40% of Republican votes have no problem with Russian interference in the 2018  midterms, according to https://gritpost.com/40-of-republicans-ok-with-russia-interfering-in-midterms-if-it-helps-them-win/ .

That’s treason, you know.

Meanwhile, Facebook liberals are acting like the little girls that they are; in disbelief.  I told this, but they didn’t listen to me two years ago, so I feel none of their frustration or pain now.  In fact, it has gotten worse.




Al Jones And they think something is wrong with us



Eileen Leddy- Viviano Do you see this escalating to something we cannot avoid?



Mark Powell Yes, sadly. A second Civil War is coming. No matter WHO wins, it will be called “Russian tampering”.



Jim Rousch Mark Powell I cannot wait to deport conservatives!



Jim Rousch I told you morons the same thing two years ago, and you jackballs accused me of being a Russian troll.

I’ll never forgive any of you for that. A lot of you idiots voted for Jill Stein because you didn’t get your way at MY PARTY’S convention.

To Hell with Bernie Sanders and may you all burn right next to him and Jill Stein.



Mark Powell Jim Rousch Lead the way to Hell, Asshat. Just because you LIKE corporate bought Center-Right candidates over Right Wingnut Batshit insane ones, doesn’t mean WE will stop fighting to get a REAL progressive. (Hillary is NOT a Liberal, nor a Progressive, she IS the Swamp that Trump talked about.) We HAVE to change how things are done or it will just continue to get worse, just as it has gotten worse under EVERY President since Johnson.



Jim Rousch Mark Powell Okay, you want four more years of a tyrant. I accept that. Have a nice evening.

By the way, Hillary was the 11th most liberal member of the Senate.







You are the reason why we have Donald Trump.

Thank you for destroying the United States of America due to your immaturity and your selfishness. You are part of the problem, so either vote for the Democrat-no matter who it is-or get what’s coming to you if Trump steals this election.


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Now, truth be told, I don’t know who this guy really is.  He be a Independent simpleton or he could be a Russian troll.  I labeled him the latter in the heat of the moment.  It’s difficult these days because a lot of these Independents watch https://www.rt.com/-which shows the level of their single digit IQ.

These Sandernistas are just as bad as the Republicans, as they are just as intolerant of other views.  They also support a very narrow agenda; that of bank regulation.

While that’s a good start, they don’t care about civil rights-which is more important.  I mean, bankers can be lynched, and that sends the message.  We need to put more people with developmental disabilities in full-time positions right now.

Why don’t Berniebots talk about that?   It’s because they are stuck up white Yuppies who only think of themselves.

The funny part comes when I prove my liberal credentials.  They get even angrier then, and that’s just another sign that they are socially immature and have no business in a voting booth.

America needs a Democrat in the White House.  The world needs a Democrat in the White House.  The Sandernistas should just go home and smoke their free dope so we can get rid of Donald Trump and make American SANE again.



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