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Donald Trump’s A Pussy and John McCain Is A Hero



Senator McCain Tells The Truth About Senator Obama






Donald Trump put the flag at half-staff after a flood of anger spread across the country when the rose it to full.

Upon being asked by the American press Wednesday regarding the late Senator from Arizona, Wigboy had his arms crossed and his face in stone, as he refused to answer a single question.

I’ll say this right now; that only a pussy would do that, and Donald Trump should be grabbed by his pussy and invaded with all the implements of war-use the bayonet last.  We want him to know what he missed out on when Daddy got him out of trouble.

I mean, even George W. Bush!  That man may have gone AWOL and probably can’t pilot a Wright brothers prototype, but at least he went at all.  Bill Clinton went to Oxford during that time, so no foul there.  Dan Quayle couldn’t say anything because his father saw to it that he was in the Indiana National Guard so that Danny wouldn’t have to go, but Trump and his….what, boner spurs?

Whatever, man.

Donald Trump is a pussified manchild who controlled by Russia and even his own wife, at times.  Remember when Melania forced him to put his hand over his chest during the playing of the National Anthem?

Donald Trump has no right to be held in the same esteem as does John McCain-and I make this statement as an invisible former foe of the man from Arizona.

I wrote the senator months shy of his death and I apologized for what I had written about him throughout the course of time, because I saw his good side.  We all saw his good side in his final statement.

Senator John McCain was nobody’s bitch.  Whether he was in the Hanoi Hilton or in the United States Senate, John McCain took the heat and fired it back in ways that I even I should learn.  He was a man who apologized for his mistakes and he was a gracious man who put the best construction on his opponents.

Just remember what he said about Senator Obama when a woman asked Senator McCain about Obama’s religious beliefs.


That is how I will remember Senator John McCain.

Even now, from the Other Side of Life, the late Senator is teaching me about certain things.  I wonder how long it took him to forgive his captors.

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