura de cualquiera que intente algo.  No me importa si son de inmigración y aduanas.  Ella está aquí legalmente, y voy a vencer a la muerte viviente de ellos.


Otra cosa que quizás quieras saber es que tenemos liberales que quieren sacar a este Hitler de la oficina.  Sin embargo, mientras que su político profesional en el partido demócrata no tiene miedo de ir uno a uno con este bastardo, su activista liberal promedio está aterrorizado y realmente no tiene idea de qué hacer, aparte de tratar de votar-que en realidad ya no nos lleva a ninguna parte.  Quiero decir, has visto nuestros resultados electorales.  El aficionado promedio liberal es sólo un simple coño, y no hay otra manera de explicarlo.


Los tuyos se condenan por decirles que se lleven un bate de béisbol, pero no tienen idea de lo que encabeza la mía.




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Where Was The Good Dog With the Gun?




The Daily Mail reported on Thursday, November 30, 2017 that a 36-year-old pheasant hunter in Northern Iowa was shot by his own dog.

Now, the question to be asked isn’t why William Rancourt kept his gun in a place where his dog could   ahold of it.  What I want to know is where was the good dog with the gun?!


Isn’t that the National Rifle Association’s main excuse-that guns don’t hurt people, people do?  Well, that statement has just been chewed up and crapped out by a German Shorthaired Pointer.  Guns do injure and kill people-even in the paws of a loyal dog.

There is no tragedy here, as this is completely hilarious.  We have a gun owner who exercised his Second Amendment right under the United States Constitution to keep and bear arms, only to be shot by his best friend-a German Shorthaired Pointer!  Hell, it would have been funnier if the shot of 22 yards had killed Rancourt!

I mean, what are you going to do-put the dog on trial for man-one?  Yeah, I’d like to see Jack McCoy win that trial.  Talk about dog eat dog, right?

This sort of thing was funny enough to watch in a Warner Brothers cartoon, but it’s even more hysterical when it happens in real life, because you almost can’t believe how irresponsible Americans are with their firearms.

I’m sure that our Founding Fathers would look down from Eternity in shame, because this was one of the issues for which they fought and died; the right to keep and bear arms.  The problem, however, is that the average citizen is irresponsible-and many of the Founders knew that.

That’s probably why Benjamin Franklin answered that woman the way that he did when he was asked: “Sir, what kind of government have you given us?”

“A republic-if you can keep it.

We’re arming dogs now, kids.  I mean, it’s only a matter of time before we fall as a nation.

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See This Little Girl? You Killed Her.

Child commits suicide after bullying incident caught on camera
photo: courtesy of WTVR-TV



Anyone who tells you that America cares about children is going to need to clean their mouth out with Aurora two-ply white toilet paper, because that’s simply a load of crap.

KDVR and CNN reported Thursday that a 10-year-old girl from Aurora, Colorado hanged herself after a video of her defending herself from a bully surfaced on Facebook.

The studies on bullying show that the target of the behavior suffers lower grades, which also lowers their self-esteem.  The question to be asked is why the administrators allow it when they know the repercussions.

A) The victim commits suicide.
B) The victim walks into a classroom with an AR-15.

We also must wonder why administers don’t allow victims to fight back.  The reason why kids continue to bully the target is because they know they won’t fight back-often for fear of repercussions from authority figures, whether they must deal with school administrators or their own parents.

I was bullied when I was in both the Church and in school, and no amount of therapy has helped me conquer it.  However, I don’t go out and hurt myself.  What I do instead is laugh at catastrophes.

This is especially true when the person is of a higher tax bracket.  The reason for that is due to Americans perception of my learning disabilities.  The way I see it, if I wasn’t allowed to earn it, not only will I laugh when you lose it, but I’ll also take pictures!

I laugh when a two-story house with a BMW and a Mercedes burns to the ground.  Worse yet, I’m more inclined to record the event and try to make money off LiveLeak.  The thought of helping anyone who has more than I do never crosses my mind, and the reason for that is because they are the same kind of people who prevented me from excelling thirty years ago by labeling me as either lazy or slow-and I love it when, I who have never broken the law, hear about the death of a cop.


I was harassed mercilessly for years by them because of my long hair and my Megadeth and black and white 105.5 KNAC PURE ROCK stickers.  Hell, I’ve even been harassed by them during presidential election years.

There is a direct correlation between bullying and suicide (source: Hinduja, S., & Patchin, J. W. (2010). Bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide. Archives of Suicide Research, 14(3), 206-221. doi:10.1080/13811118.2010.494133).

If you think the rural areas are safe, think again.  Rural children, especially migrants, are just as likely to experience this hell (American Medical Assoc. Reference List

Fong R, Vogel B, Vogel R. The Correlates of School Violence: An Examination of Factors Linked to Assaultive Behavior in a Rural Middle School with a Large Migrant Population. Journal Of School Violence [serial online]. July 2008;7(3):24-47. Available from: Education Source, Ipswich, MA)

However, what about when the target snaps and takes revenge?  Writing this as someone wo was bullied, one says that the results are as beautiful as a centerfold.
You’re not going to like this.

Those who were victimized aggressively became very defensive (that explains me alright) prior to therapy.  However, they were more tranquil after treatment (I was bullied for years, so I have a long way to go) (source: Authors: FUNG, ANNIS LAI-CHU1).


(source: Scandinavian Journal of Psychology; Aug2012, Vol. 53 Issue 4, p360-367, 9p, 2 Charts, 4 Graphs).  For example, I don’t trust people and I hate police (as I didn’t care to be stopped without cause and put to the ground-for no reason).   However, when the pit bull gives the bully what’s coming to him, the results are nothing short of beautiful.

(source: Honorato, B., Caltabiano, N., & Clough, A. R. (2016). From trauma to incarceration: Exploring the trajectory in a qualitative study in male prison inmates from north queensland, australia. Health & Justice, 4(1), 1-10. doi:
This study found that, while there is still more research to be conducted on how exactly those bullied eventually snap and become violent offenders, there is a connection.  The findings did state that early detection and intervention lower the prevalence of violent behavior in those who were targets.

We should start punishing those who bully and those who either deny or encourage the prevalence thereof instead.  We should also incarcerate the parents for teaching their brats that it’s okay to prey on others.  That makes more sense than trying an 11-year-old child as an adult after he shoots his classmates.

What should we do with that eleven-year-old who shot everyone in the classroom?  Psychotherapy, nothing more.  He’s tasted his revenge.  He has exacted justice.  He now needs help in letting the chapter fade into history.

Na, you would rather have the suicide, wouldn’t you?  I’ll go tell Ashawnty Davis’ parents you think that way-especially since the fight was put on video-especially since she was only ten.

As for me, I kick ass.  I might not be able to physically hurt fascists, racists, members of the military, and other subhumans, but you’ll sure get both barrels from me.


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“Let’s Just March Again” No, Let’s Go With What Actually Works!



“Just let’s march again on January 20,2018.”



Jim Rousch That doesn’t work anymore. People laugh at that. Do it right, please.



Jim Rousch I’ve done that (march) in the past, but it simply doesn’t work anymore. Go with that which has a much higher success rate. Sadly, though…. I don’t think you are angry enough to do it. I also know you don’t have the conviction NOR the courage.

Marches are a joke now.
This was part of a conversation on Facebook today and this also focuses on the problem with the American libera­­­ls of this current period of time..

Too many people on my side honestly believe that one more march will do the trick, and frankly, I’m embarrassed by that mindset, because it hasn’t worked in years!

The problem with American liberals is that they are afraid to appear angry.  They don’t want to look like any of these right-wing bastards, so they stand on a street corner with candles and sing stupid songs-as if that’s ever going to work.

You and I both know that you will impregnate an alligator before you change a conservative’s mind by engaging in peaceful protest.   Yet, those on the American left still use this tried and failed technique.  The reason why they do so is because they honestly believe that they can sit down with these guys and reason with them-and that’s the problem right there.

Conservatives don’t reason.  They simply give a kneejerk reaction, which is why they nominated Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate.  Trump’s bigotry is the kneejerk reaction to President Obama’s skin color.  That’s all it is.  Making America “great” again is about making America white again-and that’s not going to happen.

Marching doesn’t do any good.  That’s not how we broke away from Great Britain and that’s not how we ended slavery.  American liberals are going to have to act like surgeons and take a scalpel if they want to save American democracy.


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It took me half an hour to remember the correct password for one of my accounts, but I was eventually able to get in.

I had tried to change my password again, because nothing worked.  I had even checked my password book to locate it, but every password I tried turned out happened to be one which I hadn’t remembered using previously.

I felt trapped.

I felt isolated.

I was angry as Hell-then I came up with an idea.

Everyone knows that I write things down, but since that’s more miss than hit, I decided to copy the password page and download it into the books section of the i-Pad.   I checked the books section of my device, and son of a whore!  There it was-the page AND ALL!

Am I worried?  Look, man.   If someone wants your password, they know how to get it on their own.  They don’t have to resort to this simple technique-although it seems way too simple…and probably is.  However, if you’re a teacher with a student who experiences this problem, this might be the solution for them.

Paper rips and password after password might drown in planners and password books.  I’ve even tried saving them into the password section of computers-nope.

I think I might have finally found something which might work for me.  Maybe it’ll work for you, too.

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Did these bastards in Tennessee  seek to try and sentence Cyntoia Brown as an adult because she’s Hispanic or because she was a sex slave who fought for her freedom and for her life?  The State should pay for her psychological therapy for the rest of her life, and that judge needs to be shot in the penis at point blank range.<iframe src=” CYNTOIA BROWN!

