by Jim Rousch

If anyone had told me that I would be moving to the Southern part of the United States, I would fit

them for a straight jacket.   However, that’s exactly where I’m going.

After what has happened to me in the last year, it’s clear that I cannot live in Colorado anymore.  And while I’d LOVE to go back to Los Angeles, I simply haven’t the money to live there.  Where am I going?  Hold on to your grandma’s piss.

I know, huh?  Me,  the Union flagwaver, the  staunch Democrat.

Let me tell you what the final straw was.  My neighbor could very well be an Iraq War idiot, because he became very angry when I mentioned about how stupid the war was and how only an idiot went off to fight in it.

That’s when he became aggressive with me, because I told him that children with traumatic brain injuries were of higher priority than an idiot who drove over a fucking bomb.

Now, I’ve struggled with traumatic brain injury since 1971, and I don’t have a lot of patience when I can’t find something.  Yes, I yell-not intentionally-but it seems to him that it’s okay for a soldier to lose it and not a real human being.    What he didn’t like was my screaming late at night-which is fair enough, since he has kids.  However, it’s harder for someone who has traumatic brain injury to maintain self-control, as you read earlier, so that they don’t start screaming.  This is because they panic.  Oh, I also told him that any veteran after the Korean War…..can go fuck himself.

Sorry, but there’s a price for telling me to leave the country after I tell you that the Iraq War is wrong and your broken condom should have gone to either Canada or Mexico
So, I’m moving to Mississippi, where the land is cheap and where I’ll marry my woman-and it get’s even better.  I won’t mention it now, but this might seem kick ass when it’s all done.

Fuck Iraq vets, okay?


However, it’s harder for someone who has traumatic brain injury to

maintain self-control so that they don’t screaming while they look for a pair of glasses.






To be honest, I don’t give a flying fuck what Iraq “veterans” think because the Iraq War was illegal under the UN charter, there were no weapons of mass destruction, and American soldiers committed a lot of war crimes over there.

So, I annoy my neighbor every morning before I leave because I know what the noise laws and I’m a total dick when pushed.

Just wait until Friday.





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