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Donald Trump and Bigotry Have Destroyed America





Senior Justice Department official Jack H Weil stated that three-year-old immigrants are capable of representing themselves in court, according to The Daily Mail.  He further asserted in the article released Sunday that a three-year-old child can learn the law.

Well, we all know how conservatives fair in the realm of Science, but this goes much deeper than that.

Here is how Science tells you the way the brain works.


See the source image


This columnist can’t blame Republican voters for this as much, because conservatives are bigots by their very nature, and they are found to be less intelligent (source: .

They are xenophobes and will do whatever they believe is necessary to rid a different person out of their line of tunnel vision.  All conservatives are going to burn in Hell like an American flag anyway for their hypocrisy.  I blame the Sanders and Stein voters who split the Democratic vote in 2016.  Each one of them should be taken and flogged for their refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton-even though she still won the vote by nearly three million.

This nation which once welcomed immigrants has now cursed itself via a deranged demagogue, and the hatred which he spews has already destroyed America’s reputation.
America has become evil, heartless, and disgusting.

When an American judge in a court of law insists that a three-year-old child can represent himself in court without realizing the adult consequences of his or her words, it’s time to burn the city on the hill to ashes.


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