Getting my Fender back in business is one thing that I wanted to accomplish over this break.   However, I still had to finish an assignment in Psychology 630, which is Physiological Psychology, which I did.

Like I’m really going to leave the axe in my car?  Yeah, I took it in the computer room with me!

I’m going to play as soon as I get to the Peavey amplifier so that I can work on my dexterity.
Plug it in and annoy everyone with thrash metal and black metal compositions of my own-not that I’m the greatest at it.  However, it does help my with my physical rehabilitation, because the fingers on my left hand are shaking like the Sylmar, California earthquake of 1971.

This isn’t fun, but I try to ignore it, which is what anyone who struggles with a disabilities should do-work around the damn thing.

My fingers struggle and I have to be out of here by 5 p.m., so I think I that, due to the restriction of time, I will have to finish this for now.


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