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There’s Plenty To Do

I love how Americans say that there’s nothing to do in their respective communities.

Maybe they would see things a little differently  if they took that doughnut out of their respective mouths and walked outside their respective doors.

The abused kids who become violent.

The kids with disabilities who have no friends.

Do Americans really care about them?

I highly doubt it, but the thought of it would be nice.  The only thing these hypocrites pretend to care about is that they get born.

The conservative doesn’t care about proper care after birth, just as long as it’s born.  I advocate for the friendship of these kids before they grow up and do something because they figure they have nothing to lose.


Don’t mind my degree in Psychology.


This is the same brainwashed crowd that tells me to love or to leave America.  Whatever.  I don’t have time for time to deal with their nonsense.

There’s a nation to be redeemed-in spite of itself and its evil history of slavery and genocide, which continues in the dictatorship that so many have no idea they voluntarily voted for.


You know what’s going to happen next?


They’ll be coming for the intellectuals.  Come on!  We all know the cycle here.


They’ll get the intellectuals so that the dummies who voted their freedom away will never see it again in their own lifetimes.


Why redeem this teenaged nation, so far as history goes?

You had teenagers once.  They turned out okay, didn’t they?

Oh.  Tell me you did wrong.




Military What? 870,000 What? What About Puerto Rico?



The nerve of that idiot.

He wants a military display of force on Independence Day.  Isn’t that what’s done in a  regime rather than a democracy?  Then again, that might be the entire point of this weasel’s pathetic exhibition of military strength.

I’m sorry little boy, but you have to clean up Puerto Rico first.

It’s his fragile ego that the weasel demonstrates, as everyone on the world stage knows how badly he sucks at performing the job he stole from Hillary Clinton.


Why do you think everyone looks at Merkel and why are China and Japan talking?

my freedom-20


I Think They Threw Me Out After I Gave Them Reality… Fuck ‘Em

Frightened people don’t like to be told to get it together because they don’t want to take responsibility for their mistakes.

Yes, I refer to those people again.  I’m probably as bored writing about those weekend politicians who have less than half a clue as you are reading about them, but I will tell you this much: I have friends.  By the way, these friends have no idea of my current situation because I keep my mouth shut about it.  Furthermore, I don’t expect to be here in Colorado much longer anyway, so I think it would be a dishonorable thing to do.

I’m moving to be with my fiancée, so I see no point in doing that.  By the way.  Just to prove that God is a bisexual crackwhore Who roams Sepulveda Boulevard at 2 am, my fiancée was born in Korea but raised in the American South by Southern Baptists and has a deep Southern accent.

Me?  You can tell I came from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

As for politics, I have absolutely less than a clue what I am going to do, because the region to where I am moving is insanely Republican, with no respect for human rights.


I don’t fight fair because the developmentally disabled don’t get their opportunities, so I don’t see the point of respecting American society when Americans leave other Americans behind.  As for a great number of our veterans, they are  did that to themselves in wars we never should have fought, but they were dumb enough to sign up for.


If we’re not talking about World War II or Korea, I don’t want to hear it.


Civil rights are the main issue in the upcoming American presidential election, but we have a bunch of suburban weekend Democrats who make their candidates look bad because they don’t know anything about the street.


The sad thing is that the candidates do.



I’m probably just going to wait for the riot now, because all the VOLUNTEERS for the respective Democratic Party candidates (not the candidates themselves, mind you) do is argue.


They don’t check for trolls at all.


I mean, I check in every so often to see how the entitled (white)baby boomers are doing, and it’s the same same old situation.

Do they think about the civil rights of disabled children?  No, they are thinking about how they are going to overcome Trump’s wealth.

That’s not the attitude our forefathers had.

They threw the tea into Boston Harbor.

Again, the problem isn’t those who hold office in the Democratic Party itself.  It’s the morons who are supposed to get them there.

Then again, you can’t expect much from amateurs who have personality conflicts.

Racism, or Just the South Being Itself: STUPID?





Let me see if I get this straight.  Some white  guy shoots a black pregnant woman in Alabama, and she gets arrested while the white guy who shot her goes free?

