Frightened people don’t like to be told to get it together because they don’t want to take responsibility for their mistakes.

Yes, I refer to those people again.  I’m probably as bored writing about those weekend politicians who have less than half a clue as you are reading about them, but I will tell you this much: I have friends.  By the way, these friends have no idea of my current situation because I keep my mouth shut about it.  Furthermore, I don’t expect to be here in Colorado much longer anyway, so I think it would be a dishonorable thing to do.

I’m moving to be with my fiancée, so I see no point in doing that.  By the way.  Just to prove that God is a bisexual crackwhore Who roams Sepulveda Boulevard at 2 am, my fiancée was born in Korea but raised in the American South by Southern Baptists and has a deep Southern accent.

Me?  You can tell I came from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

As for politics, I have absolutely less than a clue what I am going to do, because the region to where I am moving is insanely Republican, with no respect for human rights.


I don’t fight fair because the developmentally disabled don’t get their opportunities, so I don’t see the point of respecting American society when Americans leave other Americans behind.  As for a great number of our veterans, they are  did that to themselves in wars we never should have fought, but they were dumb enough to sign up for.


If we’re not talking about World War II or Korea, I don’t want to hear it.


Civil rights are the main issue in the upcoming American presidential election, but we have a bunch of suburban weekend Democrats who make their candidates look bad because they don’t know anything about the street.


The sad thing is that the candidates do.


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