Ascension Lutheran Church

Remember when you read about my being blindsided by an older usher after a church service after I tried to explain my brain injury to her?

Well, Clyde Wiggins lied and I got kicked out of Ascension Lutheran Church, in Littleton, Colorado, effective immediately-after I was the one who got hurt.  How did I get hurt in the first place?  Working at Walmart on night shift, of course; with hundreds of pallets hit me over a period of years.

I took it well because I wasn’t surprised that this would be the outcome.  I was miffed, however.

“You’re gonna take an old man’s word over mine?  I’ve got a damaged spine and a chipped shoulder!”

“But you were yelling and screaming.  You frightened people, Jim.”
“I told you that the frontal lobes are responsible for the maintenance of temper.”
“Clyde warned you.”
“Dude’s fucking lying.  I never heard him and I never saw him until I got thrown.  It’s because he’s an fucking elder and an usher.  This is bullshit.  I didn’t deserve this treatment because my back and my shoulder are both fucked up.

That’s the problem with the Church today.  It lies like a dead hooker in the street.

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