Part of this year has been absolute crap for me, as I had to rewrite remediation after remediation in order to satisfy some faculty member who has no idea of my neurological situation, nor the way I was treated by a member of Technical Support at school.

I will not give out this person’s name, but it seems as if she has had a hard-on for me, and the more I have tried to write this remediation correctly, the more I have thought about opening a Donner Cafe, because she simply does not understand the situation from whence I came.  This has been like experiencing the early part of my college career all over again.

While I’m not the only one who experiences this, I am probably one of the few who will make a statement about this, as you read the details in the previous article.

Quite simply, I refuse to put up with bullshit unless I’m paid or laid, and anyone who does not fit under those two criteria can suck horse dick for all I care.

This is how dickheads are made, not born.

All one has to do to instill a “bad attitude” in someone is criticize every fucking thing they do, with no break in the chain.

There is the idea of being a professional and then there is the reality of being human.  Those who refuse to accept the humanity of professionalism should take a Louisville Slugger to their own ass-no lube.


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