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No, not on Her!



Have you ever seen a human traffic accident before?

Today’s your lucky day-especially if you’re a guy who was robbed by an unfaithful Titanic after he was hurt at work.

Now, a pretty girl can get away with this, but she’s not even the parking lot of the realm.  In fact, she viewed me so expendable that she told me on the phone she wanted a divorce on our wedding anniversary.

Look at what she recently did to herself:


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No, Not On Her





There are a lot of women who look hot with tattoos, even though I must admit that I am glad my fiancée won’t get one.

I won’t get one because I hate needles, okay? I just hate them.

So, for all you guys who have had your hearts broken and your bank accounts depleted, here is your revenge: a chick who is so stupid that, not only does she have this done, but she’s also stupid enough to display this on social media.

However, I know someone who was stupid enough to do it. I’ve never seen a fat girl dumb enough to get multiple tattoos, because this is something a girl does in her youth, not as she is about to huff and puff her way to the 50 yard line.



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Heavy Metal Lyrics I Just Wrote-Music Is Already Composed




I Don’t Care Anymore!

You don’t buy the cars anymore.
I don’t care ‘bout the bitch who’s just in drag.

We all know all know she’s just a whore.

I only feel for the girl who died in camp;

Her last breath pled for thirst.
Harley and Carrier left the greatest place on Earth

Because you voted for the worst.



They were expendable hicks from the start.
Just like you don’t care about a rape victim-

That’s because you have no fucking heart!
To you fundies she’s so dirty,
She’s just another whore,
To me, she is my sister, my wife, my niece
Or more.




Do you know why I don’t care about you?

You never cared about us.

You looked at us anti-USA

‘Cause we wouldn’t ride on your bus.

3)  Nixon and Reagan, Bush and Bush and Trump
Down the sewers we go.

Don’t expect an effort from those of anyone like us.
We wanted to work, you said no.


Metalflame Publishing © 2019
Lyrics and Music  by Jim Rousch on May 15, 2019

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The Brain, So Shut The Fuck Up


It’s not evil spirits, dumbfuck.  It’s a real problem that only drugs can cure.

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American Third-Party Voters Are More Responsible For This Than Donald Hitler







by Jim Rousch

I have no respect for a nation that refuses to respect immigrants, people with disabilities (through no fault of their own), supports a political party that throws children into concentration camps where they die of thirst, or votes for a Republican jerkoff enough to where he can steal the election-and the third-party voters are worse than the Republican voters, because they are so stoned that they don’t realize that democracy will never be fixed.

Donald Trump did this, but third party voters approved of these actions via of their votes in November of November of 2016:


Speaking only for myself, this is why I despise third-party voters more than I hate conservatives.  We already know what conservatives stand for: racism, deprivation, and genocide.   However, the independent voter is even worse than the voter who stays home, because at least the voter who stays home says that all the choices suck, while the independent voter wants Disneyland-and anyone who lives in reality knows that that not going to happen-at least not without another civil war.

Guess what?  All of those third party voters are too chickenshit to fight for what they want.  They still believe in a system that no longer works.

Of course democracy’s corrupt-and that’s never going to change.  It’s been corrupt since Athens and Rome.  It has always been about money and power.  That’s what the forest people who haven’t bathed in a month don’t understand.

Democracy is corrupt because of human nature.

Now, whether we make things fair through force or allow more innocent children to die, that’s completely up to those who hold their respective conscience more sacred than they did their virginity.


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MetalflameThis is why I dont speak as well as I write Brocas Area

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One More

Kiss Concert 2014_n





It’s kind of sad to see Kiss go after so many decades of fun, but then they are getting older and the tricks they pulled are beginning to become harder to do.

Paul’s legs really can’t do the splits anymore, and I’m sure that Gene has gotten over his fear of heights by now.  They both have families to raise and I’m sure they both want to be home more often.  Furthermore, they’re old enough to be grandparents.

As Gene said in 1992 with regard to the make up: “It was getting past the point.  I mean, we made the point.”

Well, here, we are again, as they have made yet another point; and that’s that headbangers in their Seventies can still kick ass.

That’s right.  Gene Simmons will be 70 on August 25.

I guess that there’s one left for them to do, and that’s go play at an L.A. club as a KISS cover band-and people will fall for it, too.

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I’m Done With Arrogant Ignorance, So Fuck You.



Done with Arrogant Ignorance
Posted by James Rousch on May 11, 2019 9:52:25 PM
A lot of things have happened since I last had any time to do this.

First, I’m getting married.

The Colorado Campus is closing, so I’m getting out of here. I’d love to move back to Cali, but I can’t afford it-even though I love Governor Newsome. I helped put Jerry Brown in, so who do you think I’m going to put in? I’m for everyone getting an education-whether they want it, or not. There’s simply no excuse for being ignorant, and anyone who believes that there is…well, I’ll leave that to Al Bundy as he shows Kelly’s boyfriends out of the house.  Trust me, the flat earthers are in the same boat with the anti-vaxxers.

They’re killing us.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I simply haven’t the time for arrogant ignorance these days. There’s a difference between not knowing something and staunchly denying proven information, and I’m just done with it. It’s not fair for children who need help because they are the ones who suffer in the forms of long prison sentences and being put to death.






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Liberal Peaceniks Empower Right-Wing Terrorists. Get Moving.



photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

The principal reportedly shared offensive images in an email sent to all teachers earlier this month and it quickly spread on social media

Nothing changes in Palmdale, California..

<iframe allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″ width=”698″ height=”573″ scrolling=”no” id=”molvideoplayer” title=”MailOnline Embed Player” src=””></iframe>

Nothing changes with conservatives.  They’re still the same inbred racist sonsof bitches that they always were, so we have to do something about it.

As I look at this sickening photo, I also noticed that there is a wheelchair nearby.  This is how sickening all conservatives are.

Remember that the Nazis were also right-wing.

Reverend King’s failures only made things worse, as you cannot drive out hate with love-only a shovel to a racist’s face can destroy his prejudice-and if he never gets up from that headshot, so much the better for the human race.

While I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I lived in the Santa Clarita Valley for a time and I had to deal with very stupid and extremely closed-minded conservatives who truly believed that I didn’t want to improve myself; that my learning disabilities were a “liberal excuse”.   Well, these are the same fuckers who voted for Trump so that he could turn America into 1933 Germany, and the only thing that makes me angrier than a Trump voter is a pussy liberal who refuses to stand up for his own rights.  He just lets the conservative bully him.

Do you know what I would love to do with someone like that?

Just some examples

There’s nothing wrong with sodomizing a conservative.  Most of them like it anyway-just listen to the evening news and you’ll hear about another one who got caught in a motel room with a young boy.

Conservatives are simply sick fucks, but American liberal volunteers are cowards-and that’s even worse because their cowardice enables a conservative to engage in his sick behavior and his antisocial ideas with regarding rape victims.

What will it take for liberals to grow balls instead of breasts?  Don’t ask me, because I’ve waited for quite a while.

I’m sorry, Europe.  I wish I were Superman, but I can’t do it alone.  I would sure appreciate some help in this venture, because I know Americans are too scared to do anything other than vote in a rigged election and then cry about it like the little girls that they are.

One last reminder.  It’s interesting how these bastards put the noose near the wheelchair, huh?   Now, who does that remind you of?

Yeah, that bastard you had to deal with.

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