Read Cyntoia Brown’s horrific account and sign the petition, because she’s your daughter, too.

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Allstate Motorcycles…Sold by SEARS???



This columnist knew that Sears Roebuck once sold scooters, because he remembers seeing them in old catalogues (while looking for the girls in there), but did you know that they also sold motorcycles, as well as cars?

The company used two brands from the information he gathered, Allstate and Pusche, an Austrian manufacturer.

This red bike is from 1913, and Sears actually sold motorcycles into the early Seventies.

Does anyone have one of these can, and can tell us what their performance was like?  Now, granted, Allstates were no Harleys, Indians, or Hondas, but they must have been up to some kind of task to keep the customers returning for the length of time that they did.

Just think back to the 1950’s.

If the ad campaign stated that one met the nicest people on a Honda and if bad boys rode Harleys, what about the boy who rode a Sears Allstate to his date?  Could he even score with an Allstate to begin with?  Girls in those days usually went for boys who either rode Harleys, Triumphs, Indians, or BSA’s.

When one stops and looks at them, the Allstate bike looked nothing out of the ordinary; just another motorcycle, but could a Sabre do the job and win a girl?  Look at how small the engines were, and I think you’ll get the answer to that question.

It’s just interesting to know what this retailer used to sell during the course of its existence.  Who knows, Sears may have sold cocaine in the candy aisle back then.  You could get cocaine candy once upon a time for a nickel, so I wouldn’t rule it out.

Hey, cocaine candy and an Allstate motorcycle!  That’s a good idea!


I had so much fun fucking with employees in the automotive department because I pretended to look for a part for this car-and I would cause the biggest scene….like yelling and throwing tantrums.  I’d scream for their bosses!

This columnist knew that Sears Roebuck once sold scooters, because he remembers seeing them in old catalogues (while looking for the girls in there), but did you know that they also sold motorcycles, as well as cars?

The company used two brands from the information he gathered, Allstate and Pusche, an Austrian manufacturer.

This red bike is from 1913, and Sears actually sold motorcycles into the early Seventies.

Does anyone have one of these can, and can tell us what their performance was like?  Now, granted, Allstates were no Harleys, Indians, or Hondas, but they must have been up to some kind of task to keep the customers returning for the length of time that they did.

Just think back to the 1950’s.

If the ad campaign stated that one met the nicest people on a Honda and if bad boys rode Harleys, what about the boy who rode a Sears Allstate to his date?  Could he even score with an Allstate to begin with?  Girls in those days usually went for boys who either rode Harleys, Triumphs, Indians, or BSA’s.

When one stops and looks at them, the Allstate bike looked nothing out of the ordinary; just another motorcycle, but could a Sabre do the job and win a girl?  Look at how small the engines were, and I think you’ll get the answer to that question.

It’s just interesting to know what this retailer used to sell during the course of its existence.  Who knows, Sears may have sold cocaine in the candy aisle back then.  You could get cocaine candy once upon a time for a nickel, so I wouldn’t rule it out.

Hey, cocaine candy and an Allstate motorcycle!  That’s a good idea!


I had so much fun fucking with employees in the automotive department because I pretended to look for a part for this car-and I would cause the biggest scene….like yelling and throwing tantrums.  I’d scream for their bosses!

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日本、ありがとうございます! Thank you, Japan!



私は、私のブロッグをチェックアウトした日本の誰かに感謝します。 私の名前はジム Rousch です。 私はロサンゼルス出身ですが、現在はデンバー郊外に住んでいます。 私は、フェニックス大学から心理学の学位を持って、私は民主党のための1992以来、すべての大統領選挙に関与しているものの、私は、私の青年以来、公民権のために戦ってきました。 私は乳児として髄膜炎を生き延び、以来、学習障害を持っていたが、私は自分の心理学の学位を得ることができた。 このサイトは、彼ら自身のためにもう立って自信を持っていない人のために立ち上がることについてです。 発達障がいを持っていて、それが原因で差別に直面している人を知っている場合-特に教室や職場では、 で私に手を差し伸べることをお気軽に。

I thank anyone in Japan who checked out my blog.

My name is Jim Rousch.  I’m originally from Los Angeles, but currently live in suburban Denver.  I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix and I have fought for civil rights since my youth, although I have been involved in every presidential election since 1992 for the Democratic Party.

I survived meningitis as an infant and have had learning disabilities ever since, but I managed to earn my psychology degree.

This site is about standing up for those who do not have the confidence to stand for themselves anymore.

If you know anyone who has a developmental disability and faces discrimination because of it-especially in the classroom or in the workplace, please feel free to reach me at



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Deniers Need To Be Arrested






First it was states in the American South which wanted to change history by censoring the truth, and now we have those who repeat the lie that Earth is a flat disc.

If you look at this photo, you can clearly see that this is a lie.  However, we do have those tell us that the Moon landing was a hoax.

It’s clear to this writer that we need to do something and put these liars somewhere-preferably in prison.  We even have some clown who is a limo driver.  I don’t want to mention this guy’s name because he doesn’t deserve any credit.  However, he has built a rocket to prove Earth is flat.

According to MSN, this guy really believes that the planet is flat!

Flat Earth My Ass!

Now, we have conservatives who simply don’t want to pay for college because of things like teaching diversity, according to The Washington Post.

This guy is a former Green Beret (a follower) and someone who basically follows orders without question.  He was quoted in the report: “A lot of Republicans would say they go there to get brainwashed and learn how to become activists and basically go out in the world and cause trouble.”

How does one cause trouble when he sees injustice and fights to correct it?

The report said that he had a problem with “junk” degrees, like art (which contributes to engineering) medicine, or law; that those who study about diversity or culture should only be designated to private schools.

Well, given the fact that this man is a conservative, it makes sense that he wants law and a sense of draconian order, for that is how the conservative brain works.  It cannot handle new information and it refuses to accept new people.  I know that all too well from my religious experiences.

Now, I’m not going to name this goose stepper, but click on the link and you will see him.

He is not alone, as most of the working class voted for Donald Trump, and they have no idea that Trump is going to throw them out into the street.  Do I care for their welfare?  Absolutely not.  That’s not because they disagree with educated people, but rather the way in which they disagree with educated people.

Everyone who opposes college, everyone who accepts the flat-Earth idea, and those who want to rewrite American history by transforming Senator Joseph McCarthy into a hero simply need to be arrested.  This is not a matter of free speech.  It is a matter of fact and fiction; of life and death.  Conservatives want to put us back into the Stone Age. They only question is why? It can’t be because they’re that stupid. Is it simply a a matter of power?

Remember that those who do not know their history will be doomed to repeat it, so that’s a fair review of the right-wing agenda.  If you remember, it was the rich who had all the knowledge and the peasants who lived in fear, praying to God as often as they could.

Conservatives miss those days.


By the way…. that Earth over there, sure looks like a ball.  Doesn’t it?






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Our Celebration Is THEIR Mourning






Let’s not forget what this day really is.

For white people, this is a day of celebration, as the Indians saved the Puritans, through their own stupidity, nearly starved themselves.  Squanto saved their asses, and the gratitude that Squanto and his nation received was nothing more than European diseases and racial genocide.

It didn’t take long for the Christians to show their true agenda-murder, rape, and theft; of land, of resources, and of culture.

By 1675, King Philip (Metacom), Massasoit Ousemequin’s son, fought the Puritans and came out of the losing end of the war, and the rest is just a simple roller coaster drop to the floor.   He was beheaded by the British in the summer of 1676 and his people were sold into slavery.

Whites were never really thankful for much.  They always wanted more than what they had-and they never expressed any qualms about stealing from the weaker.  It is more than three centuries later, and whites steal from the disabled and those of other of races.

This is what the white man is-and he does it in the name of his lord and savior (which are intentionally in lower case), Jesus Christ.

For this is the true story of Thanksgiving; not of giving, but of taking without asking-just ask any Indian nation we destroyed over the past four centuries!

     Is this the “God in America” that the conservatives want?  Then this is not the God we need.  We need an Entity of compassion, not of theft, murder, and lies.  However, it may be wiser of us to ignore entities altogether.  All worship does is put us under the spell of a criminal.

You go and celebrate whatever the hell you want tomorrow.  I may eat, but not in heart.  My spirit with those whom we murdered.


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This writer has come to terms with his fate within the Church after yesterday’s meeting with the pastor at Ascension Lutheran Church in Littleton, Colorado, where the incident occurred a week prior.

Again, while the columnist’s response to the church’s pamphlet on depression may not have been proper, one of the worst things which could have happened was when the woman beside me sarcastically asked me why I was there.

You have read the article, so read it again to refresh your memory.

The incident has since shaken my family to its foundation and the older people in the church want nothing to do with me-which is fine.  I was not there for myself.  I was doing something for someone else every time I went there.   All which was confirmed in the past two weeks is that Christianity and Islam are practically the same with just another name, as both judge and condemn.

The Christian Church still rejects Science as the truth because I explained to the Reverend John Larson what the frontal lobes do-and he still told me I had no excuse-even after I told him Phineas Gage’s tragic outcome.

Christianity has not changed since the Renaissance.  It is still vehemently opposed to scientific inquiry and scientific fact; choosing only to believe that behaviors are a matter of self-control-which they often are not.  Therefore, we have mood stabilizers, so that stupid people don’t get thrown out of windows or pushed into an oncoming Amtrak when they mock someone who has a suffered a traumatic brain injury.

