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I Don’t Want To Return Those Times-DO YOU???





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Do you really want to return to those days?  I didn’t think so.

Remember that Science is Law and we won’t have any problems-at least….not in the blue states.

Come Get Me, Fuckface!





So, it seems that the Donald wants to know who is fighting his establishment of a fascist regime that would be rooted in religious fundaMENTALism.

Well, come and get me, Fuckface.

No matter, Trump doesn’t have the balls to do it-or Hillary would be doing time right now as he promised.

I actually had no knowledge of the Disrupt J20 Facebook page until today, so I naturally had to sign up.  It’s now called Resist This, which I’m really tired of hearing and seeing, because these people don’t really know how to resist properly.  We would have Trump and Pence at the World Court by now if they did.

However, anyway to fight a fascist, right?  Well, there you go.

The “Resistance” really lacks credibility because it’s not cohesive.  Some of them want Sanders, some of them want Stein, Most of them (those who have any sense) want Hillary Clinton.

I admit that I was truly excited about the movement when I first got wind of it.  However, it only took a few days for me to see that I was going to be disappointed and disillusioned-mainly because these people have no idea of what they’re doing.

We have our military personnel attacking migrant children from the southern American border, and all these loons can do is cry and sympathize, yet they refuse to mobilize.  They sit there on their asses and cry like they don’t know what they’re going to do.

These people mean well, but they aren’t willing to do what has to be done.  However, now that Trump has started phishing for Facebook information, it’s not like they have a choice anymore.  Every day will get worse until they decide they they have had enough and make their stand.

As for the fuckface, I’ve got no weapons, Trump.  Just my mind-and you can’t destroy that. I’m stronger than you are, fuckface.

So, come and get me, you little cowardly fuck who promised to throw Hillary Clinton in prison.

“Because you’d be in Jail.”


They Did It to Themselves

No one should pity a jackass-no matter what he did to himself.

This writer has no pity for GM workers or Harley-Davidson workers who were stupid enough to vote for Trump, because they voted themselves out of gainful employment, and the best job they can hope for now is Walmart-which is what they deserve for voting Republican-especially, for voting for Trump, a slavedriver who has been known to pay as little as 13 cents per hour in the countries where he does business (source: CNN).

The Democrats warned voters about him, and those voters are now losing their jobs like cheerleaders lose their virginity.

The Democratic Party has always been the party of the working man. The Republicans have always been the party of the corporations, and anyone who can’t figure that out should freeze until the warm weather returns.

Do you think that they will still be alive?

Who cares? No one should pity one who voted against himself.

Kiss-The End of the Road





That’s all one needs to know.  It’s the end.

After 46 years, one of the greatest bands in heavy metal history is going to call it.

It’s tough to do this sort of thing for that amount of time.  I mean, I’m 48, and my body hurts, so I can imagine what theirs are like.  I know Paul Stanley has had shoulder surgery and there have been a couple other fun things that had to be done.

Let’s face it.  You’re not going to be able to run around for two and a half solid hours in your late sixties or early seventies, either-and Gene will be 70 on August 25.  How much longer does anyone expect it to go on at that level of intensity?

Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer will probably continue for at least a little while, either together or in other bands.  However, they are younger than Paul and Gene-although not by much, as Eric was born in 1958 and Tommy was born in 1960.

You pump out two and a half hours of insanity for 46 years and you’re going to probably find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning by the time the horizon is near.   Playing heavy metal is not the easiest thing to do-although most laymen believe that it is.  In fact, it’s one of the most difficult forms of music to play.

Jazz is the highest end of music with its improvisation, and classical with its different timings and plethora of notes.  However, heavy metal takes its classical roots and barbed wire before the bat is swung.

Heavy Metal guitar solos are usually quite complex, like a classical piece; again scores of notes with in seconds.  This is where the arthritis can come in and beat the crap out of you.

And then we get to the vocals, which have changed over the decades.  I can still hit a high F, three octaves up-which is pretty good for someone who is really a baritone, and really shouldn’t be hitting high notes at all.

Kiss is the reason why I wanted to be in a band.  Kiss is the reason why I wanted to play heavy metal. Kiss is one of the reasons I didn’t blow my brains out at thirteen.

Paul will probably paint for the rest of his life because that seems to be his new passion now.
There is no doubt that Gene will return to acting, and do that for as long as he can, and I already mentioned Eric and Tommy.

As for Ace and Peter, they were given their second chances.  I don’t know what transpired, and it’s not any of my business, but my guess is that they might play the very final show.

We got our revenge during some crazy nights over the last 46 years.  We rocked and rolled over and helped Kiss build a dynasty which will be nearly impossible to outclass by any future metal act.  It’s time for the creatures of the night to seek asylum inside of their psycho circus, which was one hell of a show and an even greater ride.

Thank you.

Did You Vote For Trump To Piss Us Off Because You Like To Voice Your Bigotry Publicly, or Did You Vote for Him So You Collect Unemployment?

So, this is the great Trump economy?

