There are so many white racists who scream that they will boycott the National Football League if the players continue to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem.

Guess what?  I get it-and I agree with the players.

It’s funny when white people say that they wish professional athletes would make a moral stance, but then they go completely ape shit when they do as asked.

We all know that blacks are being murdered by American police officers everyday.  There’s no disputing that fact.  I can give you as many statistics as I want.  However, even one is too many.  Hence, I don’t want to hear the white base bitching about something that most of them have never experienced, nor would they know what to do if they did.

I know how it feels to be harassed by the police for minding my own business.  It’s usually because of a sticker on my car-like Clinton or KNAC.COM, something like that.

White people need to make up their brainwashed minds.  Should players make a moral stand or not?  After all, they supposedly represent everyone in the community, and blacks have been made to feel invisible under the Trump regime.

It’s going to be funny when an unarmed white kid gets killed by the police.  Wow, those in the gated communities going to say about what a good kid he was-whether he was  or not.

All I know is that any pig who fucks with my niece is going to get his fucking ass kicked by her uncle-who already hates those Nazis as it already is.  You do anything to someone who has cerebral palsy.  You’re toast.


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