He could not understand that it was Black Sabbath which sent my behavior back to base level on Sunday.  All he continued to reiterate was depth of my misconduct-and I was wrong to do what I did at the time.  However, it’s a reenactment of the OK Corral when one’s frontal lobes can’t do the job.

Christ did not judge people who behaved as I did.  He healed them.  It is unfortunate that the Christian Church has lost all its credibility, and judging people who struggle is just one reason why that is.

It’s interesting to be expelled from a church after what happened to you.

While it’s true that yours truly sent nasty messages to the pastor about Sunday morning’s incident, and while yours truly admits that he should not have engaged in the behavior that he did nor used the language that he used, one must understand that the frontal lobes are compromised.  Thus, this columnist has a very hard time with self-control and managing emotions.

This was something which the pastor refused to acknowledge, stating that I should not have let it get to me.

I’m sorry, but when you’ve dealt with the issue your entire life and you hear people blame you for something which you struggle to control, words like ‘why are you here,’ open deep wounds that go to the very soul.

The only reason I have even gone to church was for the sake of my niece, so that she would not wind up as I became.  However, it is clear that I can never go again, as Christians simply judge behavior without enquiring the reason behind it.  You know what I think spiritually, as you have read it in past articles.  However, the Church still refuses to acknowledge that it is always wrong and Science is always right.
Galileo is a perfect example of this.

It is not this columnist who is alone in this struggle, as the Church condemns many people whom it chooses not to understand.

The Puritans used to sentence people in the stocks for depression.  This actually happened to Reverend Cotton Mather’s wife.  The sight of her misery was unbearable for Reverend Mather and he called for his wife’s release from the stocks, which did happen.

I explained the story of Phineas Gage to the pastor, the railroad foreman who suffered a massive traumatic brain injury in 1848 in which steel went through his skull and landed eleven feet behind him.  He was an easy-going man prior to the incident, but became a raging and profane alcoholic who was unable to maintain employment after his accident.

The pastor had never heard of Phineas Gage, yet still focused upon my shortcomings.

While my actions were far from appropriate, I reminded the pastor that it is he who leads the other into sin who pays the greater penalty (Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Romans 14:13-23).  This is where Christians can’t get me-because I have God’s number, and I can’t be beaten.  I’m simply too intelligent for the likes of the Lord because I call Him on His bullshit.

Guess what?  I’m still not going to Hell.  Why?  Because I know that a Roman soldier was burnt where he slept (Matthew 28:13).


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Martin Luther 1483-1546




Martin Luther 1483-1546

While I’m not a religious person (I’d like to see them all banned), one cannot deny that Martin Luther opened the door for the oppressed in Europe.

It was on this day in 1483 that Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany.

This was during a time in which the Catholic Church tortured and murdered people for merely questioning their interpretation of the Bible.  However, Luther’s main problem with Rome was indulgences; money that parishioners had to give to the Church so that St. Peter’s Basilica could be built.

Luther also had a problem with the Church’s hypocrisy regarding marriage.  He knew that there were priests who were married, and there was nothing in the Bible which stated that a holy man of God was required to remain celibate.  In fact, 1 Corinthians 7:9 states that people should be allowed to marry if they cannot control their urges.

Hence, the 42-year-old Martin found and married a nun by the name of Katherine Von Bora, 26.

The funny thing is that this was not the career choice that his father, Hans, had planned out for his son, Martin.  Martin was supposed to be a lawyer.  Hans was livid when Martin threw that away to become a monk.

Hans never came to terms with his son’s decision.

Luther risked his life during a time when others were being boiled and burned for even suggesting that the common man should have access to it, and he was really asking for it when he nailed the 95 Theses on the door of his church in Wittenburg, Germany.

This act officially made Luther a heretic by decree of the Vatican.

However, Luther never intended to start his own wing of the Christian church.  He had hoped that Rome would seek reconciliation, which has not happened to this very day.

Luther constantly lived incognito and in several different different places.  He had disguised himself as a knight to avoid arrest by Rome’s authorities, and he did all of this while raising a family.

This fucker had brass balls.

In the end, it wasn’t Rome that took him down, but illness in 1546, at the age of 62.  His denomination is one of the more liberal ones as far as Christianity is concerned, as the doctrine of Lutheranism is simply to believe in the death and resurrection of Christ for one’s sins.

While some Lutherans also state baptism as a requirement, one has to think about a baby who dies minutes after birth, don’t tell me you believe that child’s going to Hell!  Are you kidding me?

For more information go to:

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My Problem With God



I know that God exists, but I hate Him for what He has done to me throughout the course of my life-starting with giving me meningitis.

It’s fun to deal with right-wing bigots who assume you smoke pot-all the while they give some Iraq murderer in an American uniform a free pass.

When it comes to relationships, they have been fabulous disasters.  They have been so bad that women have assumed me to be gay because I was still single in my late thirties-the very same kind of chicks who rejected me because I didn’t have the money to accommodate their spending habits.

I got married just prior to forty-and God fucked me on that marriage as if I were a cheap whore on Sepulveda Blvd. My ex-wife spent all of my money and hardly ever let me be intimate with her.

We lived with her friend nearly the entire time we were “married.”

I took care of someone with autism when I should have been dating.

Seeing how I believe in unions, I have taken the appropriate action against an unjust Deity: I’m on strike.

God gets nothing from me until He lives up to His “word” in Genesis 2:18 and in 2 Corinthians 7:9. In fact, when we meet, the Lord will need a doctor after I’m through kicking His ass. Besides, since our righteousness is like that of filthy rags (Isiah 64:6)

I’m not an Atheist, but I don’t put up with the Father’s shit-ever.

I don’t care if He DID create the Universe with can of baked beans, it doesn’t give Him the right to lie to people as Paul admits that God the Father does in Hebrews 11:39-look it up.

I am justified to do all these things against the Father as per Proverbs 18:19, Proverbs 18:22, Proverbs 30:8, 1 Corinthians 7:9, and Matthew 21:22.

I have never sinned within this realm because the Father is guilty, via Mark 9:42.

I win in the end because I know Christ rose three days after His execution.

His knees weren’t broken and Roman guards were burned where they slept if caught nodding off while on duty.

I have conquered God the Father, and He is only hurting His Own “credibility” the longer this continues.

Don’t tell me about Job. Show me Job’s 1040 and his 1199’s. Tell me where Uz was-then, and ONLY THEN, will I consider a possibility of credibility.

God the Father has nothing on me, but the Father would be my bitch if we were in prison, as I would rent Him out.

Well, it’s not nice to let turn innocent people who once trusted You with their very lives into a spiritual terrorist-which is essentially what I am now.

The sad thing is that I am slowly beginning to realize that there are honest Christians in this world who don’t castigate others.  Sadly, they are very difficult to find and they will be caught in the crossfire once 2 Peter 3:4 comes to pass.

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Conservatives Are Pro-BIRTH, Not Pro-LIFE!




MSNBC reported Friday that the Republicans in Congress want to save $8 billion by cutting the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP.

Will someone explain how this behavior is consistent with the pro-life philosophy and how these “Christians” can be so heartless as to forget the story of the Good Samaritan, a man who paid out-of-pocket for the well being of a stranger who was beaten and robbed?

What the Republican Party truly seeks to do is to show that the federal government is unreliable by setting it up for failure, and they’re not above killing children to make their point-those very same children whom they wanted forced into the world because they supposedly had a ‘right to life’ like everyone else-unless you just happen to be one of those ‘everyone else’s’ who has a disability.

Who is going to suffer from this?  The poor, of course.  People with good insurance plans will be able to take their children to specialists without a single worry-just like it was before the days of Obamacare.

And where is this $8 billion going?  Did the Pentagon dream of some jet it just has to have, or it won’t be able to defend America from terrorists anymore?

If any budget should face cuts, it’s the Department of Defense, and the Veterans Administration.  I’m sorry, but that’s the breaks when one is stupid enough to believe a Republican and go fight in a war he doesn’t understand.  Children are innocent victims and should not be punished for the Pentagon’s shopping spree.

Religious hypocrites who vote Republican should read 1 John 3:17-18.  Wait!  They’re too lazy, so I’ll put it right here for them:

1 John 3:17-18New International Version (NIV)

17 “If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

Conservatives should read Matthew 25:42-46, because that’s when the joke will be on them, as they’re all going to burn in Hell for denying a poor child to see a doctor.

Let returning soldiers pay for their own God damned health care.  They didn’t protect our freedom, they ruined our reputation-and they continue to do so.

Women and children should always get first priority in a nation which claims that it cherishes the concept of life.  Then again, everyone around the world knows the United States of America is full of crap.

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Of Course It’s All About Hate! Either Put It in a Museum or…BURN IT!




Americans have heard the great Southern lie that their banner of treason is only about heritage and has nothing to do with hatred, which is…

Americans have heard the great Southern lie that their banner of treason is only about heritage and has nothing to do with hatred, which is really quite interesting when you read what the designer of the Confederate flag said about it.

That being stated, those who fly that Anti-American rag of treason are a product of inbreeding or simple stupidity.  To be honest, it truly might be a bit of both.  This is because interracial marriage was illegal-even after Loving v. Virginia (1967).  What was truly sickening is that these laws still remained on the books long after the landmark Supreme Court decision.  In fact, the Huffington Post reported that Alabama was the last state to repeal its anti-miscegenation law in 2000.

