I remember when I went to Sylmar High School from 1985 to 1988.  There was this guy, Joel.  He was a nice kid, but he was also a pain in my ass-probably without realizing it.

I still suffer from the effects of religious trauma syndrome today, but it was really kicking my ass thirty years ago.

Trinity BROADcasting Network had become a global operation and these assholes were now affecting the outcome of American political elections to the point where the Democratic Party had to move to the center-left in order to have a chance at winning first prize at a dog and pony show at the county fair

Joel and a friend of his would walk up to me (at least once a day) and asked, “So, Jim!  Are you ready to be saved?”

Now, seeing this as a 48-year-old man, I realize that he thought he was doing what Jesus told him to do, which was to knock on my door.  However, his fifteen-year-old mind was not mature enough to understand that I had just gone through something horrible within the Church and that it nearly caused me to turn myself into a Christmas tree ornament in the back yard.

Fast forward over thirty years later, and people like myself still get the same kind of crap from the same kind of jackballs, as this religious extremist (who I eventually I had to block suggested that I didn’t have enough faith, but Christ said that all one needed was faith the size of a mustard seed, so these hypocritical bastards have nothing on me.

I still have problems with this religion-as well as with religion in general.  If Trump wants to destroy the First Amendment, that should be the first to go so that other kids don’t get emotionally and spiritually destroyed as I did.




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