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Nothing has really changed in America, it’s just that Donald Trump has made bigotry acceptable again.

Trump promised law and order, which basically meant he would see to it minorities would fill the prisons.


Here is the Daily Mail’s  synopsis  on the incident.

“Two black men arrested for not ordering anything in Starbucks.”
Now, let’s be honest, Whitey.  How many times have you stopped into a Starbucks just to read The Wall Street Journal?
 You had no intention of buying their products!  You just waited for the storm to die down or to take a load off because you were tired from walking, and you wanted to rest for a moment.
Maybe what we need is a good riot in which banks and white-owned businesses are put to the torch.  Let’s see how Whitey likes it.  After all, if the police are going to leave the doughnut shop, we might as well give them a reason to do it.
 Okay, so I don’t have enough melanin in my skin for you to trust me completely, and I certainly understand your skepticism.
However, I hope you see enough to realize that I’m on your side in this because white people make fun of people with developmental disabilities and send them south of Heaven, too.
What do you say we find common ground and put a stop to this?  We just have to do it right this time, and we get more done by torching than by singing by candlelight.

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