It is illegal to fly the Nazi flag in Germany, although it can be viewed in a museum-which is where the Confederate flag belongs-if not on a pile of wood to be burned with the group of “Southern Knights” that like to display it.

This flag isn’t just offensive.   It’s a symbol of murder, and anyone who supports public display of the same should be labeled as a traitor of the United States of America and take a one time visit to a free Thirteen-Step program that is guaranteed to cure him of his hateful heritage.

You lost.  Get the fuck over it.

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Of Course It’s All About Hate! Either Put It in a Museum or…BURN IT!

Americans have heard the great Southern lie that their banner of treason is only about heritage and has nothing to do with hatred, which is…

Monday, October 30, 2017

Of Course It’s All About Hate! Either Put It in a Museum or…BURN IT!

Americans have heard the great Southern lie that their banner of treason is only about heritage and has nothing to do with hatred, which is really quite interesting when you read what the designer of the Confederate flag said about it.

That being stated, those who fly that Anti-American rag of treason are a product of inbreeding or simple stupidity.  To be honest, it truly might be a bit of both.  This is because interracial marriage was illegal-even after Loving v. Virginia (1967).  What was truly sickening is that these laws still remained on the books long after the landmark Supreme Court decision.  In fact, the Huffington Post reported that Alabama was the last state to repeal its anti-miscegenation law in 2000.

It is illegal to fly the Nazi flag in Germany, although it can be viewed in a museum-which is where the Confederate flag belongs-if not on a pile of wood to be burned with the group of “Southern Knights” that like to display it.

This flag isn’t just offensive.   It’s a symbol of murder, and anyone who supports public display of the same should be labeled as a traitor of the United States of America and take a one time visit to a free Thirteen-Step program that is guaranteed to cure him of his hateful heritage.

You lost.  Get the fuck over it.



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Progressives Are Destroying the Left Because the Country Isn’t Ready For Their Ideas.

There is only one thing wrong with the Democratic Party today, and we all know what the problem is: those who call themselves progressives.

Honestly, there was a time when Americans supported progressivism; back when meat companies sold rotten meat without government oversight, back when football players lost their lives during the game, back when women won the right to vote, and so forth.

For progressivism to work, most of the voting population must arrive to the same conclusion; namely that there must be reform.  However, this is where the similarities end.

We have naïve people who truly believe that the problem is corrupt politicians.

So, what?  Do these people want a raise in the minimum wage, or don’t they?   If that’s the issue of concern for that bloc of voters, no one should care about the eighteen-year-old intern who did a little extracurricular in the office so that she could afford to go to college.

The guy just raised the minimum wage.  Thank him and be happy about it.

The American people truly trusted their government to protect them from the corporate machines-and this was especially true after October of 1929.

However, this was the last generation to trust the federal government’s wisdom in guiding the country, as the baby boomers, the most spoiled generation on Earth, never understood why Dad was always at work and why Mom was practically unconscious.

They had no idea what their parents went through as Dad went from town to town in a futile search to sell apples for a nickel.  Hence, these broken condoms who simply went into the wrong orifice never quite caught on to the idea of saving money.

The funny part is that this pathetic generation that: ‘turned on, tuned in, dropped out.’  That’s okay, because they’re paying the price for that now.  Isn’t it unfortunate that they didn’t think enough to teach their children well, because their children fell for Bernie, and that will put us right back into the situation we had in 1929.

Well, you will, but I won’t.

I remember when I was a delegate at the Colorado Democratic Caucus.  The Bernie people were rude, shut the event down several times, and never allowed Hillary Clinton delegates to speak.  They were worse than children.  They wanted to change the rules which they Democratic Party has had in place for decades.  They only wanted to argue with people; and labelling us as ‘not being liberal enough’.

What is truly delusional is that they still believe Sanders would have beaten Trump.

Today, on Facebook, they try to steer the Democratic Party in an unwinnable direction, as they attempt to tackle issues which no one at the dinner table understands: corporate fraud, disastrous of deregulation, and the end of birth control and civil rights for Americans with Disabilities.

These obstructionists need to be evicted from the Democratic Party, not because of their ideas, but because the voting public is not ready to accept their ideas.  In the end, all the Bernie Sanders wing will do is to stick with a theocratic fascist government which is further to the right than it already is.




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Just so that you know, I am moving to Blogger on Google.  I’m still going to be the same unrepentant liberal you have come to expect.  However, I have decided to try something new.

Here is where I can be found now:

Thank you, and I hope to see you on Blogger at


Jim Rousch

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America’s Hypocritical Position on Traumatic Brain Injury






You may be like me in that you have a tough time controlling your temper.

None of that ‘count to ten’ crap works for you, either, does it?

Yeah, that’s what I figured.

The problem may be that your frontal lobes might be compromised, if not destroyed to some extent.   Worse, the more you try to explain the situation, the more you are dismissed-which is why I have no sympathy for  who don’t hit the dirt or find a place to hide when someone’s breaking point has been cracked and they exercise their Second Amendment rights in Las Vegas.
According to Sanford University, the prefrontal cortex is associated with higher attention, cognition, following society’s rules, and controlling one’s impulses (source: Stanford, Zero to Three, January 2009).
I know how I get when things don’t work after I follow the written instructions-get out, and get out now.

t has gotten worse over the distance of time, due to the number of pallets which hit me in the head when I worked at Walmart.  I can feel it, but I can’t stop it.  I scream obscenities, punch walls, and floor the pedal on the car.  And when I’m accused of having a bad attitude, that’s when you’re playing with matches, as all I am is the spilt Unleaded 93 because there’s a line of gas that leads straight to the pump.

Talk about your Terrible Herbst!

With all the discussion about the traumatic brain injuries suffered by idiots who paid no attention to the road en route to Fallujah or Tikrit, it seems that Americans should express at least some benefit of the doubt toward those of us who didn’t engage in murder via the United States government during the Iraq War.   We  all know they’re going to get that benefit of the doubt when one of them stands on trial for murder, but what about the rest of us who suffer from the same condition through no fault of our own?

Rehabilitation is the answer, not incarceration.  If this society is going to allow rapists in American military uniforms to walk free because they drove over a bomb, Americans who got traumatic brain injury by illness or accident should be afforded the same courtesy.

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What the Hell Happened to Me?! Who Cares? I Have Victories To Win

I rehabilitate myself at least three days a week.

I have a great physical trainer with whom I have much in common.  However, there is a peculiar issue with which currently confuses me.

After I acquired meningitis in 1971, my right side became more dominant (I began life ambidextrous).  Although I still ate with my left hand and despite the fact that I played kickball and soccer with my left leg, I batted right-handed and slugged people with my right fist while in the course of defending myself all through my elementary school years.  Remember that I had been bullied almost to death earlier in my life.  Fighting was the only way to keep bullies away from me.

Something is amiss, however, because my right leg is now more stable than my left.

While my balance was never anything to brag about, one of my biggest fears I was in my twenties was being having to perform a sobriety test in front of Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies because I was never good at heel-toe.

While it has always been quite the adventure to stand on either leg, I now see that my current ability to do this has become much more difficult.

My physical trainer has me stand on one of those big plastic balls that a first grade teacher might improvise to represent Jupiter, but I have to fight for control-regardless of which leg I use.  The irony is that my right leg has now become stronger than my left.

This is a serious concern for me, because the question now arises:


l knew that something was wrong from the moment I was in the emergency room in Burbank, California.  When the neurologists told me that they could clearly see the original brain damage, but could find no evidence of anything new, I screamed,  “BULLSHIT!  SOMETHING’S WRONG!  I FEEL DIFFERENT!”

The neurologists continued to insist that there was nothing new.  However, my behavior had changed-and not for the better, either.

My fuse became shorter, whereas I had it nearly under control before this.

I was  able to pull off what I call a Yosemite Sam, which is the ability to find a way out of an aggravating situation and defuse in a safe place.

However, I am unable to do so now.

I struggle with social skills again, and it’s almost as  bad as when I struggled with the same skills thirty years ago.  I experience more difficulty with verbal intent.

The biggest mystery to me, however, is why my left side has become stronger and exhibited more control than my right side, as this never was.

What damage did that second seizure infect upon me, and where, other than the frontal lobes-which were already damaged by the meningitis?

One thing which I have always had in my favor is that I refuse to accept what is.  There’s no point in living if you accept limitations.

You do what you can with what you have left.  Whatever you lack, you take for yourself and take the freeways out of town, as quality of life is more important than life itself.

While it’s harder for me to concentrate and while it’s more difficult for me to remain civil to the truly idiotic who choose to believe that I’m a drug addict, I did acquire my college degree-something that most people would never have thought I could ever do.

So, if you know someone like me, don’t count them out.  Not only do they possess hidden talents which can benefit the world, but the same people also a simmering rage if disenfranchised-and you don’t want your family to get that phone call, do you?



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What’s With The Sound?



Music Recording

People with developmental disabilities are more capable than you believe.





