Check out this exchange that I had with another hypocrite.

This pretty much speaks for itself, as a religious extremist got on my case due to my compromised faith in God.

Okay, so I don’t like Him.  I’ve already said that I know that His Son did what He was too much of a coward to pull off Himself-especially since Adam was trapped.  But to blame a kid for what he experienced in his formative years n religion smacks of hatred.

This is why I have stated before that it’s very difficult for those who really try to win souls for Christ undo the damage which has been inflicted by Christians.

Notice the hatred in his tone.  Doesn’t Galatians 6:1 state that he’s supposed to restore faith gently.

+Wayne Madron Proverbs 15:1, Jude 1:22, and Ephesian 4:29. DON’T play with Proverbs 18:19-you’ll lose every time, boy.

This guy just didn’t get it, and he’s the type of religious person to avoid at all costs, because he doesn’t know what others have faced. It’s okay. I got a kick out of his hatred-and now I’m going to do something sly.


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