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Conservatives are Cowards







You Can Laugh At This Dude!


It’s okay if people don’t like what they read from the likes of me, but to be a conservative and block me?

That’s typical cowardice.  Conservatives are cowards anyway.

I read this: ‎Cecil Wheeler‎ to August 12 at 8:43 AM · wow,,,,,,, drain bammaged much?

I don’t care that he loves the police.  I don’t even care that  he loves the military. However, you don’t have the right to laugh at people with brain injury-which he seems to think that he does.   I don’t believe he would laugh at a soldier with TBI, so I don’t completely understand why he would make that crack at me.

Am I hurt?

Amused by the hypocrisy is more like it.

I doubt that Facebook is going to do anything about this, but I figured that I’d give it a shot.

I have a traumatic brain injury, and this man seems to find it funny.
‎Cecil Wheeler‎ to
August 12 at 8:43 AM ·
wow,,,,,,, drain bammaged much?

He is entitled to his opinion, but he’s not entitled to make fun of people.

This rhetorical question IS a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It DOES fall under the guidelines of bullying.

Kids with learning disabilities and traumatic brain injury kill themselves because of behavior like Mr. Wheeler displayed.
Thank you.

Jim Rousch

Conservatives are the most foul and most evil entities on this planet because of how they treat anyone who struggles.  I can’t tell you how many times I had to fight them when I worked with Tommy, as he was the one who kept me from giving those bigots free dental work.

One of the most hypocritical aspects of conservatism is how they claim to espouse Christ-but then turn right around and make statements like that.

James 2:16 poses the following question: New International Version
If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?

Martin Luther wrote in his Small Catechism:

The Fifth Commandment.


Thou shalt not kill.


What does this mean?–Answer.


We should fear and love God that we may not hurt nor harm our neighbor in his body, but help and befriend him in every bodily need [in every need and danger of life and body].

Bullying is a form of murder, both in the body and in the mind.  Thus, bullies should serve life terms.

Psychologists have determined that there is a direct connection between the mind and the body.  Again, children who are bullied often (if not usually) commit suicide or engage in violent acts against society.  No child should try to commit suicide, but it’s okay if he decides to engage in violent acts against a society which refused to protect him from bullies.

Third leading cause of death in children

CDC links


Conservatives may think they’re being funny, but the problem is that they aren’t evolved enough to be human.


Conservatives are cowards because they like to prey upon those whom they perceive to be weaker, which is funny.  That’s because while they claim to be Christians, that’s actually straight out of the Satanic Bible!

1. The Book of Satan 1:1

In this arid wilderness of steel and stone I raise up my
voice that you may hear. To the East and to the West
I beckon. To the North and to the South I show a sign
proclaiming: Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong!1-Anton Szandor LaVey


Isn’t it going to be funny when Matthew 25:42-46 is fulfilled?  I mean, I know that I’ll be laughing!

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