This is how Trump is supposedly greater than President Obama?

Yeah, right.  With Harley-Davidson setting up shop in India and with Carrier going off to Mexico?
It’s clear that conservatives have some loose wires up stairs, because all one has to do is look at the stock market to see how Trump is destroying this country.

The funny thing is that a lot of white voters don’t care.  As one white voter put it truthfully, “We voted for Trump just to piss you off!”

How mature of a reason is that?  And that came from an old man.

The truth is that these Trump sheep are un-American in the sense that they don’t want everyone to have equal opportunities.  They want to return to a time when displaying prejudice in public was okay, and it’s quite evident that those days have returned.

In fact hate crimes have skyrocketed since Trump took over.

The truth is that this kettle has been boiling for a long time since President Obama was elected-and that was simply due to the fact that he is black.

Liberals need to stop trying to educate the moronic and simply let them fall into the pit.  There’s no point in allowing conservatives to have a voice, because it’s the same angry message every time.  The conservative screams about how America is losing its culture.

Furthermore, the AP-NORC poll predicted in July of 2016 that the ascent of Donald Trump to the White House would further widen the gap between everyone.

And so it has.

What is quite mysterious is why American liberals continue their failed strategy of educating bigots when, truth be admitted, bigots should just be viciously attacked by their targets.  I’m about as liberal as one can get, but if you make fun of my Asian girlfriend or if you might fun of my niece-both of whom have cerebral palsy, you’re not walking home.  You might not be going home.

It’s that simple.

Trump Has Bodyguards, But You Don’t. Watch Your Slurs.




Still Experiencing Technical Difficulties And Why It’s Hard to Verbalize Thoughts For Some of Us

It’s really annoying when you’re the columnist and you barely know how a computer works.

You try to adjust a few settings.  Suddenly, your articles are no longer on the front page.

It’s not that I have forgotten any of you or have ditched you.  I’m trying to figure this thing out on my own.

I experience telling the technicians on the phone, because the Broca’s Area of my brain is damaged.  Remember when I told you about what that part of the brain does?  For those of you who don’t remember, it’s the area of the brain that turns a thought into verbal speech.  People never understood why I could write something, but not say it.  It’s almost as if I’m stammering.

The more they guess, the angrier I become.  However, in their minds, they truly believe that they are just trying to help.  The problem is they don’t realize their guesses only add to the frustration to the point at which I want to take their teeth out with a dirty, rusty hook.

That’s one way to acquire the idea that conveys you have a bad attitude, because, in their minds, they really want to help, and they believe they are doing exactly that.  In reality, however, they don’t realize that they are signing their own death warrants.

To the ignoramuses out there, I’m not necessarily giving those who experience the same problem that I do to kill you.  What I’m telling you is to not push them by guessing what they’re trying to say, because they just might if you don’t shut up.  These people are better off when you allow them to write their thoughts on paper, rather than make them verbalize.

That’s the entire problem, asshole!  If it were that simple for those of us who experience this problem, the words would roll off of our tongue like a French kiss on the mouth of the Homecoming Queen after the football game, but it’s not.  Some of us struggle to get the words out-and they’re often not what we mean when we finally do produce verbiage.


For one thing, this predicament is much like attempting to shit while you have been constipated for three days-with the feeling that you’re going to be defecating at anytime.  Two, keep bugging them about it and you’re going to get a mouthful of fist or a face full of chair.

Now HERE’S Something Ya Don’t See ANY DAY!


Republican (yes, REPUBLICAN) Jeff Flake of Arizona



Who Showed Up On Veteran’s Day?






Wasn’t it laughable when all of the racists and idiots who got themselves shot during our quagmires bashed President Obama?   Tell me who is there at Arlington Cemetery honoring the dead?

Donald Trump wouldn’t go because it was raining, the fucking pussy, but this man whom white people hated for at least eight years was doing something that he no longer was obligated to do, since his two terms were up-and he did it alone.

No one told him to do it.
No one made him do it.

President Barack Obama was at Arlington National Cemetery because he wanted to pay respects to some of the jackasses you knew-and to my American audience, I mean that.  Anyone who “served” after our involvement in Korea ended is a jackass.

By the way, President Obama was handed two huge messes-Afghanistan and Iraq-and no one thought he could manage it.  I guess it was the black thing, or something. Who knows?   Americans are so fucking racist, but, he did kill Osama Bin Laden.  George W. Bush let Bin Laden escape Tora Bora-and no one thought he could manage it-certainly no white religious conservative, anyway.

Maybe you don’t remember that, but I do.

Who fought for veteran’s benefits when the Republicans shut the government down-it’s that man you see in the picture, you fucking ungrateful bastards.

Returning American soldiers are only now receiving their due for believing Republican lies, so they aren’t oppressed-especially since they were the ones who oppressed others in Vietnam, Iraq, and whatever little bullshit we did that the taxpayers don’t know about yet.

Once again, Barack Obama proved himself to be one of history’s greatest leaders, so one can either deal with that fact or just keep their racist mouths shut.





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