Purely economic and racial, because the victim is black and the shooter is white in a Southern state, but this is why the United Nations needs to intervene now, as the United States has no sense of justice anymore.


Look at who is in the Oval Office: a sex offender and a weirdo Boy Scout.


How does that that song from the previous Metallica album go?  That’s kinda how it feels.





The last thing anyone wants to be is fucking bored in the middle of the night and completely unable to sleep.


2:20 am and awake just doesn’t work for us, does it?


I have fought this problem for the past four years,  and yet I have been able to do well in college-now grad school.  The irony is that I started that lousy job years before that.  I knew nightshift would screw me up, but 2008 being what it was, I took it.

I don’t have any customer service skills-ask anyone.  What I tend to have are dead eyes and and a smart mouth.

The white American middle class irritates me because they are offended by everything.  You literally can’t joke about anything (which is why they are so unhappy with their lives).  What they do find humorous are issues that most people exercise compassion for-like people who have developmental disabilities.


Yeah, we all remember when Trump made fun of that New York Times reporter-and the son of a whore still denies he did that.

What gets me is that Christians continue to be his base.

Can someone explain that me when the Bible tells us that we are to we welcome foreigners, since we were foreigners in Egypt?


Look at the number of dead children from his camps.FUNERAL OF SEVEN YEAR WHO DIED IN TRUMP CONCENTRATION CAMP

Either you voted for Hillary Clinton or you are responsible for this.



Hillary Delegate_n

I think you should be more concerned about your own soul.

Matthew 25:42-46.




by Jim Rousch

Don’t call me oppressed right now. I’m fucking bored, because I’m in a motel room with nothing to do.

The least someone could do is mail me a book of matches and a gallon of gasoline, but the problem with that plan is that everyone will know who did that, so there’s point in doing something that stupid. Hence, I just have to ride this one out.

I didn’t do well in the class I was in-except for the last week. I knew it was that mood stabilizer the very moment I finished three weeks in one. I also knew that was the problem when I returned to normal. All I knew was that I couldn’t do my research-and it annoyed the hell out of me, because I didn’t feel like myself.

The wrong medication in a damaged brain like mine spells a fabulous disaster, but on the other hand, my psychiatrist told me that over 99 % of babies who acquire meningitis don’t make it to grad school-and I wonder if that is because they aren’t pushed, like I was.

At least I know I’m bored.





Learn the Hard Way








I’m learning more things, but the hard way.

Life in a motel built during the New Deal era is different in that you don’t know whether or not your assignments reach your professor’s computer.

This poor place doesn’t have the adequate power required to do it, but I wouldn’t make the suggestion of tearing it down because who the hell am I to make that suggestion? I think of all of the thousands of people and families who have stayed here before I came along, and I just figure said suggestion to be seven degrees of wrong.

I don’t believe in tearing down old buildings. I believe in learning from the dead, as this is an example of what they had to make things work every day.

The dead can still teach you how to live-but only if you let them.

They left clues for us to follow, and they expected intellect to carry on with the next century; how we have failed them!

We became lazy.
We became prejudiced in terms of learning ability.
And American society is paying the price as the rest of the world catches up.

Hey, man. Don’t look at me. You booted me out-remember?

I guess you have to learn the hard way.

Settling In



So, I’m currently writing this from a school computer, and will soon return to the motel where I’m staying on Broadway in Denver, Colorado.

It’s just another Sepulveda Blvd. in the San Fernanado Valley to me, so I’m not too worried about it.  I’m just bored as all hell there.

I don’t watch television because it’s stupid.  I’m slowly getting to know my neighbors, and they remind me very much of people whom I know in my Van Nuys apartment complex, very genuine and very ‘I got less than you, so don’t worry’.  We all get all along, whereby Americans in the middle class compete with each other.

I acually feel safer in a lower-income neighborhood than one of means.  Remember the shooting at Highlands Ranch?

This is where the “good white kids” go to school!   Meanwhile, scumbags like me went to Sylmar High-where we didn’t get shot!   So, tell me who came out ahead of the the deal?

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