Have you ever noticed how the first notes on these recordings are louder than those on the rest of the tune?
Okay, I’m no sound man.  Hell, I’m half-deaf as it is, and it’s not from being a heavy metal musician for 33 years.  After all, Paul Stanley was already half-deaf when Wicked Lester formed in 1970, so that’s not the problem.
Furthermore, there was a period in my life when I worked behind the camera, and that was back in the early 1990s when I worked with Allan Cameron in Santa Clarita, California, so I know a few things about camerawork.  However, back to the damn sound.
It would be easier to understand why these recordings are so goofy if the opening notes were as screwy as the rest.  However, that is not the case.  So, what gives?
Sure, it makes me sound like I haven’t a clue of what the hell I’m doing-and maybe I don’t.  I won’t argue about that idea in the sound realm, because I’m only using a $1200 Hewlett-Packard or (even sillier) an i-Phone (I’m serious!).
Here’s what is probably the least believable.  The recordings from my i-Phone are of higher quality than those which I record straight from the computer.  Hell, I still get better recordings off compact cassette!  Yes, I still use compact cassettes and old-fashioned tape recorders.
If I know me, I probably haven’t set up the microphones correctly.
Do I really do music for the money?  No, I’m 47-years-old now, and I’m pretty much recording this material for any descendants I might have a century or two down the line.  Realistically, about the only way I could ever cut any kind of album is if I made it in this business first-and then, it would have to be after I’m somewhat established.
Uh-huh, yeah.
Although I’m usually the first one to say that those who look at reality may as well give up now, that is the reality of my situation as a musician-especially a metal musician.
The strange thing about this recording is that it’s very much of the 1970’s variety.  I personally hear elements of Kiss and Led Zeppelin from about 1975 in something that I just recorded last night (October 7, 2017) around 10:30 p.m.
While the notes might be a bit heavier, the sound is very much from the days of Watergate and the Arab oil embargo against the West.
I would record two guitars, but I’m not quite sure that I could pull it off with this computer.  I would probably need a second computer; one to play the rhythm and the other with which to record leads.  I don’t know.  I guess I’ll have to ask my original lead guitarist or another friend of mine who has worked with Sheena E. and Chicago.
Come to think of it, I wonder if he’s playing at the Baked Potato tonight.



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Another Nameless Metal Composition



Music Recording

People with developmental disabilities are more capable than you believe.




I realize what a lot of you are thinking.


This guy kind of sucks on the axe.  However, you did read some time ago that I never claimed to be Dimebag Darrell Abbott or Randy Rhoads.


This composer has a developmental disability and has had two seizures.  Hence, he records the tune while the notes are still in his mind.  There is virtually no short-term memory, and it’s too late by the time some of the melody returns.


The worst thing about it is the melody is never the same once some of it returns to my mind.


Just be happy that I’m keeping the classical heavy metal era alive through these compositions.  Maybe I’ll have a kid one day who can perfect his or her old man’s works, but these are the best I can do for right now.  Be grateful that this Jack the Ripper is not a dull boy by only displaying one type of material on here.


There are different sides to my personality, other than being a cut-throat liberal, and I want to share some of the other sides.  These recordings are only one verse long, as one should figure that the other one or two verses are the same-just like in a hymnal.


You probably have no idea that my hands shake as I type.  Well, they do.  I’m lucky that I can do any of this.


My hands shake because of what has happened to me over the course of time.  There are times when I should record the compositions in pieces and take short breaks in between.


My left hand shakes as I type this, in fact, and this is probably something that I will have to deal with for the next 50 or 60 years.


This is just more proof that people with disabilities can do more than what most people expect.

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Oh, Yeah. This is Terrorism. Thanks, NRA!







It’s safe to state that one can now label the National Rifle Association a terrorist organization.


Like the MSNBC byline states, if this isn’t terrorism, what is?


The event in Las Vegas was a terrorist act, kids-and it was an act perpetrate by whites, who claim the “need” to be armed for protection.  Now, unless this guy had a neurological condition, there was no reason for him to have an arsenal.


Have you ever noticed that it’s always some white man who has an “arsenal” of rifles?  As if one artificial penis isn’t enough.  White males seem to feel the need to have a need to feel superior to everyone-when they’re not.

The right-wing gets you to vote against your own interests because they want you to be afraid of threats that don’t exist.  The only threats out there are the right-wing gun nuts who own arsenals and say that M-79 grenade launchers are covered in the Second Amendment.

There will come a day when Americans will surrender their guns to keep their children safe, and this columnist would win that bet because Americans accepted the Patriot Act right after September 11, 2001.

However, Americans will continue to see these massacres until they decide that the Second Amendment isn’t worth their children’s lives.  This isn’t going to end today, tomorrow, or next Wednesday.  Paranoid white men with defective amygdales will tell you that these need weapons for protection.  The funny part is that those weapons get used in places like Las Vegas.

And so, the cycle repeats ad nauseum.

America has more guns than people, and yet Americans are no safer.  In fact, the United States of America has the most gun deaths when listed among the world’s richest nations.

However, this is the way Americans claim they want it for now, because they choose fear over reality.

There’s nobody waiting outside anyone’s window.  Just shut up and fuck your wife with your Derringer, okay?


No, no, no, stupid-the one that shoots blanks.

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Tom Petty R.I.P.



Tom Petty gave us great material over the years, but what happened in those final moments before he checked out?

What was in his mind when everything began to shut down?

Did he think about the hits he made?

Did he think of Roy Orbison and George Harrison of the Traveling Wilburys, who had passed before him?

I first became familiar with his music in 1981, when he and Stevie Nicks recorded Stop Draggin’ My  Heart Around-and I had already had a huge crush on Stevie Nicks as it already was…ever since the 1977 album from Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, was released. Speaking of Stevie Nicks, that woman gave me one of my first erections back then-and I was only seven-years-old.

However, back to Tom.

He was one of Southern Rock’s last big bangs.

He was able to change with the times, yet still stay as he was-which very few acts can do successfully.

I had always wanted to see one of his shows, but never had the chance to go-and now there’s no chance of seeing the last dance.



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Family Sucks




Everyone on Earth knows that the United States of America is full of crap, which is fewer nations give half of a damn about the rhetoric we spew.

Oh, there’s our crap about the idea of our supposed respect for human rights when Republicans want to starve impoverished children by eliminating social programs while the members of that very political party want rape victims to be forced into motherhood at the age of 10 (remember Mike Huckabee’s comments regarding whether or not a ten-year-old has the right to an abortion?  That bastard wanted her to continue with the pregnancy!), but there’s much more-like when your religious family members unfriend you, or even block you on Facebook because they’re hypocrites who refuse to understand what you have been through.

Some of you know exactly what I mean.

They tell you that they cannot stand your language and your blasphemy, but only address your issue by giving you that $1.98 response; that Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven-which they believe exempts them from any responsibility toward those who have been hurt by their cult.

The funny thing is that’s not what Jesus Christ did.

He saw the pain in those who screamed blasphemous rants.  Those whom He went after were the religious leaders-like the prostitute whom the Sanhedrin wanted to execute on the charge of adultery.

Widows and other single women of the time who had no other means were forced into prostitution by economic necessity, as there were no government programs for them.  Furthermore, Christ knew that these men used her, which is why He replied that only those among them who were without sin could cast the first stone.

In my particular case, Christians bullied me to the point of suicide.  In fact, Gene Simmons of Kiss demonstrated more concern for me than any Christian ever did up to that point.

Now, to be fair, my grandparents never knew how bad it was, because they would have kicked asses had they realized the extent of the damage-which continues to reverberate 35 years later.

I could see my grandmother walking into that Christian concentration camp with a broom and a loud voice: “Who hurt my Jimmy?!”

It was too late by the time she began to realize how much harm had been inflicted, because she saw the inverted crosses in my room and everyone knew that I burned candles all over the house-while I blasted Venom through the speakers.

My cousins, though, would rather address my behavior than the reason behind it.

One of my cousins with regard to this issue is in law enforcement-and we all know how they solve problems, don’t we?

Cops use permanent solutions to deal with temporary problems-which is why they get sued practically every day.

Another cousin shacks up,  yet once told me that she and God are good-and I’ve never lived with a chick outside of marriage because I understand that the chances of divorce skyrocket threefold as opposed to not living together before marriage.

The only one I can think of who might give a damn is a teacher in Oklahoma.  We talk on and off, and I do have to admit that she has been kind to me on occasion.  I don’t know how much she understands about traumatic brain injury, but I do thank her for being there for me when I thought for sure that I knocked someone up.

I was disappointed when her period came, because I would have married her, as I honestly loved her.

Don’t ask, okay?  Cultural differences.  That’s all I’m going to say.  She’s an adult, but not allowed to make her own decisions at the age of forty.

Man, the Father is one hypocritical son of a whore, isn’t He?  And the funny thing is that Christians are told to allow marriage if people are getting older and want to do so, and it also states not to place faith in wealth.

So, why do Christians judge men by their pocketbooks before they know the reasons behind their economic situation?

My grandparents got married on Christmas Day in 1929.  The stock market had crashed two months prior.

I highly doubt Horace had a ton of money to spoil Irene.  Come to think of it, I don’t think they were ever able to have their official honeymoon throughout their 68 years of marriage.  Oh, they had their vacations, but no trips to New York City or Hawaii.

They went to Iowa-really romantic, right?

My cousins have no idea how spoiled they are-especially the one who is a cop.  Sure, it’s only Facebook, but tell me who would Jesus unfriend and block.

Exactly, no one..

Family sucks.

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How Come Trump Doesn’t Call For a Boycott of Kid Rock? Ooooh!




This makes makes you wonder why Donald Trump doesn’t issue a decree that Kid Rock perform for free, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s all there in black and white-oops.

Kid Rock is nothing but a hillbilly, but I have no doubt that he could be elected to the Senate, as he has pulled at the heartstrings of morons.  I,  myself, only cared for only one of his tunes, and that was off his debut album.

Can you honestly see this clown vote on the issue of ratifying a treaty?

Please tell me that this is a joke.  I mean, this worse than the idea of having Ted Nugent run for office.

