Arizona Republican Senator, John McCain died on Saturday from brain cancer.  He was 81,

I have to admit that I was one of his harshest critics during the 2008 presidential campaign, as heated as it was, because this country could have gone in either direction that year and I had already had a gun pointed at me as it already was.

Donald Trump was an asshole toward John McCain, stating that McCain was captured and that Trump liked people who didn’t get captured.

McCain had balls, as he broke the Republican line many times.  McCain-Feingold is one example of this, but the best example is when he consistently saved the Affordable Care Act from being repealed.  I loved it when he looked at Nazi Mitch McConnell straight in the eyes and cast his nay vote.

That might have been his finest hour, not just because he saved the Affordable Care Act-a law that even he wasn’t particularly thrilled with-but out of respect for an old political rival whom he had come to know as a friend.

He even defended Senator Obama in 2008 when one stupid old woman asked him if Obama was a Muslim (which would have made no difference if you read Article 6 of the Constitution-last sentence).  “No, ma’am.  He’s a good man,” the senator answered.

John McCain is one of the last sane Republicans in the party.  He found common ground many times-even when his constituents told him to stay the course.

Do not remember John McCain as a man on crutches upon his release.  Remember him as an honorable man who saw the other side’s argument and was willing to come to consensus.


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