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Should we blame Facebook completely?

We should definitely blame the Republican Party for the false news it put out in 2016 and we can definitely see a cohesion between Moscow and Trump.  However, I don’t believe it’s fair to blame Facebook 100%-although Zuckerberg has certainly served as an enabler.

We can’t blame him entirely, as the American voter is supposed to be intelligent enough to filter what’s fact and what’s fiction.  However, the number of Americans with a college degree varies-depending upon which source you check.

The Hill claims that the number of college graduates in the United States is the highest in the country’s history.

Do you see what I mean about the American media?  I guess Geoff Tate (former lead vocalist of the heavy metal band, Queensryche) was right when he rhetorically sang the following question in the tune, Revolution Calling from the 1988 release, Operation: Mindcrime

“I used to trust the media to tell us the truth; tell us the truth.  But now I see the payoffs everywhere I look.  Who do you trust when everyone’s a crook?” Queensryche, 1988

Just remember that the American media changed after Ronald Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine in 1983.

Who do you trust in America?

Okay, Europe.  Do you really want to know how Americans became so screwy in the head?  It all began during the Reagan years-but don’t take my word for it.  Take his word for it.

George Carlin will tell you why.


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