This is how bad it’s gotten in the United States.

Dennis Hof. a thrice married adulterer and a Nevada pimp has heavy Christian support as he runs for a seat on the Nevada legislature as (what else?) a Republican.

The Bible has made references to prostitution, and that the Book condemns it.  So, why do Christians in Nevada support this guy (who looks like wrestler, King Kong Bundy)?   It just goes to show how far the average Christian will sell his soul to the Republican Party.  After all, does it make any sense to support a pimp while hating gays and lesbians?

Thank you.

Did I mention he is heavy (no pun intended if you look at the photo of him with the blonde bimbo) supporter of Donald Trump?

The American Christian Church is as alive as the corpse of a hooker on a slab at the morgue.

Just sayin’.


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