It’s not?

This guy calls himself the Pimp of the Nation, and Michigan is one of those “family values” states.

Maybe all the water pipes need to be replaced over there, but I wouldn’t count on that.

Rick Snyder is still the governor over there.




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The Wrong Immigrant To Scare



I have someone to fight for, and she’s someone I hope to make a future with someday.
I’m going to do everything I can in my power to keep her here, because she likes it here (why, I don’t know.  It was a hell of a lot better under Obama and Clinton).

I’m a political brawler, but I fight much more effectively when it’s personal-and this one is personal.  No Marquis of Queensbury rules-especially when it comes to the white nationalist we have in the White House.

I met her at my niece’s birthday party two years ago, and I learned roughly a year ago of her interest in me.

One thing which is great about her is that she has something that American women have lost over the course of the last forty years-a domestic sophistication and the desire to create a true home.  Men don’t meet women like that anymore-not in this country, anyway.  What we normally get is ‘dinner is thawing in the sink.  Love you.’

She wants to own her own business in conjunction with being a wife and mother-and I have only seen that balancing act work once in my life.  The woman I knew who did that was damn good at pulling it off, because her daughter (my girlfriend at the time) was special needs.   Sixteen years later, that girl who was special needs is now a psychologist in Los Angeles, in her late thirties, and with a shitload of awards.  I couldn’t be prouder of her.

So, it can be done.

I’m prepared to defend this young lady, even if it means that I get hauled away in an ambulance.  That’s what you do when there’s a white supremacist in the White House and you must defend someone whom you already care for.

This girl is going to find out what happens when someone touches me while they try to negatively affect her life.

I’ve always been the middle finger with a mouth, and I’m prepared to raise it high for this queen, because she’s royalty to me, and because she’s worth more than L’Oréal (remember the commercial?  Okay, then.  Shut up.).  I’m no Muhammad Ali and I’m no Jack Dempsey, but you don’t want to do anything to her and you certainly don’t want to hit me when I must defend her-trust me on either situation.

Oh, and you certainly don’t want to try and cuff me while all of this goes down in real time.  It’s just a stupid idea on your part.  People have seen what I tend to do when I get hurt in a fight-just don’t try it.

Yes, this is the same liberal you love to hate, but not all modern-day liberals are pussies.  That’s why a lot of liberals mistake me for a Republican-because I don’t turn the other cheek.  I break the other jaw with whatever I can grab hold of.

Try growing up in Sylmar, California.   You just try it, my friends.

The best way I can describe that Los Angeles suburb is that the perfect soundtrack for that place is Mean Street by Van Halen-especially as you go down the hill.  You get around Herrick Avenue and the lower part of Sayre Street, you’d better have some good life insurance…or else your wife is going to have to have to go down to her high school weight so she can be a stripper and feed the orphans you were dumb enough to leave behind.

How long does it take to lose 150 lbs. anyway?

Just asking-and by the way, I grew up on Lyle Street, which is between Herrick and DeGarmo.  I heard gunfire because Sylmar Park is around the corner and down the street.

Anyway, that’s Sylmar, California, the place where I grew up, and the place I still call home-no matter where I am and no matter where I end up by the time it’s all over. That’s where I learned to fight.  That’s where I usually won, but when I got a beating, I really got a beating.

Everyone plays their hand, right?

I’ll never forget the fight I lost in the 4th grade in 1979 in the front of Dyer Street School. That kid (Good one, Robert) simply had me.  I have no excuses for losing that one.

That’s why I don’t read like the average Wonder Bread liberal.  That’s also why Wonder Bread liberals mistake me for a Republican.  I may be a metalhead, but I did grow up in the hood-which gives this young lady the advantage.

That’s probably why she’s afraid of the Alt-Right, but I’m not.  I laugh when they open their racist mouths, as I’ve met people who walked the talk they’re simply too pussy to demonstrate for all of us.

I’ve dealt with racists.  I’ve dealt with cops who have aimed guns at my head at point blank range.  I’ve dealt with the National Rifle Association.  I’ve dealt with idiots who brag about how many they killed in war.

The Alt-Right is filled with gray-haired, beer-bellied amateurs, and the man who woos this Latina has dealt with professionals.    This woman is simply the wrong immigrant to scare.

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Why Townhall Meetings Are A Complete Waste of Your Time




I just received a text from Team Internet about if I whether or not I want to go to a town hall meeting and ask a question about Net Neutrality.

Are you fucking kidding me?  Anyone with a brain knows that the any answer you will hear from these jackballs will either be doublespeak, legalese, or pure bullshit.

Why would any liberal take part in any kind of town hall meeting today?  Well, maybe the peaceniks feel like they want to do everything they can.  The only problem is that they’ve already tried that-and it didn’t work.

Republicans throw people out of town hall meetings now, and the American media is owned by the right.  These suits know that most people on the left are so naïve that they’ll accept any answer.

I just ask another question-and then another, and another, and another.  I finally get escorted out of the place.

Oh, it’s not that I yell, or anything.  It’s just that the suits realize they’re dealing with someone who pays attention-and they don’t like that.  They like lemmings, and they can tell that I’m too intelligent to be one of those.

One answer just causes me to ask to clarify that answer-and in plain verbiage.  “Well, without the legalese, can you just flat out break it down for the audience, sir?  I mean, I just want you to be on the record.”

Okay, I think we’ve heard just about enough of this troublemaker.

That’s what they think, anyway.

Twenty-five years ago, whatever answers I didn’t get at the town hall meeting were rhetorically discussed in another letter to the Editor.

My suggestion is to quit the bullshit, which is what these townhalls really are.  If you insist on asking these liars a question, try it with a Louisville Slugger in your hand.  Let’s see how honest they’ll become.

The purpose of these meetings is to say anything to shut you up, because they figure you’re just a simple dolt, that you’ll believe anything they tell you, and that you’re going to forget the whole thing six months after they have changed the rules without your even realizing it.

Not me, I pay attention to these motherfuckers-and that’s why I get annoyed with these town hall meetings.


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The Un-American Charlatan in the White House



There can be no doubt that Trump is looking for a reason to start another civil war.

While President Abraham Lincoln said, ‘with malice toward none, with charity for all,’ Trump labels anyone who refuses to stand for the American flag at this time as a son of a bitch.

Try it with me, Wigboy.

You make fun of the developmentally disabled (we all know you did that), and I will not stand for a banner which represents division, hatred, bigotry, and war.

There is only one circumstance in which I would-and it’s not out of respect for that piece of cloth.  Even the 97-year-old World War II veteran knelt.

Hey, Trump!  What was your rank, you piece of shit?

Oh, I forgot!  You’re a fucking draft dodger, so fuck you!

To encourage fans to boo at those who exercise their First Amendment right to protest under the 1989 Supreme Court decision, Texas v. Johnson, makes Trump even more unfit to lead this nation than he was on Election Night when he promised to be a president for all Americans.

Trump hasn’t been a president to any real American.  He calls blacks thugs

Trump has called racists ‘very fine people’

Trump wants to build a wall (which Vincente Fox said Mexico won’t pay for) along the southern border, but what about the northern border with Canada?

Trump violates the First Amendment by blocking Twitter users who disagree with him.


To review, let’s all read the First Amendment together, shall we?

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.



Donald Trump is a fascist dictator who only represents white America.  He destroys our freedoms at home while he attempts to start World War III with North Korea.

The longer we allow this piece of crap to sit in the Oval Office, the less likely Americans will ever be free to live in peace again.

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John McCain Saves The Day AGAIN! Why?



This columnist never thought that he would ever type this twice (let alone once), about a Republican, but it’s clear that Senator John McCain of Arizona is truly a hero.

Yes, this is the same columnist who mocked his heroism for being caged for five years, and I will admit to that.  However, one must wonder why he has chosen to save the Affordable Care Act (despite the fan that he’s no fan of it) a second time.

Is it because ABC News reports that 56% of Americans would rather have Obamacare than the current Nazi proposal, which was introduced by Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.)?

Obamacare works fine in blue states, because Democratic governors implement it.  Those who live in red states believe it doesn’t work because they don’t realize that their own stupidity prevents it from working properly whenever they walk into a voting booth-and to Democrats, I say: stop educating those morons.  Let them die, for they are like those who stand on the roof during a storm and refuse to take the boat which would have spared them.

They are the same idiots who we find three miles from the house two days later after they were offered aid during the last storm.

Don’t help anyone who hates President Obama or Hillary Clinton.  Let those fuckers rot-even if they claim to be of the left.  One goes with their strongest weapon and ditches sentimentality.
Hillary Clinton was that weapon, but the pot smokers wanted a selfish old man who has never authored a passing bill throughout his entire political career.

John McCain prided on labeling himself as a Reagan Republican.  However, Reagan would have totally gutted Obamacare, if not repealed it altogether.  One almost must wonder if Johnny McCain is truly a moderate Democrat, because he has opposed a ton of right-wing crap-especially now.

Whatever his reason for this position, I must do what I must do.

Thank you, Senator John McCain.  You have your own reasons for this stand, but I thank you for it.

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So Fucking What if Democracy’s Corrupt? What Are You Willing To Do To Maintain Your Civil Rights?




Have you ever tried to educate a Berniebot on how politics works?

If you have, you can relate to the frustration and the amount of education you have to give them-only to get rejected at the end of the discussion.

Voters are why I have no faith in democracy, as they choose confusion, “corruption,” to disappointment as excuses-and that includes BERNIEBOTS.

