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3 thoughts on “Back In School And The Other Oddities of MMXVIII

  1. I feel the same way about people who judge me proud and unholy simply because I don’t believe what I’ve been told to. Meanwhile, on the inside, they’re the worst.

    1. Do I believe that Jesus was the Messiah? That’s the ultimate irony, because the Christian Church has made me its mortal enemy. I have acquired the Marxist view on religion. I’m also no fan of unregulated capitalism. That is to say that I have no problem with millionaires-until they pay starvation wages and fire you for joining a union. People have a right to make money off of their ideas, but they don’t have the right to fuck up Christmas by making their employees clock in at 10 p.m. on Christmas night, like I had to do. Another thing businesses do that’s great is fuck you after their faulty equipment causes your life-altering injuries. Have you ever been hit in the head with hundreds of 75 lb. pallets? Believe me, it almost feels sexually stimulating once you get used to it-both in the head and in the shoulder. However, with regard to what you wrote, remember what Christ drove to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday? A ’78 Ford Pinto, not a 2018 Cadillac. Read Matthew 25:41-46 and you’ll see what Christ will do to them. Thank you for writing and inform anyone you know about this site if they face discrimination-or worse. I want to tell their story to the world. One might feel powerless if they believe they face injustice alone, but a multitude of “powerless” people behead kings.

      Thank you and please spread the word about this site.

      Jim Rousch

    2. By the way, judge anyone who judges you.

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