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The Daily Mail reported early Wednesday that there were pictures of transsexuals on the phone of American right-wing freak and moral hypocrite, Alex Jones, whose show Infowars preaches nothing but hatred of the LGBTQ community, blacks, people with disabilities, and the like.

It’s interesting how these moralists continue to get caught with their pants down in some guy’s mouth.

I mean, personally, I don’t give a damn what the bigot does in his spare time, but anyone whose public persona is that of bashing groups of people who cannot help being who they are, deserve to be hung by their dicks-because they certainly don’t have balls.

Of course this little fat coward is going to make a public apology.  Conservatives always do that after they get caught-but the apology is never genuine.  Normal people know that for certain, because normal people do not even see an attempt from the moral hypocrite to change behavior.

As stated earlier, it’s likely that Alex Jones had this fascination when he was a kid, and he cannot be faulted for that.  However, we can cum at him and nail him good on his moral hypocrisy, because we all struggle with our personal demons, and we don’t need some moralist to make things worse when he does things which he considers worse than the sins he yells about on the air.

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