Done with Arrogant Ignorance
Posted by James Rousch on May 11, 2019 9:52:25 PM
A lot of things have happened since I last had any time to do this.

First, I’m getting married.

The Colorado Campus is closing, so I’m getting out of here. I’d love to move back to Cali, but I can’t afford it-even though I love Governor Newsome. I helped put Jerry Brown in, so who do you think I’m going to put in? I’m for everyone getting an education-whether they want it, or not. There’s simply no excuse for being ignorant, and anyone who believes that there is…well, I’ll leave that to Al Bundy as he shows Kelly’s boyfriends out of the house.  Trust me, the flat earthers are in the same boat with the anti-vaxxers.

They’re killing us.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I simply haven’t the time for arrogant ignorance these days. There’s a difference between not knowing something and staunchly denying proven information, and I’m just done with it. It’s not fair for children who need help because they are the ones who suffer in the forms of long prison sentences and being put to death.






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