Corruption has always been a problem in democratic governance-ever since Athens and Rome.

So fucking what?

The American political process is corrupt.  However, ridding democracy of corruption would only benefit the Republican Party, because those who make up the Republican base are so ignorant that they will vote to legalize fortifying drinking water with hemlock.

I actually like the fact that there is corruption in our democracy. Think of who would be railroaded if we were stupid enough to force any reform.  Republicans would be able to hide all of their corruption and their lies, and it would only be Democrats who would pay a price.


Because of Bernie Sanders, Obamacare is in trouble, which means that people will be rejected for health insurance due to pre-existing conditions.

Because of Bernie Sanders,  the Americans with Disabilities Act could be repealed
Because of Bernie Sanders, the LGBTQ community could actually lose their civil rights.

There are more important issues to address than corruption, and there are better ways to fix corruption rather than using the tainted voting process, in which computer chips flip votes and many ballots never make it to the registrar’s office.

Of course, I love it when the ‘bots shrug everything off by stating that they voted their conscience-which is one of the most irresponsible statements anyone can make, especially when one considers the consequences of a Republican White House.

Those who unapologetically voted for Sanders or Stein need to be expelled from the Democratic Party, as all they do is give bankers and killers an easy victory.  I would even take it a step further by only allowing Republicans and Democrats on the ballot.

Isn’t that how the Champion Game works?  Are there three teams, or just two?

Thank you.

Democracy is corrupt.  Big deal.  The alternative is being forced to carry a rapist’s seed to term or losing the minimum wage.

Grow up or shut up.  If you can’t vote for the Democratic candidate, just shut up.



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Let It Be Known



Let it be known that I get really sick of these Berniebots, and I wish other Democrats did, as well.

They accuse of you being a Republican the very minute you disagree with them.  The problem is that they are not grounded in any sense of reality.

There’s no argument that our healthcare system needs to improve, but Americans just simply aren’t ready for the changes that are needed.  They don’t realize that there are already elements of socialism in our economy-elements that they really can’t live without.

Social Security!  Hello!

Medicare!  Duh!

However, Americans hear the term ‘single-payer’ or ‘public option,’ and they just about lose their chocolate pudding in their shorts.  This is why the Democrats have to remain center-left.

Remember when President Bill Clinton tried to get healthcare done back in the 1990s? Remember Harry and Louise?  That derailed the whole fucking thing.  Americans supported the idea-until they saw the Harry and Louis commercial.

So now, the Republicans want to try to derail Obamacare again.

We all know they’re doing this because President Obama is black.  Were it President Clinton, they would have left it alone.  The Republicans simply want the American people to have no memory of the time when we had a two-term black president.

To its credit, the American news media has turned this vote into an episode of As The World Turns, but these Berniebots aren’t helping things.  If anything, it seems quite clear that they are willing to destroy a party which has existed since Thomas Jefferson if they don’t everything they want.

This makes Berniebots worse than Republicans.

It’s time for the Democrats to blacklist every Berniebot who continues to sing Sanders’ praises-especially since Sanders received money from the National Rifle Association in 1990.

Oh, you didn’t know that?

Bernie Sanders took money from the NRA in 1990

Take it easy.

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The site probably looks like crap right now.   The reason for that is because I’m trying to rebuild it.

This isn’t free anymore, guys.  I may be a leftist, but even I eat.  That being stated, here are the prices.

Music Recording
0.25 USD


0.10 USD


0.30 USD


Video clip

0.15 USD

The recordings are a quarter because you get what you pay for.  I’m not Dimebag, okay?

The articles are fairly priced when you consider what a periodical, such as a newspaper or a Time magazine goes for.

The video clips are half that price because there are usually no words to go along with them.  The events are pretty much going to for themselves.  Warning:  I might actually get some really bitchin’ shit, and I won’t censor anything.  I don’t care how disgusting or disturbing it might possibly be.  I shoot what I shoot, and that’s it.  So, if your kid sees a human head rolling down the street as blood spurts out of the neck, that’s on you.

They have parental controls on computers and people should be mindful of the fact that Damien might be looking over your shoulder.

This is still going to be the same liberal website.  You’ll still get the story and the facts.  You’ll still be on the receiving end of my dark humor and funny-but-sickening analogies.  I will still tell it like it is.

The memes are a dime because how much fucking effort does it take to produce one of those?  They’re cheap and accessible-you know, like hookers.

This is a business now, but a fair one.  We all have to eat in this world and dead cats aren’t necessarily plentiful on a consistent basis, so I have to do it this way.  Besides, you kind of like my twisted sense of humor and my dark viewpoint.  You also like my solutions, because I write what you think, but don’t dare state in public.

What I write is also what I’ll say on the street.  Pigs don’t scare me and I actually get along with gang members, believe it or not.

Hey, even Frank Zappa had to charge for his music.  Thank God he never had to deal with Napster.  The ACLU and People for the American Way charge for membership, so it’s the same idea.

Liberalism means free access, but not necessarily for free.

Some might state that I’m actually undercharging, which might be true.  However, the information needs to get out there, so I encourage you to tell your friends about this site.

I am still looking for people to tell me their stories, and you can send them to:  Leave your name and all information pertaining to your situation so that either I or someone closer to you geographically can help you win your battle.

I thank you for your loyal readership and I hope to continue producing material that you find interesting.  One thing you could do is inform me of what you want to know about.  Again, you can send that to  I’ll research the issue and kick its ass as soon as I can.

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Night Rider

Music Recording

People with developmental disabilities are more capable than you believe.


While it’s true that these recordings aren’t exactly perfect, I release them as is due to the fact that my short-term memory is lacking.  The main point is that Americans with developmental disabilities can create, whether you think they can or not.
I can always perfect the recording later.

I can actually hear the percussion parts in my mind as I compose the tune-too bad I can’t play a set of Slingerlands worth a damn.

This is kind of a thrash piece that I’ve been contemplating for a few hours.  It kind of reminds me of something that Anthrax would have recorded for the 1985 album Spreading the Disease.

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Donald Trump is a Pussy




Why does the Fake News Network keep airing anti-Hillary crap when Hillary has started she has no intention of running again?

Donald Trump has got to be the biggest pussy on Earth.

He can’t control Putin, he feels threatened by President Obama, and he’s terrified of a woman!

Some would say that’s why he’s a misogynist, but I’m not so sure about that.  It seems to this columnist that Donald Trump fears people who have less to lose than he does.

He doesn’t pay his contractors.
He pays his workers around the world starvation wages.
He talks about about grabbing women by the pussy.

No, dude.  Donald Trump is an 18-year-old leaky pussy after a gangbang on a Van Nuys movie set in North Hills, California.

He dodges Robert Mueller every chance he gets, while Bill Clinton and Barack Obama dared their challengers to find something on them-and the best Starr could do with Bill Clinton was an alleged blowjob.  I mean, we never saw that blue dress.

What’s Hillary got on Trump that terrifies him so much?  Have you seriously ever thought of that possibility?

This columnist is not stating that Hillary Clinton has dirt on Donald Trump, but he suspects that she does, because Trump is still interested in a dead issue with regard to her.


Trump’s a big talker, but he does absolutely nothing.

The Affordable Care Act still exists, but Trump vowed to repeal it on Day 1.
Hillary Clinton is free, but Trump vowed to put her in prison.
Trump vowed to restore greatness which never went away (until he walked into that Oval Office), but Angela Merkel of Germany is now recognized as leader of the free world-which means he gets his ass handed to him by two women!

Wait a minute!  Didn’t Melania get his fat ass on live television, too?

Oh, yeah!  She scolded him a few months ago!  Remember?  She slapped his hand away, too!

What a fucking pussy!

Furthermore, she looks away from him.  You don’t have to believe me.  Just check this out.

Trump doesn’t have the respect of his woman and Trump doesn’t have the respect of his counterparts around the world.

No one wants him in London.

This is really one of the reasons why the Donald tries to act macho with Kim and threaten war.

North Korea is a century ahead of being eighty years behind.  China keeps North Korea afloat-begrudgingly, I’m quite sure.

Lastly, we have the fact that Trump has been known to block people who criticize him on social media.  It’s one thing to be vile on social media, and that’s why we block people on Facebook and Twitter.  However, when Trump blocks someone who calls him on his bullshit, that’s just being a creampied pussy.





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Why They Distract You







Here we fucking go with yet another anti-Hillary Clinton story on the False News Channel (FOX).

This time, it has something to do with Matt Lauer and something about something else. I really didn’t care to read it past the first five words on the graphic because I have more important things to do than to sulk over right-wing propaganda.

It’s strange how many of the other news outlets report a little on what the Trump regime has done to this country over the course of the work day-especially since the American news media is one of the reasons why Trump is in power in the first place.

They sold Trump.

Conversely, it’s pretty clear that the news directors and the editors in chief hadn’t a clue that this Nazi would dictate to the American press what stories it could and could not report.

Do you realize just how fucked we’d be without the British media right now?


We wouldn’t know about the scope of the deals Trump made before the election, among other things, had it not been for the British media!


Then again, the British are much more sophisticated than we are.

The British are also trying to prevent WORLD WAR III, because they have become experts at recognizing a madman in power-and they see two of them right now, playing a game of Which One of Us Can Find His Penis First between the United States and North Korea, while Putin just bides his time-a very smart move on his part.

What do you on the American left do? You still blame Hillary Clinton for what you heard about her on RT!


