Kiss Concert 2014_n

It’s kind of sad to see Kiss go after so many decades of fun, but then they are getting older and the tricks they pulled are beginning to become harder to do.

Paul’s legs really can’t do the splits anymore, and I’m sure that Gene has gotten over his fear of heights by now.  They both have families to raise and I’m sure they both want to be home more often.  Furthermore, they’re old enough to be grandparents.

As Gene said in 1992 with regard to the make up: “It was getting past the point.  I mean, we made the point.”

Well, here, we are again, as they have made yet another point; and that’s that headbangers in their Seventies can still kick ass.

That’s right.  Gene Simmons will be 70 on August 25.

I guess that there’s one left for them to do, and that’s go play at an L.A. club as a KISS cover band-and people will fall for it, too.

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