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How Can American Liberals Let Trump Destroy This Country and Our World?



I was at the gym resuming my physical rehabilitation from my injuries today when I saw Adolf Trump on one of the idiot boxes, so I moved, as I find him to be so repulsive to the American way that I could not lay my eyes on the son of a bitch without the thought of turning to ash.

I moved to another area, where I watched the Williams sisters fight it out in the Wimbledon women’s final.

I hated to see that, but to lay my eyes on Adolf Trump made me want to vomit into the mouth of a corpse at a morgue.

It always does, and I’m not kidding.

I know what many of you around the rest of the world are thinking; that why don’t I do something about it if Trump sickens me so?  It’s because it takes a multitude of people to embark upon a movement.   The problem is that there are still too many on the left in the United States who believe in the charade of the voting process.

I just vote to shut them up, but when Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election by nearly three million votes, you realize that the process no longer works.

It is said in the United States that one has no right to complain if one does not vote.  Hence, I do so-just to cross it off the list.  The problem is that the American left has become so pansified that, aside from the career politicians in the Democratic Party (and I do believe that politics should be a career which lasts a lifetime), no one really knows what the hell they’re doing.

I have no interest in changing people’s minds, as amature Democrats speak of doing.  I like to fight.  I like to hurt the enemy where they breathe.   It’s fun to watch their faces break while I mock the death of their stupid military brat who didn’t pay attention to a road in Iraq.

Hey, I was told to leave America because I opposed the Iraq War, so I could care less about the flagboys who returned in boxes and the crippled who paid no attention to the road.  And I really am sick of hearing all the sob stories about jackasses who now suffer from traumatic brain injury because of that war, as their parents are the same bastards who assumed that I was a drug addict and called my traumatic brain injury which I received via meningitis during my infancy to be a liberal excuse.

For example, I have no qualms about mocking a war criminal who fought in Iraq under the American flag when real Americans with developmental disabilities need funding for job training programs.

I have no respect for today’s American soldier, as he is a cold-blooded killer, a rapist, and a thief.  He is not worthy of the same honor that American World War II veterans still deserve.   The pussies in local American liberal circlejerks tell me that these ‘poor kids’ join the military because it’s the only way they can get into college.

That’s bullcrap.

I have a college degree, and I was smart enough not to join the United States Terrorist Forces.

It would be nice if the American liberals who hate Trump as much as yours truly would join me, but they don’t want to admit that the philosophy which they have held their entire lives has been a dismal failure.

It’s time to give civil war a chance, as peace and the tainted electoral process (where ballots can now be found in closets and on American streets instead of at the registrar) failed.

Hey, right-winger, Pat Buchanan (who was part of Richard Nixon’s Administration also suggested civil war, so you have nothing on me.

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