You will never see how your vote for Jill Stein (another one with Russian ties-just like Trump) destroyed our country. You Stein voters and Berniebots aren’t bright enough to figure out that you curtailed your own civil rights by choosing “purity” over reality.

Stop blaming the Democratic Party for your misguided votes, put the bong down and help prevent World War III by working with the Democratic Party, but make no demands.

You see, the Democrats lost by double-digits when we tried your suggestions. The Democratic Party has to remain center-left.

You saw what voting far-left got you-a right-wing regime.


Humans don’t like quick changes-even if those changes are for their own good, so just leave well enough alone.

As for the first group of readers whom I addressed, ignore the Hillary bashing. The only reason why Trump wants to distract you with the latest anti-Hillary propaganda piece is because he wants to distract you while he devises another way to erode your civil liberties.

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Wanna See What the Father Did To Me When I Was An Infant? Don’t Worry, Because I Will Win in the End-I Always Do.



Exodus 4:11 tells us that the Father inflicts damage on innocent children and Leviticus 21:16-23 advocates discrimination against people with developmental disabilities.

You don’t believe me?


Exodus 4:11-12New International Version (NIV)

11 The Lord said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord?

Leviticus 21:16-2316The LORD said to Moses, 17“Say to Aaron: ‘For the generations to come none of your descendants who has a defect may come near to offer the food of his God. 18No man who has any defect may come near: no man who is blind or lame, disfigured or deformed; 19no man with a crippled foot or hand, 20or who is a hunchback or a dwarf, or who has any eye defect, or who has festering or running sores or damaged testicles. 21No descendant of Aaron the priest who has any defect is to come near to present the food offerings to the LORD. He has a defect; he must not come near to offer the food of his God. 22He may eat the most holy food of his God, as well as the holy food; 23yet because of his defect, he must not go near the curtain or approach the altar, and so desecrate my sanctuary. I am the LORD, who makes them holy.'”

I’m fucked at Verse 19, as the meningitis with which God allowed Lucifer to hit me with meningitis as an infant, which destroyed my left ear and my balance, as well as my coordination.  Hence, I’m not worth anything-according to God.

That’s okay, the feeling is mutual, Asshole, as You protected three men in a furnace.  Yet, You’re nowhere to be found when a priest molests a child.

For those who have no idea what I’m referring to, here thou art:

Daniel 3:19-New International Version (NIV)

19 Then Nebuchadnezzar was furious with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and his attitude toward them changed. He ordered the furnace heated seven times hotter than usual 20 and commanded some of the strongest soldiers in his army to tie up Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and throw them into the blazing furnace.21 So these men, wearing their robes, trousers, turbans and other clothes, were bound and thrown into the blazing furnace. 22 The king’s command was so urgent and the furnace so hot that the flames of the fire killed the soldiers who took up Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, 23 and these three men, firmly tied, fell into the blazing furnace.

24 Then King Nebuchadnezzar leaped to his feet in amazement and asked his advisers, “Weren’t there three men that we tied up and threw into the fire?”

They replied, “Certainly, Your Majesty.”

25 He said, “Look! I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed, and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.”

26 Nebuchadnezzar then approached the opening of the blazing furnace and shouted, “Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, servants of the Most High God,come out! Come here!”

So Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego came out of the fire, 27 and the satraps, prefects, governors and royal advisers crowded around them. They saw that the fire had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them.

This is why the pious want to be very careful with someone like this columnist, because only one verse needs to be cited to shut them down:

Proverbs 18:19New International Version (NIV)

19 A brother wronged is more unyielding than a fortified city;
    disputes are like the barred gates of a citadel.

Remember how I mentioned that the bullying which I had experienced in the Church nearly caused me to take my own life?

Remember how American society’s discrimination against those with learning disabilities put me nearly at least 25 years behind in life.

This is why people like myself owe the Father absolutely nothing.

I remember looking up and giving the Father my voting finger after I sat down in my row at my college graduation.

“I beat You, You son of a whore-and I’m going to beat You again.  You can’t stop me.  You’re going to pay me every dollar.  I’m smarter than You.  I know Job is merely a myth, but You will come through for me if You want to remain credible-savvy?”

This columnist can make this statement toward his Creator and get away with it because of one verse in Proverbs 30:7-9.

 7Two things I asked of You,
Do not refuse me before I die:

8Keep deception and lies far from me,
Give me neither poverty nor riches;
Feed me with the food that is my portion,

9That I not be full and deny You and say, “Who is the LORD?”
Or that I not be in want and steal,
And profane the name of my God.

Now, we get to where I truly blow Jehovah out of the sky.  Once more, we have to go to Science for the answers, not the Bible-and this article is just one example of how correct Science is.

We have got you ‘covered’: how the meninges control brain
Julie A Siegenthaler and Samuel J Pleasure

Remember, that’s where it all started with me.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher EducationBS/P-001 (Primary Program)
Current & Upcoming CoursesFull Schedule & Credits

Congratulations! You have officially graduated from your program.Be sure to visit our Alumni Association to learn about the benefits that come with being a University of Phoenix graduate. To get started, check out Alumni Association FAQs.

This should have happened back in 1992.  However, since the Father was so kind to me, I have wandered in the desert for 25 years.  No one does that to an infant and gets away with it.  I don’t care if He did create the Universe.

A tyrant is a tyrant, and my job is to overthrow any tyrant I see-whether that tyrant occupies the White House or inside the Heavenly Kingdom.  The beautiful thing is that the Father can’t send me to Hell.


I know that His Son rose from the dead because I know the mechanics of crucifixion and I also know the political situation in Israel at that time-which means I know the disciples did not steal Christ’s body, because a Roman guard who fell asleep was burned at his post.

This means that I win in both this life and the next!

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Lemmy Would Give Someone in the Marketing Department the Iron Fist For What They Did To The Ace of Spades



I saw something which just about made me vomit upon watching the New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys game on NBC


Ace of Spades?  Kia?  ARE YOU PUTTING ME ON?!

Ace of Spades was the title track from Motorhead’s 1980 album.  It was loaded with classics like Shoot You in the BackJailbait, and (We Are) The Roadcrew, so do these tunes match up with a Kia?

More like Chevy SS, Ford Mustang, or Dodge Challenger.

Seriously!  Who works in these marketing departments?

My degree is in psychology, but I could tell you that an idiot put that tune in the commercial.  Furthermore, I met Lemmy Kilmister, and I could tell you that he would not approve of this, as Lemmy was about as anti-establishment as one could get-and he wasn’t joking about his lifestyle, either.

That’s who he was.



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Do NOT Resist Peacefully IF YOU WANT TO LIVE

I wonder if some here how realize hard it would be for someone like myself to pull that one off-although it might be a good idea…even today, I don’t know.

What would Malcolm say when you consider what happened at Charlottesville?

Malcolm would certainly salute the brave young white woman who was murdered and give honor to her.  However, would he pick up that glove and call the white supremacists on their bullcrap?

Given the events which happened since his death and given the events which happened after King’s death, I have no doubt that Brother Malcolm would call for retaliation-and I would be right there by his side.

Malcolm X describes the black conservative 

Suffering peacefully is bullshit, and none of us should do that anymore.  We should pick up a bat send that son of a whore to the cemetery.  Only the truly selfish believe in suffering peacefully, because it’s a form of narcissism.

“Look at me!  They abused me, and I didn’t resist!”

Would you resist while someone tries to rape you or would you kick him in the nutsack or bite his dick off if he tried to force that into your mouth?

You fight with everything ounce of your being, because to suffer peacefully is allow that beast to ruin you for the rest of your life, but to fight him off is a permanent feather in your bonnet.

I encourage those in Charlottesville to continue the fight against the Ku Klux Klan, the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party, and anyone else who espouses the erosion of civil rights-and do it in the way Brother Malcolm taught us, because Reverend King failed miserably.

The enemy has you right where they want you if you use your conscience, because your conscience often prevents you from doing what is necessary for your survival and for your prosperity.

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Tell Me About Your Culture



Wherever you’re from, please tell me about your culture, because Americans don’t know nearly as much as they believe they do.  I mean, how else can you be helped if this writer doesn’t know how to work within your culture (as well as work around it)?

The key is to look for loopholes and do something that no one can testify against you for. That’s just the way to do it.

Everything’s legal until you get caught-and then…have a damn good alibi.  After all, you wouldn’t be in the position you’re in had your society been supportive of you in the first place.

Right and wrong become a luxury when you are deprived, and the Bible even admits to this in Proverbs 30:8.

New International Version
“Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.”-Proverbs 30:8

Hence, we either have social justice or anarchy-and society makes the final decision as to how they want it.

Let’s put it this way.  while “the greatest country in the world” continues to throw more people in prison, European nations like Sweden and the Netherlands have actually closed prisons due to lack of criminal activity.

This means that crazy societies like those found in the United States have no idea what the hell they’re doing.

Religion isn’t the answer.

Spanking isn’t the answer.

Deprivation is not the answer.

Exclusion is not the answer.


Buddhism states that the first basic truth of life is suffering, but I disagree, because human beings were not put in this 25,000-mile-round clogged toilet simply to suffer and endure-despite what any religion states.  On the other side of the river, however, humans also weren’t supposed to live a completely  hedonistic life, either.  We are here to learn something which is supposed to be used at some other point in another dimension after we are flushed from of this toilet bowl.

What I need to know is the degree of your suffering so that I can air it out and get someone to help you.

Don’t be afraid.  Someone is somewhere around to help you, but we have to know who you are and what’s up first before your situation can change.