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Sick of the Fucking Defeatism


Local yokel Democrats have two years before the next presidential election, and they are behaving as if Trump has already stolen it.

This sickens me, because it goes to show how neither peace nor our electoral system work properly.  The problem is that these fucking Hippie pussies have no other solutions, other than to have another pathetic sit-in or a stupid march which makes them look like idiots.

I hate racists, but they look more serious in their intent than we do-even though they are really pussies at the core.  I know this because I’ve taken them on, and they see me as crazier than they are themselves.  No matter how many times I tell these Sandernistas not to fear the gun nuts, they do anyway.  They allow themselves to get arrested on live television, as if they seek martyrdom when they just  look stupid.

It’s so pathetically sad, because it never had to get to this point.  American liberals on American streets could have taken control of the situation long before Inauguration Day, but theie collective conscience did them in, and now Americans are in danger of losing their democracy-all because these baby boomer liberals couldn’t grow a pair and fight the enemy.

President Lincoln once said that the United States would never fall to a foreign power; that America would basically commit suicide.

You are watching a national suicide on live television, thanks to the Sandernistas who split the Democratic Party in 2016 and thanks to the cowards who refuse to fight for their rights by means which actually produce results.

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