I was officially excommunicated by the Reverend John Larson of Ascension Lutheran Church in Littleton, Colorado yesterday due to the attack against my person a year ago by former Denver police officer, Clyde Wiggins, who ran as fast as he could and blindsided me as I had attempted to explain my traumatic brain injury to a old woman.


I had no intention of hurting her, but Rev. Larson said I was yelling-which I was; in trying to be understood.   I never even touched her.

According to the Reverend, Wiggins claimed that he shouted my name three times before he attacked me.


”That’s a lie.  There was no warning.”

Interesting number there-especially since Wiggins knew I have one ear completely deafened by meningitis.  He knew that about me-and got away with what he did.

Clyde Wiggins is an elder of the church and a retired co, so it came to no surprise that I was out.

They shouldn’t have discussed a woman’s right to choose in the sermon anyway.

Remember that Christ separated Church from State when He asked whose image was on the denarius.




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